2525 S Georgia St, Amarillo
(806) 358-8055

Recent Reviews

Ethan Stiles

This was the worst chickfila experience I’ve ever had or been to. The manager was in the bathroom for 10 minutes on their phone, continued to stay in the bathroom after being on their phone. The front desk was incredibly slow with only one person and they were rude to my family and some of the other customers. Our chicken nuggets were not fully cooked and one lady was making 6 orders at once whilst not taking one out within a 10 minute period.

Lydia Reyes

I never leave a review but this place deserves one!! I’m from Houston and by far the best chick fil a I’ve had??!! Employees very friendly and spicy sandwiches smack lol!! Keep up the good job!!

Julie Houchin

So glad they opened the inside dining area. This restaurant is always well maintained very pleasant staff. And the speed on their drive-thru is quick quick.

Wai-meng Leong

My kids love their chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and the special sauce. I would say the taste was quite unique for a quick bite. We will definitely eat there from time to time.

Marina Garza

Logan was taking our order . He was super friendly and useful. Very amazing service. It’s great pulling away and saying “he’s was super nice”

Emily Grandmaison

The decor was sad and gray unlike previous visits when things seemed a lot more upbeat and friendly. My son said the all the employees are dressed like firefighters and he misses seeing their welcoming smiles.

Jonathan Stine

Always stop here when I drive through AmarilloIts decently big and has a lot of employees, all of whom offer great service

ThrashPanda Entertainment

Between Chick-fil-A and Slim Chickens,I will go broke! Went during the peak of their lunch rush and from the time I first got in line and the time I got through the drive through with my order was only 8 minutes. Most efficient drive through system in the world.

D Newcomb

Chick-fil-A in California is good, BUT in Texas it's incredible, I don't know why but it is. To top it off the service was very good. I highly recommend that if you are in town you need to check this place out.

Ashton Queen

As always at CFA, good food and good service. Drive-through has 2 lanes and wraps around the building, but the staff moves through customers quickly.

Misty H

Great grilled chicken sandwich! Make sure you ask for mayo & mustard if you like those condiments on your grilled chicken sandwich.Fast service

Elidia Ornelas

Chick-fil-A is always a great experience! I seriously have NEVER had a bad experience [email protected] either location! And something that I truly love is how good they are to their employees, with the huge cover (almost like a patio) with fans built in everywhere and I saw one employee handing others Water. So I just really appreciated the extra mile they've gone for their employees' safety, b/c it's way too hot to be out there unguarded for so long...and working too!Ok so on to my review of their services, simple, just 3 three words covers it:Great Customer Service! ?I'm definitely a customer for life !

Esmeralda Lopez


S K.

Probably the best run Chick-fil-A in the state of Texas. The staff is extremely friendly and efficient. The drive thru line always fast no matter how many cars are there. Cant go wrong here.

Dennis G.

Chick-fil-A is by far the best fast food restaurants in Amarillo and pretty much anywhere else All fast food restaurants need to learn from what Chick-fil-A is doing and paste and copy

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