Grandma's Burritos

7012 S Western St, Amarillo
(806) 355-0475

Recent Reviews

Jesse Cabrera

Not very good expensive did not have any thing I wanted

Janie Johnson

Not only does this place have the BEST breakfast burritos and more, the people are amazing. My elderly grandma had left her wallet there when she went to eat and they held onto it for her and they were even going to deliver it to her house. This is a true and true family restaurant!! Do yourself a favor and go get yourself a delicious homemade burrito!

William soase

Awesome burritos great service the women working behind the counter make sure you get what you want on your burrito.

Melissa DeLuna

We recently drove by and discovered this place. We have tried both breakfast and lunch burritos. For breakfast we had The chorizo and potato and for lunch we had the Asada. They were both delicious. Friendly and helpful staff as well. Awesome salsa bar :)

John Wilson

I mean I've ben here allllot. Not bad could do a few things to make it better, but over all fast, friendly and clean thanks ladys.

Walter Simms

I absolutely love this place! They make the best burritos in town!


Burritos are good, but the salsa bar is beyond awesome. Reminds me of the old Fernando’s salsa bar, and then some. Their salsa make good burritos awesome. Only “bad” part is, it’s hard to do it all in one go, so it’ll take multiple trips.

Terry Rodriguez

Great food but the employees could make use of the phrase, “ Service with a smile” especially the owner. Good thing they serve you fast so you don’t have to feel unwelcome for too long.


Excellent burritos and friendly staff. Best breakfast burritos I’ve eaten.

Victor Delarosa

Good place to lunch good burritos and fast.


Lady at the counter was rude always making snide comments to my face overall customer service was a -5 star.Make sure if you go don't order too many burritos they will give u dirty looks

robert rivera

It was busy the food is like if your mexican mom cooked it.

Marcus Stanton

Nowhere to park and crowded inside. Food was okay, not sure if it was fresh or not saw them warming alot of food that was in Tupperware containers

Jason Huff

Best burritos in town! Very authentic, clean, and fresh. Wish like the dickens they'd open a restaurant near Rolling Hills area, but worth the drive to south side of town!

Greg Groeneveld

Terrific burritos at a reasonable price served by nice people. If you need white table cloths and impeccable english go elsewhere. Otherwise, try the birria. Just awesome!

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