Bar Louie - Arlington Highlands

4001 Bagpiper Way, Arlington
(682) 307-5050

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Olivia Thomas

My nachos were delicious. My husband didn't really like the patty melt. He said there was more bread and cheese than meat. I didn't like the small selection of nonalcoholic beverages either. Their loaded tots were the best though.**** Not a good place to go to if you're pregnant ****

Greg Griffey

Great place to grab a drink but forewarning it gets packed on the weekend! The main guy that’s running the bar is always so accommodating. I would watch all of the games here but they only sporadically have the nfl games on.

Michael Henry

Good vibes here with tasty finger food. Really miss the live music sets they used to have. Great selection of alcoholic beverages.

Stephanie B.

This review is for a to go order of food, so it's strictly about the food quality. I ordered the Frito Pie Mac and Cheese and they forgot to give me the Fritos! Also there was only a tiny bit of chili, so even if I had gotten the Fritos, it would not have really tasted very much like a Frito pie. On top of that, the mac and cheese was bland and watery. I also ordered the kids cheeseburgers with tater tots. They were not good at all. Finally, I got an order of the cinnamon donut holes, and it was supposed to come with chocolate sauce, but it was missing. Also they did not taste very good. I would never order to go from here again. And based off of this order, I will not be in a hurry to try the food there in the restaurant either.

Dan Yael

Good food excellent atmosphere the bartender very good and I liked the tranquility of the place

Kimbrough Jacqueline Lott

I'm in town for the weekend and my friends and I went there for food and drinks. It was our waitress birthday and she at work being great. The food was great. The beer was good and cold.

Apryl Jefferson

Nice atmosphere as always. It was an impromptu night out for my bf and I and we had a nice time

Greg R.

Yesterday my fiancé and I and 4 others wanted to meet for dinner and drinks. So, I picked this place as a centralized meeting spot. I called ahead to make reservations. And was told the only make them for parties larger than 8. However, Carrie said she would make an exception and boy everything was great. We got there at 7pm and the table was ready. We were seated and had 1st class service. Our server Braxton was on point with his service. He was attentive, friendly and even gave suggestions. Through out the evening we had two other staff members check and make sure we were okay. We realize that there are a lot of challenges with restaurants being short staffed. But you couldn't tell from our experience last night. Everything was amazing and we will be back to support and Ask for Braxton! Buffalo Chicken FlatbreadVoodoo Pasta

Charletta Johnson

The atmosphere was great, fast service starting off they took our orders and we only order appetizers, also drinks. Here's the bad part they never came back to take the rest of the order and only came back to serve me another drink. Didn't even bring the check we had to ask.

robert andrews

I had to move tables because of a power hum from Track lighting the waitress was more concerned about talking to the other waitresses than making sure her tables had what they needed ... food was good.

Lauren B.

I have been coming to this place since I moved to the area 5 years ago! This was my happy place my go get a martini and relax because I knew I would be treated with a smile and friendliness. Well unfortunately the past few times I have been coming it has not been that. i get treated rudely i have to yell to get bartenders attention because for some reason they stoped asking if i needed anything. i work in the service industry since I was 15 and I am 31! Just because I look little and like I don't have anything does not give people the right to treat someone so rudely and ulgy. today I had one of the worst days. And my happy place became hell when I got to the bar and was treated with the upmost disrespec. Yes I did have to yell to get the bartenders attention but if they kept ignoring you ask yourself what would you do.. I pray for the 2 girls working while I was there and pray that they can treat everyone equal.

Nakia DarlingNikki Rubell

We went to Bar Louie to celebrate a friends birthday and the Vibe was great! Samone was our waitress and she was excellent!

Maria Wallace

Happy hour was great... .many food and drinks items 1/2 off . I give them a 4 out of 5 because we had a big group with only one waitress but definitely going back.

G S.

So last night we ventured out to reverse happy hour and sat on the patio.....We got there around 8:15 so we sat and talked to wait for the reverse happy hour to start at 9. Our server, I can't remember her actual name sat down and went over the menu with us. She named off about 5 different food items that were half off during reverse happy hour specifically the loaded tots and some of the drinks. Well when the check came, our server at her own admission advised she made a mistake, that the drinks we ordered and the tots were not apart of the reverse happy hour deal. Our waitress said "sorry I made a mistake but I will only ask my manager to remove the drinks! Sorry but I'm not doing more although it was my fault, I'm not going to ask her to fix it."My friends wanted to speak with the manager but I told them to let it go. My food was good, the server was fine until she didn't fix her mistake. She thought saying sorry I told yal wrong was enough but in fact it was her mistake and she should have done more. She definitely needs more training and needs to learn the menu. Last night was my first time at Bar Louie and I enjoyed my food but the server's error put a damper on our evening.

Moniqua H.

My family and I stopped here for food and drinks as part of our party bus event. It was 12:45am when we walked in. Self seated and weren't greeted until 1am so 15 mins give or take... enough time for 9 of us to review the menu and be ready to order. The waitress came over got all of our orders, left us there until 1:34am when we were approached by the security guard who then told us we had to leave because we upset the waitress when we first walked in. That someone called her "Fat" when we asked for her to point out who called her fat she said she couldn't remember.. hmm ok. So we left, but wow you'd really like to loose service from a large group over a he say she say situation. What's even more disappointing is that she took all of our orders and then left us there for 30 mins at this point all other restaurants where closing so we never got food and this was a birthday event.

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Bar Louie - Arlington Highlands

4001 Bagpiper Way, Arlington, TX 76018
(682) 307-5050