Bay34th Street Diner

3330 Matlock Rd Suite 100, Arlington
(817) 375-5998

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Crystal Michelle M.

Went here on a search to try a new restaurant! Service was great, very friendly and quick. Now the food, I have to visit and try something different but what I had was simple and pretty good. These pancakes though!!!! Loveeee. I'm one of those picky pancake ? kinda gals. The potatoes, still don't know what's in them but eh! Will bring my husband back to visit with me.

Jessika Guillen

Came here for the very first time this afternoon and had a great experience. Everyone loved their meal and their staff is really great and attentive. Definitely coming back again.

Amanda W.

Seriously great food, and even better service!!! All 6 of us ordered different brunch items and a few of us ordered multiple items. We were all impressed with EVERYTHING! This family owned and operated business is amazing to watch... they work together as a great team and offer the best customer service I think I have ever seen! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Laura Turner

Every person working there was SO incredibly friendly and accommodating. Every time one passed by our table they asked if we needed anything. And the food was fantastic. It came to the table hot, fresh, and beautifully plated. I WILL be going back

Alan G.

We just found the closest breakfast place to our hotel and stumbled on Bay 34th. Small but modern and clean. You order at the counter and they bring food to your table. I asked for the Veggie omelette but with egg whites. It was huge & very tasty! Loaded with veggies but too tasty to be healthy. Not complaining cuz it was nice and buttery. If you're trying to make healthier choices, you made need to be more specific than I was. Lol. My friend got the Big Frenchie. Portions are fairly big and prices were reasonable. Service was excellent. If I had suggestions, it would be that they start using real silverware. Great food, lots of options... check it out!


Food is overpriced in my opinion. This was $16 definitely not worth it. The eggs were watery the french toast had no powdered sugar and tasted bland and soggy. I will never order from here again.UPDATE: Food was absolutely disgusting. I couldn't even finish it. Not sure how this place has such good reviews somebody is lying. This food is terrible??

Tina B.

From the very start of entering this restaurant you are greeted immediately. The incredibly friendly staff help you get seated and explain their counter style and how the dining experience will work. Its also nice bc with counter servuce you usually stand in a line while you look over a menu abd here you choose your table and can sit to decide. Once youre ready you go up to the counter and order. The drink station is clean and well stocked. While waiting for our food we were constantly checked on by the "butlers" who did such an awesome job. The music playing was fun and the decor of the diner was a fun newyork theme that again was well thought out. Food came out pretty quickly and was absolutely delicious. I orderes the Guac Benny, my Aunts ordered the Big Frenchie, Corn Beef Hash, and Chicken and waffles. Every plate was beautifully plated. The Guac Benny was so so yummy and if i lived here i would go back and reorder this again and again. Everyone loved their breakfast, vibe and staff. One of the most impressive things is that they did was prebus my plate while i was chewing my last bite. Wow talk about attentive service. Thank you to their team it was such a great dining experience!!!!!!!

Chris B.

Service was alright. The wait was a little much. Food was excellent though. I would say get there early as possible.

Jeremy W.

First, I failed to take a picture this time so words will have to do. I've been here twice now for lunch, service is good, friendly staff and pretty quick both times I've been here. First time I went I ordered a BYO omlete. It was good, nothing overly fancy but portion size was just right. Today was my second trip and this time I ordered their new Cajun omlete and it was the best omlete I've ever had. Everything in the omlete was the star, nothing was over powering. The andouille sausage had a smooth and smokey flavor. The white cheese that covers the omlete complemented the sausage perfectly. And the salsa covering it all was amazing. Good level of heat and very flavourful. Everyone that's been here with me says I picked an awesome place so 10 thumbs up to this place!

Mona G

Today was my first visit. The hostess was very personable and professional. The young man that took my order and the gent who brought my food to the table were both awesome. My over medium eggs were perfect. The grits were just like my grandmother's. They gave me a healthy portion of bacon. The Texas toast was buttered to perfection. Despite being busy the food was prepared quickly. Very good experience and I will definitely visit again.


Quality matches the price. HighBut I don't mind paying for good food especially when I'm in a hurry and I'm unable to make the meal at home.Well today Bay34th got our business when I ran out of ingredients for my protein bowls at home and we were on a time crunch for an afternoon waterpark trip, so a brunch date it became !The photos don't do her justice because well we were elbows deep in our food before I decided I better take a picture of our now future date spot of all date spots.Be sure to stop into this place before they close up for the evening around 3pmEverything is good and they serve it up old school waffle house style where you can see the cook stove right there in front of you ?Don't forget to tip these fine young people too as they continuously checked on everyone, made sure everything was tidy, and they hold the door for everyone: call it hands on serviceWe will be backThank you again

Wesam A.

I was sitting down at this diner when I was sat down and lady approached me and my friends saying that we cut in line. Me and my friends were confused but we cooperated and waited longer but it became an hour and people that came in after us were getting seated so we ask why that was happening and she told us because we were sat earlier by one of THEIR employees. Us be confused outside the owner approaches us for sitting on the table outside bringing personal statements like "do you sit on the table at your home?" Manger was rude the African American hostess was super rude to us.

Bill C.

Man, I really want to like Bay 34th Street, and each time I go I seem to like it even less. I have been 4 times now and I don't know if I will go back. The first time and the Chicken Shawarma omelette, was pretty darn good. The little salad that came with it was kind of a little tease of green and not really a salad but that's okay. The patty melt was okay, but those fries need to go. $3 for a small handful of some pre-made freezer fries is about $2 too much especially when said patty melt is cruising around the $14 mark for just the sandwich. Is the patty melt good, yes. Are it and the fries $17-18 good, not a chance. Then was the Blazin Buffalo Ranch sammie. I'm guessing they were out of cabbage on the day I ordered because there was none to speak of. It was good but certainly not a sandwich you eat with your hands. Because of the chicken tenders, sauce, and cheese; it falls apart pretty quick when you start to pick it up. And again, why do I keep ordering and paying $3 for 7 fries?!?!? But I did.... And I have regrets. The Philly omelette was pretty good. I don't know about $13 good, but good. I would certainly put this above an IHOP omelette but at almost double the cost, it better be swinging way more for the fences than a standard first tier omelette. Again, with the single forkful of greens though? I'd much rather trade that almost salad in for a small piece of sourdough toast or even a small yeasty roll of some sort. Heck, keep it a little trashy and I'd even rather have a corner roll out of the King's Hawaiian package. And y'all know that the worst roll out of the pack. So, overall I'm pretty "meh" on Bay 34th. It'll do for when I've gotta take someone out to breakfast or lunch and they have super vanilla tastes in food and want something "safe". But would I go there of my free choosing again, probably not.

Kevin P.

If you ever are in Arlington, come to bay 34th street diner. The staff is awesome, genuine and truly made my Saturday morning. On top of that the chefs make really good food and the presentation is awesome. Highly recommend this spot!

Roni L.

Stopped by this amazing gem while in the area for a basketball tournament. We were a party of 4 with a different taste for our dish orders & every single one of us enjoyed our choice!!! From chicken & waffles to omelet, we all were very impressed. Mr. Omar was extremely welcoming, friendly & courteous. I highly recommend as anything you order you will be pleased with! Check out my pictures for all the good eats!

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