Burger King

6240 U.S. 287 Frontage Rd, Arlington
(817) 561-9202

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Qrovottus Gilkey

I stopped working there because of rats bugs and seeing co-workers drop food on the floor and still serve it out the drive through. I told my family and friends never eat at THAT Burger King again... add to that the owner allows it sales can be a lot higher.. but you can look at the crew and tell they all don’t want to work there because of limited help, there Mananger don’t motivate them. The cold food and short handed crew.. i personally think they should bull dozer it down and build a gym there make use of the land.

Sean mrtwo

Do yourself a favor and avoid this location. I have been on a bit of a chicken sandwich hunt as of late and tried this location for their offerings. I ordered a spicy and a regular Ch'King sandwich. I wanted to try them both and figured I would have 2 meals out of this. I was wrong. Both sandwiches were so sad I actually wrote burger king as only half of each sandwich was edible. I did not get a receipt so I gave a detailed description of my car and what I ordered as well as a very close approximation to the time of day. This was 4/25/2022. I was contacted quickly by a rep and I provided them additional information including repeating my phone number, etc... They replied saying they would send my information to the restaurant management. It is now 5/8/2022 and I have not heard a peep from anyone. I was not looking for a refund but I would have liked to talk to somebody about buying sandwiches that were obviously left far too long under a heat lamp or something. I even explained in my online feedback how hard the chicken was in places.. I explained it was hard "like chip your tooth hard". They have my email, my phone number, etc.. If the people running this location truly cared they would have reached out to me by now.

Shaban Al-Refai

Cold fries and cold burger on my combo when first deliver to the car. Then ordered me a new toasted whopper melt, only to have unbuttered untoasted buns on my "toasted whopper melt" with grilled onions that looked old enough to be getting their first immunizations at the pediatrician. When I asked the guy in drive thru if he knew if the melt was good, he gave me the most zero-f's response that he didn't care. Was going to give it an extra star because they were very quick to rush me through the order process and tell me to park in front of the building when there were literally NO OTHER CUSTOMERS IN SIGHT at this location so that I could wait for a few minutes while they didn't prep my meal. Great speed of service! ? Just go to another location. The manager/owner who brought the food out to me looked upset that I even came there.P.S. Edit: throwing out my food and going to another location because I refuse to deal with them any longer.

Christine Huotari

Normally, it’s pretty good! The food is hot and they’ve gotten the order right.This morning my boyfriend went and nobody was there. It is within their open hours and all the lights were on. Maybe they’re short staffed? I read other comments saying something similar. At least there are other options nearby if this happens to you.

Maria Mejia

I usually come here in the mornings to grab coffee and breakfast since it’s right by my job. I have no complaints about food or wait time, it’s never been a problem.I just want to shout-out the Older Asian man that works there. I lost my credit card at this place, and he held onto it until he saw my usual order at the drive-through a week later. Bless that man.

LaKysha “A'work N Progress” Burns

I just had a HORRIBLE experience here. I placed an online order for two meals. I go through the drive through, and no one says anything to me through the speakers. I pull up to the windows, and no one comes up. As I'm pulling away from the window, I notice someone is in there. I then park and go to the door, and the door is locked. I started knocking on the door, and calling the restaurant, NOTHING! I go back through the drive through, and finally get someone's attention. I tell her I need to pick up my online order and she tells me there isn't a manager there so she can't give out any food. I told her I paid for it already, and showed my receipt. Then another guy comes up and I tell him the same thing. He states there isn't a manager there and they will get in trouble for giving out food. I asked if there was someone they could call, he stated he called the manager abut they won't answer the phone. So basically I'm out of money.

Demon Child

Went to drive thru and it took the cashier forever to acknowledge me after I said 'hello'They rushed me with my order and when I went to the window was told to wait in the parking lot, which I didn't mind. I went to the parking lot and waited for 15 minutes! I had enough of waiting so I went inside to see the cashier sitting while on her phone. I called out for service and told the cashier I been waiting for a long time and asked her how long it would be. Didn't say anything and just turned around. Another person came and I told them that I have been waiting for one time for my order. Told me they would check and just turned around to bag my food. My food has been ready for awhile just needed to be bagged ?

Brian Droke

Needs employee’s need people that open ears and shut mouth. Let customer finish sentence.Unsweetened tea nasty sent it back for coke. Sandwich had pickles and completely drowned in condiments.

Aaron Anderson

The food at this location is typical for Burger King. The service is prompt and courteous. Order accuracy is very low for this location.

John Peake

I pulled in here with the intent to get a Jack in the Box burger, but their line was wrapped around the building, and no one was in line at Burger King - should've been my first clue. I gave BKing a shot anyway.Order the #4 combo bacon burger and was greeted at the drive-up window with, "you had the fish"? - Uh, no I had the #4. I paid and was hungry and back on the road when I reached in the bag to retrieve my - you guessed it- fish sandwich. I'm not opposed to idiots having a job, but why the drive thru? $12 fish sandwich lesson learned. I won't be back!

DeMario Williams

They always close the store early if you stop by 10pm they will never answer the speaker.

Patrice Manning

Mix and match for 6$ it's a good deal Richie had a whooper and I had a big fish.

Matthew Whittington

A good ole texas whopper with onion rings was a greatful meal thanks to the employees

Jennifer Dunn

Food is always good and very fast service

Valerie Harlow

Worst service ever. I understand finding people who actually want to work rather than live off the government is difficult these days. You should have looked a little longer. The young lady working the drive-thru talks like a machine gun and is just painfully rude like she did me a favor by showing up to work.

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