Burger Street

4600 S Cooper St, Arlington
(817) 472-9155

Recent Reviews

Brian Armstrong

Goodbfresh burgers everytime i go. Fries are hot and sodas are loaded with fizz ??

Clint Cowan

Great people! Great food. We stop Everytime we come to Arlington

Justin Bobillo

My favorite burger in the world! The olive burger is all I ever order. This franchise like may other is struggling with a lack of people just like many others. Still worth the trip and the ladies working there were very courteous and pleasant.

G R Houston-Jack

If you want a good burger, this is the place to visit. The burgers are always hot and fresh... not heated up. The curly fries are a good change too. Oh, and they're always hot too.On my last visit I decided to switch it up and try the chili cheese dog. You're gonna need a fork. The chili is well seasoned and they add a lot. Have napkins ready no matter what you select.When you want fresh food, there can be a wait. I wanna say on average 20 minutes. The drive-thru also gets a little long on Thursday and Friday nights. At the end of the day, be prepared to wait for a great meal.

Walt DaPrile

Good food. I liked them a lot but I went to their restaurant and they only drive through. They also asked to wear a mask and I don’t wear a mask because I am vaccinated.

Alecia Anderson

Best BLT in the city...extra bacon a cheese you won't be disappointed

Kenya Pikes

Food is always good and customer service is awesome! Top tier homemade style burgers!

Shane S.

1st time trying Burger Street. Went through drive through about 6pm. Curly fries were very good I ate them all on the way home while they were good and hot. Burger was fresh and jucy, and bun was soft and not smashed. Very good for a fast food burger. Only minor complaint is they forgot my ketchup, but not worth taking away a star since the food was tasty.

Angela Martinez

I love their burgers because they are always fresh, hot, and delicious!!! The curly are some of the better ones I've eaten. And their Frito chili pie is good too.

Paris Harris

This was my first time having burger street in years. Man when I say that I had was the BEST burger I've ever had. It was well seasoned. It was HOT!!! everything I had was fresh. The customer service was AWESOME. These taste better than McDonald's, burger King ETC

Tina Dison

One of the best burgers around ? #3 bacon cheeseburger combo is a little over $11, but well worth the money & hard to finish

catherine h.

only fries are good there chicken tenders are okay but didn't give me my sauce that's supposed to come with it

Nina G (Just Nina Rae)

Always good..my kids like it more than Braums and Whataburger and that's saying a lot. BLT with grilled onions and cheese is bussin bussin!?

Micha Gruvee

It was alright but not like burger street was back in the day. Either that or my taste buds have changed or evolved beyond typical fast food fare. Having had the burgers here before, I went with a chili pie and a frozen lemonade which was kinda runny from the get go and half melted by the time I got home even though my ac is redonkulas. The chili pie I took two bites and threw the rest out my window for the birds. ( I made sure not to throw out the container because if you look at my car you can tell im a avid collector of fine garbage. ) Jokes people by my car is a mess.

Tammy Harris

Always cooked to order and fresh! The best curly fries in town! So soft.

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