Mr. Hibachi

5005 S Cooper St #151, Arlington
(817) 583-6723

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Matt F.

My wife and I love making date night Hibachi. We were in town and we both agree from service to quality of food Mr Hibachi was second to none!

Louise H.

Went to this place to celebrate my birthday with the family. Service is very nice and restaurant is nice inside.... But if you are coming for the food.. I suggest don't get the Hibachi. The food is very salty. I saw the chef shaking stuff on it that i thought was pepper but no... it was salt! Happy hour appetizers and drinks is good. Probably should done that only. I should of read the reviews before i went. If i knew about the salt, i probably could of said no salt. Pricing is also high.

Daniel Morgan

We have ordered from this restaurant frequently over the last couple of years. The food is always good, however, in the last couple of months there has been an extremely noticeable trend with food being ready late. Late, as in, 45 minutes to an hour and a half past the time stated on their site. If I call and ask about the wait, they always say 15 minutes, and that is most definitely not always true. It does not matter if its a weekend, weekday, lunch, dinner, somewhere inbetween.... always late.If I could ever get the food in a decent timeframe, this would be a 5 star review. However, since I seem to be unable to even get the food within an hour or two of THEIR estimate.... 1 star it is. Avoid this place if you like eating on your own time.

Jenna Giesecke

Do not order to go. Ordered from a third party site and was quoted an hour. At the hour and a half mark I called and asked the status of my order and was told that since there was only one cook it would be a loooong time. When I asked for more specific timeframe then a long time I was told 20 minutes. I get being short staffed so I was willing to wait. 30 minutes after calling and talking to them, the restaurant cancelled my order after waiting two hours for it. When I called and asked to talk to a manager I was then told “the manager left”. I get there’s a staff shortage but at least provide a little bit better customer service to the people who are willing to pay and wait an ungodly amount of time for the food.

David Ferguson

Best hibachi I have ever had. Chef was entertaining. Fried rice with steak was delicious. Shrimp and beef cooked perfectly. We went early and were seated immediately. The clear soup was very flavorful. The ginger sauce is balanced good. The YumYum sauce is delicious. Sushi was very good too.

Whitney H.

Visiting from out of town. Wanted to treat the family with a fun and entertaining dinner. The wait was more than 30 minutes on a Sunday night. The service was very slow. The chef was fun and entertaining which is why I'm giving 2 stars. Otherwise, I'd be giving 1 star.

Janice D.

I have been coming to Mr. Hibachi for a couple of years. This was once my kids favorite place to eat so imagine coming and paying for 4 full meals. At first it was worth it until this year. First my favorite cook Louise left snd we decided to keep giving them a chance. They are not as friendly, the food is not good at all anymore, and not to mention portions. I came for dinner yesterday and it looked like a lunch plate. I ordered seafood and let's just say i never seen a lobster tail cooked looking like how it did. Maybe it's a new type coming out lol but its backside was green and black and the meat was dark So yea must look for another spot now because it's definitely not worth the money anymore

Asj J.

I have mixed feelings about the place. The food was pretty good aside from the spicy tuna roll. However, we ordered hibachi we were asked what kind of rice we want and when we got our food the rice was on the side and we also got lo mein which I did not know was coming with our meal and I mentioned we ordered rice. We also ordered the spicy tuna roll that we didn't like and asked to get the shrimp tempura instead and we went during happy hour. When we got the bill the rice was charged an extra $2.50 each and they charged us the full price for the sushi even though it was on happy hour. When I asked the server about the extra charge for the sushi and mentioned it was on happy hour I felt like I was bothering her. She got it fixed dropped the check left and didn't see her after that not sure if it was related to that but another server came and rang out our bill. Overall, the hibachi is good and the salad dressing is really good but the service seems like it could use some work. Still don't understand the up charge for the rice when I never ordered lo mein.

Remy V.

Decided to go on a Sunday. They give you the option of regular dining or hibachi, we were there for the hibachi. As soon as we walked in we were seated immediately which was nice. We ordered appetizers and I ordered the shrimp and fried rice, my husband ordered the chicken and steak with fried rice. After about 15 minutes our appetizers arrived but even after we finished those a chef didn't come to our table to cook until 30 minutes after. I was grateful I ordered appetizers because we were hungry. Our chef was very kind, he greeted everyone and started cooking right away. Although he was nice, he was EXTREMELY heavy handed with the seasoning. I like my food seasoned well but this was over the top. My rice became sort of mushy half way through the meal and there was wayyyy too much sauce added. The reason I'm giving 3 stars even though I wasn't pleased with the food is because the customer service was on point. But I truthfully wouldn't return. Benihana's has much better flavor and they don't drown your rice in soy sauce when they cook it. It LOOKED BETTER THAN IT TASTED.

Paula Iamblessed Jacquet

Great customer service and the food was delicious

Shanika D.

Love this place the happy hour is the best part also lunch is way cheaper. Food is always good drinks are good also I highly recommend this place!

tuesdays rain

My girl and I went there for my birthday and we were seated right away. The food was delicious and the chef was entertaining. He even asked the whole table to join him in singing happy birthday to me! The restrooms were clean and the decor is authentic to the cuisine. Will definitely go back again!

Tan Wallis

very nice good service great food. drinks were awesome I'll be back soon

Verlinda P.

Good food with a lot of different options and a fun atmosphere. Definitely recommend sitting at the hibachi, very interesting display and each chef provides a different experience.

Eboni Lang-LaCour

The wait time wasn't long at all. They told us 20 to 30 minutes, I believe we waited only 15. It was my son and bonus daughter first time and they loved it! The food is amazing and so are the adult drinks! On a scale of 1-10, I'd give a 10! My family and I will definitely be returning!!

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