Prince Lebanese Grill

502 W Randol Mill Rd, Arlington
(817) 469-1811

Recent Reviews

Cali Love

Great service with great food. Will definitely be back

Monica Lee Linder

Absolutely delicious…will happily drive the 30 minutes out of my way to eat here not only again but regularly! And special shout out to Vivian for taking such good care of us!!!


We were looking forward to coming and trying out Prince since he was mentioned by Guy. Unfortunately, I have to say the visit turned out into a big disappointment! Since we did not have time and had to head back to Houston, we simply ordered beef shawarma and a couple of chicken shawarmas to go and we specifically requested a doggy bag from the attendant! After waiting for about 10 minutes, the lady shows up with a small paper bag. When we told her about the doggy bag, she simply did not want to go back and bring one. This was disappointing, but the real disappointment came after we tried the beef shawarma which tasted nothing as a real shawarma should! There was no salt, no spices, not even a charred meat taste. The case was similar to the chicken shawarma, the chicken had no flavor whatsoever and missing the true taste of chicken shawarma. I will not pay $6 or $7 for a sandwich when I can make a better-tasting one at home! I am not sure whether this was simply a fluke, but, in this business, you don't get too many chances, one failure is enough to drive customers away, and in this case, IT DID. Whenever we are back in the area, Prince will surely not be on our list.

Don Casey

Prince is such a gem and always delivers great well prepared food. I have been going to this place for 5 years and the food is always consistently cooked to perfection. If you have not visited Prince while in Arlington, then you definitely need to stop in and try it.

laura siders

So so SOOO good!! I think about it everytimeni drive through Gnarlington, today I HAD to stop. And let me tell ya ... they did not disappoint! It's been yeeeeaarss since I stopped in for a bit, but it's just as delicious as I remember it being the first time their food hit my lips. It was my boyfriend's first time, so we went classic - Thyme Pie, fried Cauliflower(apps were gone before I thought about photos), and split the chicken shawarma plate .. all phenomenal! So much food, we even took half our shared shawarma plate home!

Russ Priddy

Their food is the bomb !!! I love it. Their delivery, well not so much. Their website for delivery kinda sucks. They use outside like Uber, etc. I tried for 20min to order dinner to be delivered. $40.00Waste of time. Called them live, they said they were too busy to help me. Pity.Your food is awesome. Your services well , kinda suck.I ended up ordering a stupid pizza.Am glad you are busy enough to turn away business in Covid-19

Mariel Gamarra

I am a person who loves libanese food. At this restaurant I have to say lentils soup is great, however their sandwiches and plates are just “okay”. As for the rest, nothing too special, it’s just the popular restaurant in the area; service is terrible, the waitress was not a good server at all. You have to ask for sauces if you needed a small extra cup, and they will charge you for it, If they could, they will charge you for napkins too if you needed more than 1, that’s because you get 1 with your silverware. Not the best option in Arlington to have food for sure.

Melani Manning

Great place. Clean. Like the menu options. Generous entrees. Sweet waitress. Like the relaxed and casual environment.

Lily C.

This place was really good overall for some Lebanese fare, and it definitely satisfied my craving for some Lebanese food. My boyfriend and I shared the chicken and lamb two-meat shawarma combo along with a side of fries and spicy hummus. We both enjoyed the food, and the pita bread kept coming (great service!). Next time I visit, I definitely want to try the beef shawarma and some of the other specialties. Our friends also shared the coffee party, which came with black coffee and some sweet treats. The baklava was delicious and paired well with the coffee. Beware, coffee drinkers who need cream/sugar, I don't think you'd enjoy the coffee very much. My only complaint is that although the food seemed well seasoned, I almost wish it was somehow seasoned more? Don't know how to explain it but the aroma was on point and the taste seemed a little lackluster in comparison. Would still recommend Prince if you're in the area though!

Gloria D.

Ordered take out and all condiments were not in bag. Just okay.

Anthony M. Utsey

It's one of my favorite restaurants. The lamb chops are awesome. Also, they make a personal salad for me. It's out of this world. Friendly and great customer service.

Tyler Mathews

Amazing food. Super fresh and delicious. The staff was also amazing. The owner came around and made sure our meal was good and that we had a good visit. Will definitely be back to this establishment many many times

Howard K.

Excellent food and service. Have been to this restaurant on many occasions I've always been completely satisfied. Tried their large Greek salad recently with chicken and it was fantastic. In addition, in the evening you can also BYOB. Highly recommend this restaurant.

Laura B.

Nothing special. Yafa, Fatouche and Olive are better. I have been there several times and have yet to figure out why they were on Diners, Driveins & Dives.

Micheal J.

Food was good. It had a simple esthetic nothing fancy but I didn't mind it. Went with a friend for lunch and the staff was nice and attentive. Would definitely go back.

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