Sesame House

2195 W Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington
(817) 446-1119

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Maurice Ahern

Those who know me, know I lived in China and I love Chinese food. When I have a craving, I usually try to find more authentic, hole in the wall places, which usually lead me more towards the Dallas side of town.With that being said, when I have a craving for Chinese American, my go to place in Arlington is Sesame House Express. The owners here have been serving the 76017/76013 area consistently for almost 20 years. They are some of the most committed, and nicest people around. The prices are very reasonable, and the portions are generous! If you’ve never been, go give them a visit. Times are tough for everyone right now, including local restaurants. Don’t forget to show this little gem some love and appreciation!

Ben Soedjono

Sesame House has a lot of good reviews. It seems most of their customers are happy. Not many Chinese restaurants in Arlington with this many good reviews. I like Chinese cuisine, but I’m spoiled. I’ve experienced dining on a floating restaurant in Kowloon. I was lucky to dine at Arc-en-Ciel when they had an Arlington location.We ordered a Happy Family and a Seafood Combination. Both are house specials. Both for pickup. There were a few customers dining inside for “daily lunch deals”. Note the dining area is tiny with minimal decor.The portions were generous. I think it was excellent value for money. The vegetables were fresh and plentiful, which suits our taste. The meat was good and plentiful. On a minor note, the chicken wasn’t on par with the beef.Overall, we enjoyed it. There was plenty of food for lunch and dinner. No wonder they have happy customers.

Chad Crudup

I have had both takeout and delivery dozens of times and can't remember a single complaint. The staff is nice and the food is very good for the price. Every item I have had was more than enough food for an adult meal and sometimes enough for two full meals. Some others have noted that delivery can take a long time and that is true. I try to plan ahead and either order takeout (usually ready in 15-20 minutes) or if I want delivery order around an hour before I want to eat.


The food was amazing! The hunan chicken was on point! My husband ordered the seafood combination and it was great!! It was fresh and much better than I expected, took it to another level of goodness, freshness and leftovers is the best! Oh my goodness, I'm so glad I read about it on my Nextdoor App! It did not disappoint!!! This is my go to Chinese from now on!! I was so hungry that I didn't even take a picture!

Notta Chance

Minor glitch, ordered a quart and got a pint of hot and sour soup.Chicken chow mein was worthy of praise, couldn't have done better in Texas. Soup was very tasty and textures on point, broth was not black and I'm going back for more as I recover.Very friendly and responsive.Avoid the H-H- place (not worth typing out) that is nasty.

The Peachy Penguin Daycare

Lovely staff, wonderful food never a complaint. Even when they are busy and times are long they always come threw with good hot food.

Dawnya McNair

I've always loved the food here. They offer great portions sizes.

Sonia Ponce-Stowe

Great food for Great price! You can definitely share your meal.

Clay Hopkins

General Tso's chicken made me I'll. The chicken was hard like it was freezer burned, sauce was okay so was the broccoli. Used to be our favorite, but I can get sick for less than $30 eslewhere.

Tru Royalty

The food was delicious and plentiful although I wouldn't have known that had I allowed the smell when I walked in to stop me and leave immediately. If you can get pass the smell the food is worth it. Everything was clean and the employees were polite and helpful.

Jan Tate Hubley

Got takeout here tonight for the first time. AMAZING food. Super crunchy egg rolls, super fresh veggies in the meals. Great tasting food. My family highly recommends you try it out. Bonus: there’s enough for lunch tomorrow, too

Richard Zavala

I get the lo mein, sesame wings and hot and sour soup. All are great. I really love this place. Important note: The 2 times i ordered delivery from there, it took an 1 1/2 hour which is fine by me. I understand this place gets busy which is a good thing. Im not saying this to knock the place but just advising potential customers to prepare accordingly. Its well worth the wait imo.

Linda Woolsey

As always food was delicious and servings were enough for two meals for us. We get the Specials which are pick up only. Great, prompt and friendly service!!

Jonathan Heeps

1st time trying this restaurant. Food was very good. Only complaint was the steamed rice was a bit overcooked and mushy for me. But I'll definitely be back.

Jerrica Luna

Our go-to Chinese delivery. Food always tastes great, portions are large, and service is always awesome. Delivery drivers are always so polite!

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