Sesame House

2195 W Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington
(817) 446-1119

Recent Reviews

Jan Tate Hubley

Got takeout here tonight for the first time. AMAZING food. Super crunchy egg rolls, super fresh veggies in the meals. Great tasting food. My family highly recommends you try it out. Bonus: there’s enough for lunch tomorrow, too

Brenda B.

We drive from Mansfield just to go to sesame house been going there since high school its always good never had a problem i hope i dont jinx it. Love their lunch specials and has great orange chicken i love the beef broccoli its my favorite! It never disappoints in my opinion always hot and fresh

Richard Zavala

I get the lo mein, sesame wings and hot and sour soup. All are great. I really love this place. Important note: The 2 times i ordered delivery from there, it took an 1 1/2 hour which is fine by me. I understand this place gets busy which is a good thing. Im not saying this to knock the place but just advising potential customers to prepare accordingly. Its well worth the wait imo.

Linda Woolsey

As always food was delicious and servings were enough for two meals for us. We get the Specials which are pick up only. Great, prompt and friendly service!!

Jonathan Heeps

1st time trying this restaurant. Food was very good. Only complaint was the steamed rice was a bit overcooked and mushy for me. But I'll definitely be back.

Jerrica Luna

Our go-to Chinese delivery. Food always tastes great, portions are large, and service is always awesome. Delivery drivers are always so polite!

Amber Copeland

Good Chinese food at good prices. Super fast delivery too!

Andrew P Milosh

Great food service was off the chain all u can eat but catch it in the beginning or in a rush not in the end cuz service will go dwn hill but other than that grt owner and his family that all work there are very personable especially if u go there once a week or more

Sandra Cruz

Very clean friendly n food always fresh n piping hot. So delicious!

Aija Maxey

Food was absolutely delicious! I would’ve put four stars because of the long wait but it was definitely worth it from the quality of the food! It tasted amazing this is definitely our new go to Chinese food place. Even though the wait for delivery was a long time the food was piping hot and satisfied all of our hungry munchie needs! The fried rice was amazing it wasn’t burnt or anything and that was the problem we ran into with all the other food places and it tasted amazing. The food portions was amazing and big so if willing to wait for the delivery and if you don’t wanna wait pick it up in person on the other hand other than that this is the place to go absolutely delicious nothing disappointed me!

Constance Herrera

Amazing portions! Great service.

Morgan C.

Well they delivered fast but it's mediocre...why was my egg roll burnt though ? Idk and it's old . I don't even know what to say

Darrell Horton

This was by far the worst sesame chicken that I've had in my life. the chicken was tough. The sesame sauce tasted like candy, not sesame sauce. The rice tasted like cardboard. I should have known better when I saw the pictures of the food up in the restaurant and they looked like they were from the 1970's because they were faded so bad. The only thing good about this experience was the egg roll. How in the world did they get a 4.3 rating on Google? Looks like someone has been either giving false reviews or deleting bad ones.

Mary N.

The quality was definitely not there. The orange chicken was heavily battered and tasted as if it was in made hours before. The was no crunch and everything was mush. I felt like I was eating more batter than there was chicken. We also ordered the fried shrimp. The ratio to batter and shrimp was crazy off. There was so much batter that it was hard to eat. They were so hard and barely a thin sheet of shrimp. Im talking about a .5 inch thickness of batter. While we love Chinese food I do not think we will be returning.

Mel J

After not ordering from here for a couple of years, we decided to give them another chance. Now I have to leave a review to remind my future self of how terrible our experience was. Delivery took over an hour and a half. The crab wontons have ZERO crab...after eating one I pulled two apart looking for crab, which there was none. The sesame chicken was soggy, the sauce was just a sweet and sour sauce. The chicken in my husband’s order was burnt. Even the fortune cookies are sub-par. We will never order from here again (future self...don’t get tempted to give them another chance).

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