2021 Morgan Ave, Corpus Christi
(361) 882-1411

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Marco cumpian

CHECK YOUR ORDER... Other than that perfect hot breakfast food...... I'M LOOOOOVING IT

brandon stone

Incredibly slow, kitchen was dirty, stuff was everywhere, soda all over the walls. Absolutely disgusting. Employees were understaffed and overworked.

Jeremy Garcia

Food was great but the fries were not as crispy as they should be. My nuggets were fresh and juicy. The drive-thru lady was not friendly and just opened the window and told us what the price was, no hello or how are you all doing tonight. She could of had a bad night or day, but I know when I'm at work and I had a bad day, I still faked it till I made it. Just be more friendly people!

Jeffery Thomas

Attractive and clean. Quick breakfast service.

Teresa Ramirez

Great Italian food! I highly recommend the Chicken Franches and the Calamari!!! You will not be disappointed. Service was over the top.

Linda Quesada

Prices are getting expensive and I feel that McDonald's should consider that not too many people are working due to pandemic


Starting pay is $11 here !I love those triple cheeseburgers !Texas SIDEWINDER ✌

Alexander Zabel

For a night shift, they all did a pretty decent job! The ice-cream felt nice and tasted good, and the service window felt genuine and on-the-job positive.Thank you for serving me and my wife tonight! I appreciate you girls who served us!!


This place has the slowest service I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Arthur Garza Jr

was here very early in the morning on a trip and the food was good and hot and the coffee too

Arthur G

Was on a day trip to get my baptizel paperwork for my confermation out of the way and it was about 7am when I got breakfast here it was hot and fresh and quick and good

Fly Leaf

Never has ice cream. Fries always cold unless you as for fresh fries, which I do.


Unfortunately had a bad experience with a long drive thru wait. Got stuck in line for at least 20 minutes for a nugget happy meal and a 10 piece meal. Who knows what the others ordered ahead of me. This was at 9pm hour. Not sure if that is a rush time for them but I wouldn't think it would be.

Melissa Gomez

The Manager on Staff....named Michelle Caballero....Providede the Best Customer Service I have ever received from a Fast Food Restaurant......She was Not only Kind, Promptly, but Exceptionally Professional. I would Highly Recommend a Raise for this Manager.....and Most Importantly .....Your Company should Hore More of Employee's and Mangers That have a A Great Customer Service Demeanor, and Take A High Level of Pride in their Work... To Provide their Customers with the Highest and Best Level of a Customer Experience.Thank you,Melissa Gomez

SoMad Vato

I ordered a ten piece and got 9 nuggets lol

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