Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

6700 NW Loop 820, Fort Worth
(817) 238-7406

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Jennifer Shumate

Normal wait time of 30 minutes to be seated, the croissants were slightly burned, but they had the yummy honey butter on top that made up for that. Hubby wanted ribs and shrimp...out of ribs, tried to get a Sierra Nevada...out of Sierra Nevada, so tried to get a fat tire, was out of that as well. Sigh. So he finally ordered a long island iced tea which was good.The restaurant was much dirtier that we have ever seen it! Dirty fingerprints on everything.Salads we're good, as we're the cheese bites. The steak was also, not cooked to the correct temperature, but we had low expectations already because it is not a steakhouse and the previous issues. The Salmon was good. The service was good. All the negative issues boils down to management dropping the ball. Someone needs to learn to clean and to do a food order!

Roger *******

My new place to get BBQA side salad looks like a chef and their croissant bread is awesome. They have the best prices for appetizers and the full rack of baby back can easily serve 2

Carrie Stacks

My photo is a little dark, but this Caesar salad was delicious. I have not been able to eat bagged lettuce for months because it tastes like ammonia and chlorine to me. It has been hard getting a good salad when we eat out as most restaurants use the pre-cut bagged lettuce or salad mix. It's always a strange question to ask and I always tell them they have to be honest because I can taste the difference. Cheddar's definitely cuts their lettuce fresh in the kitchen. I also noticed that the corn is cut fresh from the cob. Everything we ate was cooked perfect and was delicious. I definitely recommend Cheddar's to everyone.

Chris Carter

Service was excellent! But they were out of quite a few menu items. Food we did get was really good.

Jackie Faison

Always great food and the Painkiller was on point. The only complaint was my meal came with rice but there was only a teaspoon of rice in my plate so I had to ask for more.

Cody K.

Yeah y'all gotta stop giving your servers too many tables in their section. I get some strong servers can handle it but not everyone can. As was the case with my server. I was seated in the bar with my family and I counted 8 tables that our server was taking care of. Service was so slow and I was getting so frustrated and trying everything not to say something. We were finally able to order and I added a side salad and never received it before the meal or even with the meal. I let our server know and she went and got my salad. I received my salad and was extremely disappointed with it. So much that I didn't even eat it, it was drowning in Caesar dressing. My girlfriends tilapia and shrimp was missing the sauce that was suppose to come with it. We waited several minutes to get that. We finished our meals and then asked for the check. Waited and waited and waited and then our server comes over and realizes that the little electronic device that is on the table has no batteries. I guess she was expecting us to use that to pay. So all around a pretty bad experience. I've been a server before, and I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but as a server you gotta be able to pick up on things like I experienced and you have to ask your guests and make sure they are happy with their experience. Which I was not.


Waiting hours to get seated during peak times is really long (35-45), and another waiting time to order and food arrival. Their service is good and compensated us free rolls. Food is good as well. The floor in the bar area going to the restroom was quite greasy. Restroom needs more attention to maintain during peak hours.

Griffin Lissard

My server Analise was more than excellent. Honestly she would be the main reason I come back here to eat! She had a busy night and still took time to talk with us and get the food to us as fast as possible. Couldn’t know of a better worker and for that I respect her work ethic! Cheddars got a good one! 5 stars for her

Claire Clayton

First time there. They sat us immediately and we didn't see a server afterwards for 10 minutes. The pot pie and rolls were great. The cookie dessert was comped because of the poor service. However, I wouldn't suggest the cookie. Nice environment and tasty drinks.

Alan Blair

Because of so many poor experiences recently, I am continuing to write reviews on all places we dine and do business with. Cheddar's was not the worst, but it certainly had its problems. As we walked in the door on the evening of 7/19, my wife greeted the staff member with a nice "Hello", to which he did not reply or even smile. I was counting on a burger, but knew how easy it was to mess that up, so I ordered the Chicken Fried Chicken which was not bad. However, the fries were cold. To our waiter's credit, she quickly replaced them with hot fries and did it cheerfully. My wife ordered the Lemon Pepper Chicken, that was very obviously heated in a microwave oven. The green beans were mush, but hot. The 2 star rating was a result of Alondra being nice and getting me hot fries, and my chicken being hot. The rest of the meal and the experience was poor at best. As we left, the manager was at the front door and greeted us on the way out... but that same young man with a sour attitude was also there, and he didn't acknowledge us or smile again.

Joselys Castro

Visit today for the first time and honestly it will be your last visit. When I entered with my family, the floor was super slippery and everyone who came in commented on it and nobody did anything about it. The food was delayed even though it was not full and the worst thing I hate the most in a restaurant is that they bring me the aperitif along with the food as such fatally I was disappointed and I felt quite annoyed about it. The sirloin asked for it well done and apparently they did it extra well done. The seasoned rice had no flavor at all but nothing surprised me. The dessert that is supposed to taste good something sweet had almost no flavor honestly they deceive a lot.

greg a.

Sucked wouldn't be the word I would choose for this review. Wow.Took 30 minutes to get drinks... Already finished my salad and my finally my water came. Finally my beer arrived after another 15 minutes....

Nikki C.

This location is absolutely FILTHY. The floors are coated in grease and trash pieces. The booths are dirty. The doors have handprints all over them (at 11:15 am in the morning - July 4th), the bathroom floors are disgusting (grease & gunk everywhere). I'm not sure how no one has enough pride to CLEAN but someone needs to do something. It seems like a health violation at the least. I'm 9 months pregnant and I slipped on the greasy floor right in front of the hostess stand, and then proceeded to tell 4 employees standing (and talking) at the hostess stand that someone needed to clean the slippery floors, and they just looked at me. When someone falls and breaks their neck (or back, or arm), then maybe someone will care enough to CLEAN THIS RESTAURANT. If it's this dirty in plain sight, I can't even imagine what it looks like in the kitchen. Disgusting.

Kerry Koen

Service was fast and friendly. The Monte Cristo and the fried Wisconsin cheese bites were amazing and the hot buttered croissants literally melt in your mouth. Portions are very generous I can get another 2 meals out of my left overs. It was $42 (including tip) for 2 entrees, an appetizer and 2 soft drinks with unlimited refills but when you get 5 meals out of that, it's very reasonable. ?

Annabell A.

Food was mediocre. Restaurant was very dirty. Walls and glass has food stains. Our waiter was very friendly. Ordered a chick Alfredo and it was dry and small portions. Steak looked terrible and sides were pitiful. Monte cristo was very good and best thing that we ordered.

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