Hurts Donut

901 Foch St, Fort Worth
(817) 367-9177

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Tons of options, and all the one's I've gotten have been good. Been to this one twice, plus the location in Houston and always tried something different.

Miranda V.

Karla is amazing and the sweetest worker I've ever met, if she's not working I won't want to be there!

Frank Williams

Many different flavors. Pretty large donuts.


Great place if you like gourmet cake doughnuts. There is a nice selection from fruity pebbles topped to cookie monster. As expected from a decorated donut, they are super sweet. A little pricey, but this is the kind of place where you buy one to eat, not a dozen. Best part about this place is that it's open 24 hours, so no matter what time you're up you can satisfy that sweet tooth.

thienly n.

SUCH A FUN PLACE!!! Their donuts are like cake donuts! Definitely not for everyone if you like the traditional fluffiness but I love hurts because of how many flavors they have! Their donuts are also so cute! Definitely for people with a sweet tooth! And very hard to find parking but so worth it to go and grab some beautiful and tasty donuts!

Brandon Kelley

These donuts are definitely desserts! All sorts of varieties to satisfy any crazy sugar craving! Their peanut butter cup topped donuts are great! Their kolaches sausage is good, but the dough is not super soft / fluffy. Definitely not your average donut shop but a great dessert place !! Apparently open all day every day for those afternoon or evening cravings!

Ryan Adair

Hurt's Donuts has so many different donuts to try! They have these cinnamon rolls and fritters that are just huge. Lots of beverage options and even nitro cold brew on tap. I am not even sure of which one to start with. I'm lying, it's definitely going to be that Bavarian Creme. Or the Homer.

Irena E.

First timers here and we were not disappointed. The donuts are big, fresh and so soft. I also got a Apple fritter which was HUGE and oh sooooo good this place is open 24 hrs so if you got the munchies this is perfect! anyways if you haven't tried them check them out.

Misty Vest Smith

Granddaughter date night ended at Hurts for dessert and a donut to save for tomorrow morning. Was very surprised at how inexpensive the price was for the dozen donuts and multiple milks we got considering how elaborate they are. They all loved them and so did I! Definitely recommend!!

Kristi M.

Popping in after dinner and wasn't let down! The aesthetic alone is so freaking cute. They have swings inside that are adorable. Very instagrammable. The English gentleman was our favorite donut with the toffee on top but it was so much fun getting a assortment and trying all the different flavors. To sum it up: reasonably priced. good donuts. fun experience.

Detters S.

Got the maple bacon donut cause it was loaded with bacon but the donut itself was super dry! You can't mass a dry donut with toppings! Disappointing af!

Derrell Dennis

Staff was great as well as the variety and pricing.

Deb Clif

We were there at 8 on Fourth of July. The guy working there should get a raise! He was by himself, doing online orders while taking care of the people in the store waiting. He handled it with grace.The donuts were awesome! The kids loved the swings as seats. Lots of different choices. Donuts were fresh.

Quang N.

Just a solid donut spot for whenever we're in the area waiting for Hatsuyuki next door! Tons of variety to choose from for your pre-dinner indulgences! Staff is always super nice and friendly as well. Not much to say thats wrong about Hurts Donuts! Also, these donuts photograph really well if thats of any consolation to any of you out there 2nd guessing!

Kevin B.

Superior presentation. Inferior quality. Terrible customer service. And the coffee is lukewarm. Never again....

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