Joe T. Garcia's

2201 N Commerce St, Fort Worth
(817) 626-4356

Recent Reviews

Yasmilett Tobar

Patio is actually very nice. Recommend for evening dinner. Only two options was enchiladas or fajitas. Lots of food. It was good. Good service. Would visit again.

Jimmy Parker

For years this has been one of the best Mexican food places in Ft Worth, and it never disappoints. Margaritas are always top notch and food is spot on. Wait staff is awesome - love the environment.


Their fajitas were good and the service is great. DISCLAIMER, this business is CASH ONLY. They do have an ATM on site though. My biggest complaints is that their menu is limited and their drinks are weak.

Amy Culley

Dining at Joe T’s is always a delight. Big fan of their margaritas, fajitas and homemade tortillas. Their staff is fast and friendly. Their gardens are gorgeous. Definitely recommend going during the week to miss the crowds.

Swani R

0/5 the only good thing about this place is the outside landscape design depending on where you get a table. Not sure what all the good reviews are about because this place was one of the worst places I’ve ever been, not worth even a penny. Where do I begin? Probably should’ve left as soon as I discovered the dirty fork and knife and the dirty plates brought out for food to be placed in. I was so disgusted but didn’t want to tell everyone at my table that I didn’t want to eat there. You would think with a pandemic they would try to be cleaner but these people don’t seem to care. On top of that when I looked them up later, I found out that they’ve received 22 citations in their inspection. You can look it up if you want details to throw up especially if you’ve already eaten there. Not sure why they’re still open, but if you’re still interested to know about what the food was like, here we go! The queso was the worst I’ve ever had, very watery and bland. The beef fajitas were chewy and did not taste good. And yes it’s true, for some reason they only take cash. Our server was energetic and nice but that doesn’t change the fact that the place serves awful food with dirty utensils and plates. I’ll never go there again, just awful!


This is likely to be the most overrated restaurant ever. I live in Houston and eat at many Mexican restaurants and the food here is incredibly mediocre. Terrible, actually. Yet the line out the door is an hour long. I don’t get it. The food is yuck, the margaritas are weak, the waitress was arrogant, there is NOTHING to like about this place. I guess people in Ft. Worth have nothing else to do.

Lizzy ybarra

The ascetic and energy is very up beat. The whole environment is probably why so many people come.I wouldn't say the food is authentic Mexican food by any means the flour tortillas and side tacos that come with the enchiladas were the best thing there. As a whole it is decent texmex food. The reviews were amazing, and because there was only 3 things on the menu I expected a lot more than I received. I probably won't be back but things to note if you are thing of coming here, they only take cash or check and the food is family style.

TE Cole

Been there many times, but first time for my wife....Ryan our server really made our visit outstanding. The guy is an incredible server and when we return we will definitely have to have him as our server. Thanks for a great time. And damn...those margaritias...feeling it today.

Angela Ybarra

The outside atmosphere is definitely the attraction because the food is NOT. The beef fajitas where a bit chewy and unnder spiced. The queso was watery and very bland. The margaritas were just plain bad poor flavor and alcohol content had to be 0.01%. The best part of the dinner was the flour tortillas. Note they are cash or check only.. but they do have a convenient ATM on site

Tim T

Great evening with beautiful weather to dine in the outdoor garden. The service was almost perfect. The food was excellent, thank you Joe!

Bryan Benitez

This place outdoor dining is awesome! The drinks were delicious and strong. Will definitely be back whenever I visit again.

Ryan W.

Well if you want an experience this is the place! The ambiance is wending venue worthy. The food and service were great. Only two food options and simple margaritas (and cash only).. what else do you need from a Mexican restaurant.


Everything was just as I had remembered from several years ago. Food was right on target, the portions were large, quality was outstanding, service was great. This place is a must anytime you are in the area. But come early to avoid the long lines.

Brendan T.

The place was beautiful, unfortunately the food was really underwhelming. We had the fajitas, chicken and beef mix.


tips: they only take cash/check. there’s an atm inside though. sit outside because the courtyard is amazing! a line forms outside very early. we got in like around 4:30 and probably had about a 30 min wait, but the line was much worse when we left! also, the portions are huge. i feel like this is a place you go to for the experience as well as the food. the gorgeous courtyard and amazing food seemed—to me—to be worth the wait and moderate pricing!

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