Malai Kitchen

5289 Monahans Ave, Fort Worth
(682) 707-3959

Recent Reviews

Kadey H.

Really good food and service. We had the panang curry and drunken noodles. Cool atmosphere too.

Soo L.

I had heard and read good things about Malai and wanted to try it. We ordered an assortment in our takeout - Shrimp Pad Thai, ribs, rolls, curry and Burmese Green Tea Salad. The order came out on time on this very busy Friday night. The flavors were very good but I had an issue with a couple of the items. Called and the woman answering was sympathetic and immediately said they would take care of it and called over the manager. Mike, the General Manager, was very understanding and quickly made things right. So, I will say that they do aim to please! It's in Clearfork so expect things to be pricier. The restaurant is next to the parking garage so it was easier to find a space. (Nice! The garage has a sign that notes how many open spaces there are.) Malai has several locations but it's locally owned, which I really like!

Belinda J English Mosley

Wonderful service, extensive menu and great food

Syuzanna Kaszo

Pretty decent food. Not my top favorite. But service was fast, staff is very friendly and professional. Though premises a little dirty-ish to my personal taste.Otherwise I would definitely recommend this place.

Yen Mancao Miguel

Excellent food and service. Reasonable price.

Kelly Geithmann Powell

Wonderful food! Great atmosphere!

Lindsay P.

Excellent service! Waitresses are so good at what they do and quick! Food was phenomenal and was brought to the table quick! Love the music in there too!!

Katt and Michael Wantz

Wife and I have been coming here for years since they opened and have never been let down on service or food a single time. Everything we’ve ever tried here is the best version of that dish I’ve ever had. They use bigger chops of veggies and noodles which really do a remarkable job amping up the flavor and texture fun. The same people have worked there for years which says they treat their staff well and that’s going to mean it trickles down to everything else. Consistently great, always delicious!

Rachelle A.

Finally writing a review for one of my favorite places in Fort Worth! We've tried multiple items on the menu and have loved every single one. Favorites would have to be the mussels, drunken noodles, any of the curries/hot pot, and just recently tried the ahi tuna tartare which was incredible! If you're looking for a fresh, flavorful, spicy (or not) authentic Thai meal, Malai is tough to beat.

randy mihalik

Place was fantastic good food and good service. I will definitely be coming back here. Word of caution though. When you say spicy they make it spicy. I would order a step down from the usual.

Janet Lasater

Delectable!!! We had the meatballs, which are actually lettuce wraps and might be the best thing on the menu!! The pork tacos just melt in your mouth made with wonton wraps and the ahi tuna spring rolls ( I have never loved rice paper wrapped spring rolls before this). Our entree was the barbecue ribs. OMG one of the absolute best meals of my life!! The ice tea with lemon was on point. Texas ice tea that was fresh and perfect. If you miss this place you have missed one of the best culinary experiences of your life.

Rayme L.

I've came once to Malai Kitchen about 4 years prior to this trip. It was so good that I planned an entire weekend around coming to eat here again. We had a party of 8 and everyone loved it. The edamame was perfectly cooked, the complimentary sticky rice and egg plant sauce was to die for, and my entree of chicken pad Thai was amazing as well. I can't wait to come back to Dallas and eat here again!!

James C.

Thai and Vietnamese food is my favorite, and I was so excited to try this place since everyone hyped it up. This place was so hyped up in the reviews to so I was expecting a top notch meal! 1. The menu was a little sad. There were only about 5 noodle options and 5 rice options. The lunch specials sounded amazing, but you can ONLY get them during lunch time. PATHETIC! 2. The crab curry appetizer was distasteful and had a weird color to the meat. TRASH! 3. When the food came out I received the wrong plate. Then whenever they switched my plate with the person at the far end of the table, it was the spicy version my friend had ordered, and we didn't realize it until my girlfriend and I had eaten half of the drunken noodles. 4. HOW MUCH SOY SAUCE CAN YOU PUT!? My god! The amount of soy used was UNBEARABLE! Everyone was complaining about how crazy they went with the soy. The amount of soy used in EVERYONES DISH WAS OVERPOWERING. I COULD NOT TASTE ANYTHING BESIDES SOY IN MY "Lemongrass beef". There was absolutely ZERO LEMONGRASS FLAVOR! I had a massive pool of soy sauce on the bottom of the plate! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 5. How did everyone feel sick after eating? Maybe it was the POUNDS OF SOY SAUCE USED! My friends all claimed the food is usually amazing. This was the MOST TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD! We had a 12 person party, and the bill was well over $250. High prices and bullshit food that isn't even Thai. Welcome to the house of soy! You might as well stay at home and eat ramen with a glass of dark soy sauce to chug. Despicable and disrespectful to Thai/Vietnamese cuisine. BTW this was on Friday May 29th.

John S.

The yellow curry chicken with the medium heat was very good. I love a great curry and this was some of the best infusion of the spices and flavors, perfectly blended to enhance the dish. I would have liked a bit more chicken and potatoes and the pineapple didn't appear to be freshly, ripened chunks of pineapple. Overall, high marks and I will return again.

Siddarth Kolluru Venkata

The restaurant ambiance was really nice and prices were very reasonable. The Thai Chicken Wings were delicious. But the rest of the food was somewhat average. I think I had very high expectations coming here which may have resulted in me being more disappointed. The pineapple fried rice was a disappointment, there were parts of the dish that were burnt so there was a strange taste. The service was okay.

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