Swiss Pastry Shop

3936 W Vickery Blvd, Fort Worth
(817) 732-5661

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Sandra E.

I really like this place! It has a bakery and the prices are really good! I almost feel like a thief ! The service at the restaurant isn't amazing but the food is soooo good that you forget! It's a hidden little gem and I am sad that I live so far from this place! Also they have wagyu meat !

Lisa H.

100% fresh delicious yummy goodness Non stop of goodness here from Hamburgers to cakes and cookies

Paul Sherrill

Reduced menu due to covid I assume.Pastries good as always, the onions and the Texas cheese steak could have been grilled a little longer

Brian K

First to know, there's nothing especially bad about the place from our visit there. Friendly staff and a busy-but-cozy atmosphere. The 3 Star rating is for the desserts; in simple words there is far too much sugar incorporated into the recipes. Concerning the swiss rolls specifically, the more subtle and complex notes of the chocolate cake and creme were quickly overtaken by raw sugar flavor and I found myself removing the ganache/fondant on the outside just to appreciate the creme and bittersweet notes. The Napoleon suffered from the same issue, where the creme and graham center really played second fiddle to the super sweet, but single note, flavor of the icing. I really wanted to like them, but the lack of flavor complexity really seems more appropriate for a child's capacity for sugar tolerance.

Ashley Hollenbeck

Love the pastries here! They certainly have something for everyone. They've recently reopened for lunch which did not disappoint. Portions were huge! But most importantly the ladies behind the counter are sweeter than the desserts!

Layla R.

Not really seeing what the hype is about. I've tried the cream puffs, napolean, chocolate cream pie, coconut cream pie, chocolate mouse pie and the burger. Honestly, nothing to write home about. The chocolate cake was the best thing there. The pastries at Local Foods Kitchen are so much better.

Nancy Castro Molina

The shepherds salad was phenomenal. The chicken was grilled perfectly. I strongly recommend Swiss pastry shop.

Susan S.

Love the incredible bakery treats and lunch options at this classic family run shop!! Their famous Black Forest cake is an all time fave, a heavenly lighter than air concoction with crunchy cake layers between scrumptious Chantilly whipped cream, don't miss this unique treat!!! Wonderful Napoleons, Florentine lace and sand tart wedding crescent cookies go fast, get there early for breakfast treats and stay for the incredible Wagyu beef burger, with my fave go-alongs blue cheese and bacon! Always consistent 5 star experience!!!

Maria Pizzo

The Philly cheese steak was the best thing on the menu today! Super tender meat great cheese sauce nice fresh roll. ? I was not impressed with my corned beef sandwich I thought it was dry. Black Forest cake slice and pastries were so delicious

Josh Mcintyre

Excellent cheese steak here! Highly recommend and the dessert is on point! ?

Velda L.

So very sad. I've been bragging on this place to a friend and finally took her. Do not go here for anything besides desserts anymore. The menu was an abbreviated one page and the food was awful. There is no wait staff, you stand in line to order then sit down to eat. Not a big deal if food had been good. The chicken salad tasted like hospital food and the tuna salad and potato salad were so bad my friend only ate one bite of each. We bought desserts to take home. They were acceptable.

Elizabeth P.

The friendliest service and wonderful cakes, pies, cookies you won't be disappointed!

Ed N.

Service is terrible. When they are busy, there is a line. No problem. But people e ter and leave your line and just cut back in where ever! And worse the people working the counter allow. I was asked what I wanted only to have a woman step in front of me and the counter lady just switch to her like I was the em there. Totally rude and the manager seems it okay.

James A.

Ordered two cakes for pickup on Saturday. Got stuck in traffic on the way over and called ahead to see if someone would wait 2 minutes before closing. Was told no, they close at 5:00, not a minute later. Asked if they would put the cakes outside since I was on my way, they wouldn't do that either. Had to cancel the order, shame they aren't flexible.

Kevin McClean

Quaint no frills atmosphere, but fantastic food. Always come prepared to eat desert. A Fort Worth favorite for almost 50 years. They survived the COVID-19 closures and are open now.

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