20502 US-59 N, Humble
(281) 540-7778

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Sam Lee

I ate today I have a Elvis Presley enchilada but the chicken enchilada is raw, but excellent service, and I will come back soon also Elvis Presley enchiladas, not on the menu, you have to ask for it. And I'm hope you are hungry.

Nicholas Whiting

Good spot for mexican food. Wait staff and hosts on a Sunday night at this location seem to be a tad off Chuy's normal stride post pandemic. Food was great as usual.

Yolanda Cruz

The service was great and the food was even better! Our server was Ashley and she was very attentive. We ordered the fajitas with Rita’s and the food was delicious and reasonably priced. 5 stars!

Regina Ayala

Awesome fast service I believe our waitress was name Lauren awesome gal our glass was never empty.

Megan Melcher

Super yummy food and had an awesome lunch with my very best friend and her hubby to be and my family

Michelle Martinez

Our waiter Charlie was great, he was on top of his game, especially seeing how busy he was, very pleased with his service. Keep up the great work!!!!

Susan Roy

Love this place. Great service and welcomed.Menu is awesome.

Jaileen H.

Overall experience was ok the server took too long to get our order, kept messing up our orders. But they were really sweet food was great just not the best serve.

Laura Ross McGlothlin

excellent service on a very busy night! Our server constantly kept an eye on us! The Mexican food was delicious as we're the Margaritas!

Gerald Villella

This is our first time at this location. We have eaten at three different locations in Florida multiple times. You will not be disappointed with any of the locations. I am in love with the chicka-chicka boom boom! It offers a good heat that does not start immediately. Out meals were fantastic and the service was awesome. The wife and I are looking forward to eating at more locations in the near future.

Alena Cauley

some of the best Mexican food I have had in a while. that cilantro dip is on fire

Troy O.

I am never happy giving any establishment that is trying seemingly hard anything less than a 5-star. Sometimes the effort doesn't match the outcome. The waiter was great...service great....even gave small samples of frozen margaritas that were great. I'll always be honest on reviews or either just not write one. I ordered the enchiladas and split them 1 beef and 1 chicken. Bottom line..they just weren't good. The beef was edible but the chicken was rubbery and was kinda like chewing on fat. Just wasn't good. I'm sure they typically do better, but my experience wasn't one that I was happy with. Outside chance i'd go back to give them a 2nd chance,(based on their effort waitstaff..)but that first meal made it difficult to do so...I was with great company so that always makes it a little better. Even still......Life is short....Get in .....Get out....Enjoy...

Simon C.

This place is extremely welcoming any time I have been here. The food selection is varied and what you'd expect to see at a Tex-Mex location. Their sauces (boom/creamy jalapeno/picante) are above normal quality and really enhance the food. The tortillas are hand made at site. The atmosphere feels homely with various themes adorning different parts of the restaurant. Almost a west coast theme type of restaurant on a beach type of establishment. They offer curbside and in person pickup for a quick lunch/dinner as well. During the height of pandemic I didn't attend in person,but always ordered curbside which always added in an extra fee for handling of some sort which made no sense along with taxes and with the fact that you may want to leave a tip you'd always end up paying $10-12 extra. They've since then gotten rid of the fee, but was a major incovienience for a majority of the year. In addition attending in person post-pandemic the menus are now one paper sheet front and back and badly organized with very little information regarding the food available. I understand the need for this, however there is no images available for any of the food therefore when I brought my out of country relatives they had very little context as to what some of the food was. Overall I would definitely recommend this location because despite it's shortcomings, the overall service and food are never a let down.

Chris Taylor

This place is decently priced with comparable food. There's not many entree options but they have delicious ranch which was served with tortilla chips?

Kaci Bolechala

Kyle is the BEST waiter. I've been in here multiple times and always had normal service but Kyle really set the bar. The food is always good but Kyle made sure we had a good time

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