4831 Wilson Rd, Humble
(281) 441-1626

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Kimberly DeLaFosse

We sat in drive through line for 30 minutes tonight waiting on a patty melt meal, kids meal and a chicken taco. Ridiculous.

Classified Classified

It has good food but average time to get your food 45min and sometimes they get your order wrong need a way to move things along maybe a number on car so they don't get the order wrong.

Janice Henley

This Whataburger was the cleanest one I have ever been to. Very nice. I would go there again.

Megan Gustafson

I am always going to give every Whataburger a good review because they are all wonderful.

Scuda Ray

This manager was totally rude !! Unprofessional I would never visit this whataburger @wilson and beltway 8 ever I'll call survey in with recipt and order# it was about an hour ago !! The window girls and other employees were awesome tho ? manager /woman blurted over speaker talking wreckless and disrespectful! Get rid of her please ?I'm very upset with my experience this evening

Courtney Hines

Guys whatever you do DO NOT go to this Whataburger!!! I ordered my food at 12:35, paid at the window at 12:55 and was pulled up until 1:05. Once he bought the food out to me for one he threw it in my car, walked away as if he knew everything was in the bag when it didn’t have a signal napkin!!! then the fries were ice cold! At that point I walked to the window to get my money back because there’s absolutely no way you guys have the audacity to be rude when your service is the worse I’ve ever experienced at a Whataburger!!! Please replace the entire team and rebuild this Whataburger!!!My order- 1 burger, 1 fry, & 3 chicken strips

Terri Deer

Had a coupon for a free Whataburger-just had to buy fries/drink. Love the Mushroom Burger.

Eduardo Z.

I forget I should not come to this location every few months and every time I'm reminded why I shouldn't. Lived across the street from it for years and I've never not once had a good visit at this location. I just had it right now and I'm not the kind of person to leave reviews but this place needs to be put on blast. COLD. BURGER. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Cold patty, cold bacon and ice cold cheese and veggies every single time and on top of it you have to wait like 20-30 minutes for it. Has to be the slowest Whataburger in history. I work by 59 and 1960 and I go to the location on 59 and Will Clayton for lunch often. Night and day difference. DO NOT COME TO THIS LOCATION. No matter what you do just stay away from it. Make the extra drive go to a different location and save yourself the time, money and disappointment. WORST WHATABURGER EVER.

L Turner

new manager/owner please… I was asked what condiments I wanted and was given a spoon and knife to eat my pancakes with..no butter or syrup… just closed the window and walked away….

S Martinez

So if you and your family is craving whataburger after 9:30 pm don’t come to this location. Took 20 mins for them to bring out my order plus they forgot 2 gravies for my chicken strip meals and our food was cold. Will be driving to the whataburger near summer wood off the beltway ✌?

Joshua Ward

Always love whataburger thank you guys and gals

Arlecia Williams

Drive thru was full when I pulled up so I pulled out my phone and ordered on the app. Food was ready in 5-7 minutes at curbside pick up and I got credit for purchasing on the app. WhooHoo

Denise Godfrey

Customer service was great and I received my order freshly made and hot

Mark W.

It's a Texas tradition. And it just doesn't get any better. Tho they offer many hamburger varieties, my favorite is still the original Whataburger. Tea is always sweet. And for breakfast, get the honey chicken on a jalapeño biscuit. You will not regret it!

Daniel Cruces

Clean and not crowded Whataburger!

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