Da Vinci Ristorante Italiano

6455 S Fry Rd #100, Katy
(281) 392-2115

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Josh Tarter

Top notch service.. food is the best Italian I've had. If you're in the area, it's a must to give then a try.

Bianca McLemore

Amazing. Just Amazing. Everything was delicious and the staff was amazing! When I come back and visit my in-laws I'm definitely coming back!

Nancy Contreras

The staff was friendly, we were seated quickly although we didn't have a reservation. They were practically full. The food was delicious and the price worth every bite. They open at 5 pm


The food was super yummy! We enjoyed everything we had. We also enjoyed the atmosphere as well. Perfect for a nice Italian dinner!

Immanuel Gregory

A Wholesome Experience.The workers here are charismatic and full of energy, if you don't like loud you won't like it here. I started with a Ceasar Salad and finished with a Fettuccine Alfredo w/ Shrimp.. the usual. The Fettuccine wasn't too spectacular and I wouldn't recommend it for takeout as it becomes a buttery mess - But it had a nice mellow flavor and was well complimented by the shrimp. Nothing groundbreaking but totally solid. The Ceasar Salad on the other hand will have me coming back! It is honestly the best salad I've had probably ever.. it was the highlight of the experience, but since it isn't exactly a main dish I have to speak about other things.One little mishap - While I had a nice refreshing water, I was never brought my drink until I was well into my entree. I wanted a lemonade, but it was obvious the lemonade was just Minute Maid poured into a bottle. That was super disappointing and for a place like this.. and if It is hand-crafted it reeks of artificial flavor.Other than that, their portions are great. I still need more experience with the menu but for my first time there I walked away very satisfied. Just a couple of tweaks and this place could be something truly special.

Mickey W.

Exquisite dining experience. It is the closest to actually eating in a cafe or restaurant in Italy, since I was last in Italy. If you want an authentic Italian dining experience, look no further.

Maya G.

Da Vinci is one of our favorite spots in Katy, but I feel like it can be a hit or miss. The to-go special (three courses for $13.95) is an AMAZING deal. You get an appetizer, entree, dessert, and some bread. I opted for the lobster bisque (an extra $2) - I've ordered it before and it came packed with various seafood, but this time I just got a couple mussels. The gnocchi and tortellini are amazing. This time I got the spaghetti with mussels in a white wine sauce, but the sauce was basically just oil. Kind of disappointing. The chocolate mousse is incredibly rich but delicious. The employees are super friendly.

Joseph Stevens

Love this place but last two orders were so salty they had to be thrown out. Great food. Great people. Ease up on the salt.

Kadeja Bland

Intimate and authentic. Outstanding customer service. Delicious food. I had the redfish.

Quan N.

Great food! Great staff! Amazing atmosphere with a unique small Italy feel. Recommend all the way!

Lorretta Owen

We ordered 7 different dishes for take out for Mother’s Day. They came with appetizer and desserts. Everything was delicious. My favorites were the lobster bisque, beef lasagna, egg plant parmigiana, tiramisu.... actually I guess all of it!! We will definitely be eating there again!!

Jai Quezada

We went for my boyfriend's birthday. No one wearing masks inside, not even the staff. Social distancing? Nope. My food was good, but had I known they don't take covid precautions, I would have gone else where.

Jasmine Ann H.

Just tried this place out for the first time with my friend Marlyn. My Italian heart was so happy. Place is amazing! So delicious & everyone was very friendly. Will for sure be going again!

Greg Rudy

Absolutely outstanding! Truly one of the better dining experiences I’ve had in Houston. Totally unexpected and I will be back and bring friends.

Michael Maiorano

I'm an Italian American from NEW YORK CITY, I've been to many fine Italian restaurants, therefore I'm not easily impressed when dining out for Italian food. I have to say, without question, that Da Vinci Restorante, was something special. The quisine, service and ambiance was absolutely incredible. I would highly recommend this great restaurant to my family members and friends.

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Da Vinci Ristorante Italiano

6455 S Fry Rd #100, Katy, TX 77494
(281) 392-2115