Kroger Bakery

1712 Spring Green Blvd, Katy
(281) 769-4360

Recent Reviews

Jose Vega

Good place to go and buy your food

Emma Haverly

Clean, great selection, and friendly customer service

Jim Jankovic

Great selection and service

Jessenia G.

Stay away from this Kroger!! I caught weevils from pasta I bought there. They often have spoiled meats and out of date foods and will sell it to you with no second thought! Husband and I also got very terrible food poisoning from a rotisserie chicken eaten from here

Belinda Guzman

Every time I shop here, I regret it. The checkout experience is awful. Even when I use self service the prices don’t match and the team on the floor is not interested in making matters better.

Ana Luisa Perez

Horrible service at this Kroger. Sharon, the store manager, was an absolute rude ...

Jenny H.

The store is always clean, and the shelves always stocked. Love the fresh produce and my dog loves the rotesserie chicken :-)

Ana P.

Horrible service at this Kroger. Sharon, the store manager, was an absolute rude she was argue with me about something so simple I'm the customer and she's supposed to help me, I will never go back to that store .. that's why they are losing many customers...

Glen S.

Doing this as a contrast in service that I received from Kroger vs HEB. I went to Kroger to buy one item and could not decide between this one or that one. I asked the cashier to do a price check on both items so that I could decide between the two. I was taken back when the Cashier Amanda told me to do it myself. She said there is a scanner back there and you can do it. I had to ask again and she refused pointing me back to the scanner. WOW. I either attribute this to extreme laziness, the discrimination against a senior citizen or that the cashiers are union and don't care. I talked to the manager, no help in my opinion. Didn't ask if they could resolve the issue or anything. Extremely poor customer service here. Compared to this at HEB I go to HEB with three visually impaired folks on a monthly basis. They go out of their way to help even going so far as to open a lane just for them. HEB gets 5 stars in my book. Kroger would be a zero if that was possible. I can see from the negative comments that this seems to be a common theme and can not with good conscience recommend them.

Ally J.

Horrible service at this Kroger. Sharon, the store manager, was an absolute nightmare..!! She was yelling loudly at a store employee in the middle of the checkout aisle over something so little..!! She was rude and disgusting..! No professionalism and handled the situation very poorly..! She definitely needs to be replaced because I see the store losing customers and being run poorly. This Kroger used to be nice and friendly, and over the last few years has really gone downhill fast..!! They need to take a look at their upper management - because this is where the problem lies.!! I'll take my business to HEB, thank you very much..!!

K B.

Customer service associate rude! Had a bad attitude! I shop there all the time,don't know if she was ready to go home or what!if she is a manager she needs to be replaced! Red hair if that helps! Cashiers are super,always polite! They deserve a 5 star. I will keep shopping at Kroger,it is convenient for me,just an FYI!

Joseph E.

The worst managed Kroger ever. They cashiers have no cash or change in their drawers. A modern day business and they can not even make change! Why give the offer for cash back if you can not honor the offer?

Christina H.

I am not sure why there has been such a large turn over recently, but the pharmacy has lost their competent people. We really miss the two gentleman working here, and if we knew where they left to - we would certainly follow. One day we are told the script did not make it to their office. Now we are told our insurance is not processing, they are closing and cannot call. Then we are told they have the script filled and ready. We arrive, and they have ordered the script for the next day. As we speak to the pharmacist, she's texting someone else on her phone. Now in the market for a new pharmacy.

K K.

Customer service appears to rarely live here. Ran in to get copper supplements and cash in lottery tickets and coins. Coin star machine remains out of order consistently, I suggested to the CS employee that they might want to have the machine serviced, they agreed. When does a 3 month old lottery ticket become too old to cash? No copper supplements do they have. Off to GNC. The cute Boy Scouts selling coupon books was the best part of the shopping experience.

Karen R.

Such a disappointing Kroger's. I've been a preferred customer for 30 yrs. I've recently Moved to Katy and the Kroger on spring green is my store. The rotisserie chicken is always only half browned Every. Single.time!! It's cooked but who wants white skin on a Cooked chicken???That is caused by stacking to close together. Stop it. Yesterday by 12:30 they were sold out and they aren't ready till 11:00? Make more!! Haven't stocked fresh fettuccine in three months. Just linguine, every single week. I have to go to HEB to get my coffee and refried beans. Y'all don't carry the good stuff. At the deli I asked for 1/2 lb of roast beef. She sliced Up a whole pound and it literally took 16 Minutes to do it. I bought it; 12$ worth because I was Pressed for time. but I'm single and who can eat that much roast beef before it goes bad? I Couldn't. Picked up a container of Kroger shaved parmesan and when I got home it was moldy. No expiration date on container anywhere. Two checkers yesterday for the entire store. Why should the lines be so long when you can plainly see employees milling around. No one rounds up the carts all day long. I've gone in at 4:00 and all small carts are in the parking lot. None, not a one is in the store. They won't go round them up until they are "all" in parking lot and then you have to complain. This is systemic and not a one time issue. Everything I mentioned is reoccurring daily. This store is very poorly managed.

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