Nagoya Japanese Sushi Restaurant

6645 S Fry Rd # 800, Katy
(832) 437-9791

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gretchen beard sanchez

Service and food sub-par

Tina H.

This is our favorite neighborhood Japanese restaurant. We frequent here for the sushi and dinner plates. Highly recommend the hamachi Kama, hand rolls and katsu plates.

Makenzi Ewing

Always one of my go to sushi places in Katy! They offer a huge variety of sushi rolls, and you can order half rolls, which means I can try more flavors!! Reasonable prices as well.

Nieshelle J.

I like this little spot a lot. They have a lot of good options. I had a sushi roll, the house something (can't remember) and it was great. The drinks that were on special, was on point! Not skimpy at all. The service was also great. We came an hour before closing and they were still so nice and accommodating. They were also very clean. I'm looking forward to going back and trying some other rolls. I only give a 4 because I need to go back to experience again. I typically like to see if there's consistency.


Very good quality food. Quaint little place with good selection.

Heather Manz

I usually love this place, and have given them great reviews and recommended people to eat here. But tonight was a definite miss. I ordered two rolls and a miso soup, was told it was a 25-minute wait with two orders ahead of mine. After 30 minutes I came back into the restaurant and proceeded to wait almost 30 more minutes before I got my order. It was especially frustrating to see people who came in after me eating full meals and I wasn't given an apology or explanation or discount because of someone obviously forgetting to make my food. This definitely makes me think about taking my business elsewhere.

Jose Rodriguez

Very good sushi all specialities, cooked, tempura, raw. Very familiar Japanese restaurant with good attention

Brandi Robinson

Delicious and super fresh sushi! Very friendly staff, we will be back soon!!!

zenon mercado

Called in the order and person on the otherside read back the order and said it woukd be 15 minutes. Waitress was very pleasant but she had five tables she was waiting on plus trying to get my order. She said she was getting it packed. I used the bathroom and having been at the soft opening seven or eight years ago it was showing a lot of wear and tear. At any rate, I decided to add some sake to the order so I asked the young lady for a couple of bottles. She charged me $15 per bottle although when I was leaving blackboard had it at $12. No biggie. I live 45 minutes away and when I got home there was no rice for the bento box and the Chuka salad was missing. The roll was so so and the bento box Japanese style beef was big but the tempura lacked variety.

Rabeea Baloch

Our goto sushi place. we always order take out, so don't know much about dine-in. but the sushi and miso soup are amazing.

Dallas M

Nagoya sushi has good tasting food and their quality is top notch. However, the reason I give them 4 stars is because their service is so slow. Every time I pick up to-go orders they usually are understaffed. Would like to see faster service.

Karem Manzaneroh

The house roll I bought looked like it was put together by someone learning how to make sushi, it was a hot mess, couldn’t even enjoy it.

Ali Z.

Great, fresh sashimi. Specially flexible with assortments. Friendly and attentive service. Love their beef sashimi. I get mine with aside on the side.

Megan C.

Wonderful service by a lovely young lady. Fantastic Sushi & Sashimi. Very welcoming and quiet vibe at lunchtime. They serve large portions priced realistically. Really enjoyed them.

Gian Carlo Maldonado

The staff is very friendly. We love the bento-boxes.

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Nagoya Japanese Sushi Restaurant

6645 S Fry Rd # 800, Katy, TX 77494
(832) 437-9791