Emperor Garden Asian Bistro

620 W Calton Rd, Laredo
(956) 791-4848

Recent Reviews

Alvaro Ramirez

Pork lo mein and hunan fish(sauce on side), simply delicious!

Paul C.

It was good kinda pricey Chinese buffet. The staff was very nice and quick to refill you cup and remove a dirty plate. The restaurant was kind of run down and needed some love and a cleaning uplifting hand. The did serve lots of fresh food and veggies.

Levoy Royal

Buffet dry and hasn't been changed out in a few hours. The pans have been there so long that a slimy film has begun to form on top. Do not recommend first and last time I come here. Highly disappointed

Kim Murphy

The food is excellent and the portions are very adequate, and the priced are reasonable. This is an Excellent restaurant. I congratulate whoever manages it. I frankly love it and I will return Many times. The hot and sour soup is excellent and the combination fried rice is the best I've ever had. Awesome!

Igor Meyerovich

Food was little dry, also almost everything were too spicy for me, however i am ok with it. Clean place, service was OK.

Jaky Jimenez

Over all it was a good experience. I know it is a small place and compared to other buffets their food options are small. The noodles were overcooked and most of the brocoli in the dishes had become soggy. Dessert section also has little options. I am comparing the food to other buffets and that is why I think they could do better. On the menu dishes are very good its just the buffet options that I think could be better.The owner is walking around very attentive to customers needs. He accommodates guests and is very kind. He is an icon in town.

Corina Buchanan (Cory)

The Mongolian grill was delicious! All the food from the buffet was tasty. The waitress was very nice, and attentive

Father Ernest Buchanan

Great food. Excellent waitstaff. This is now my go to Chinese restaurant.

Rosie Arr

Although food was good it was a little dryIt felt like it was a day old food - we did go at the beginning of lunch ! On the other hand the grill buffet was deliciousness and the sweet tea was excellent! Service was attentive ! My brother said his soup was excellent (egg drop soup and he adds dumplings & noodles to it)

Corina Buchanan

The Mongolian grill was delicious! All the food from the buffet was tasty. The waitress was very nice, and attentive

Amy Cooper

I give this place 3 stars....the food was under heat lights however by the time we sat down with our food it was extremely cold. Might need to up the temperature on the heat lamps or something. The habachi was good. The waiter was friendly.

Canvas Reviews

Best food in Laredo make sure you stop here to taste the menu anything you order is going to be delicious ? I ordered the Singaporean rice noodles the combination lo mein the ginger chicken and shrimp the chicken curry and a couple of eggrolls Togo everything is amazing ?

Gsopso vyidri

Just placed an order for delivery for myself. Ordered a roll and a dinner. Was expecting a meal for myself. It showed up quicker than I was told. And it is enough food for 2 people no doubt. Really good for and plenty of it. Would definitely recommend this place. Maybe next time I'll go to the restaurant.

Luigi De Guzman

Really good Chinese food!!! Combination fried rice has so much ingredients in it. Be visiting their restaurant whenever I'm in Laredo.Update: Ordered again, and really worth it!

Johnny A.

Interior was okay but needs updating. The food was fresh but didn't have any flavor. The crab legs didn't have any meat in them and all the seafood was subpar. The deserts weren't even sweet. The best part of the restaurant was their staff. They were friendly and always made sure we had our drink full.

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