3407 N Fourth St #100, Longview
(903) 663-2640

Recent Reviews

Savedby Grace

Amazing little gem. Wedding cake and lemon drop are amazing! Ice cream is phenomenal too. God bless you all!

Kenya Gaskin

Smallcakes Longview make the most deliciously fresh, moist and flavorful cupcakes. Their ice cream have you closing your eyes and smiling. Cheerful and helpful customer service.

Jackee Pittman

Alway love whatever we get. Was celebration 10 years of service for a coworker and she loves them.

John Vines

Beyond doubt the best cupcakes and ice cream in all of East Texas!The variety of cupcakes available on a daily and weekly basis are amazing, and the ice cream is wonderful and addicting!Could not recommend a better place to provide a birthday or a holiday or family event.

Andra Tucker

Ordered Special Cake and cupcakes for 1st Birthday Party for my Grandson and they were amazing. The Decorations and Flavors were spot on. Can’t say enough about the amazing service. Well done!!!

Renee Boros

Hands down the best cupcake shop I have ever tasted. Very moist and great tasting. I am now addicted. ???

David & Cindy Jacks

We placed and paid for a special order a week in advance, and the decorator told us she’d include a special logo, and said they’d be ready at 10:00 on the day we needed them. They called today (2 days from our event) to tell us they can’t do the special logo, can’t have them done by the time they promised them, and offered no price break for now supplying plain cupcakes. We canceled & called another local bakery who is giving us what we want, when we want it, even on short notice.Update after owner’s response: Thank you. We were only told that the decorator would not be able to come in, which we understood. The problem was that you could not supply the more plain product within the same time frame, and would not do it for less than we had already paid for the more customized cakes with the logo.

Benjamin Grimes

We like what is served here and especially my granddaughter just loves it cupcakes. She would eat them 3 or more times a day .

Greg Meisinger

Always great service and the best cupcakes in East TexasLove this place

Shelby Elder

BEST. CUPCAKES. EVER. Smallcakes made our wedding a dream come true! Why waste an entire cake on one flavor?! Small cakes made us a cake so that pictures could be taken and we could capture the moment. Our guests indulged in 12 different flavors of professional, delicious, fancy cupcakes and loved every bite! Not only did we save (a lot) of money, we had the best dessert on our special day! Everyone has unique tastes so why not spoil your family and friends? Make Smallcakes your choice for any personal treat or large event!

Lauren Supercinski Cammack

Great cupcakes and customer service.

Courtney Ingram

I do not recommend going to smallcakes in Longview Texas. The customer service is horrible. I went in the Friday before Mother’s Day to place an order for employees and was treated very poorly. The person working was overly rude, condescending and had no desire to help me. I purchase similar items frequently for work events and will not be using smallcakes for any future needs.

ShaChristan Hollins

Always sweet love their cupcakes!

Teena Elder

Cool place..even got doggie

Erin Jeffers

I had the opportunity to taste these treats because a patient brought them as a kind gesture to my office. They were the most tasty cupcakes I ever ever tasted. Not to mention they were beautiful! The owner has such a kind and patient soul and I suggest everyone try Smallcakes at least once :)

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