Sonic Drive-In

1930 E Marshall Ave, Longview
(903) 753-0808

Recent Reviews

Christina Landry

Manager on the night shift is extremely rude as a doordasher it is my job to do the best I can for my customers and instead of handling it in a professional way she is very rude and unwilling to resolve problems on their end and messing up our customers order and giving it out to the wrong people

Jamie Lovegrove

I usually love the service I get, Sonic's a real convenient place to stop at omw home. Allows me to get food/treats for myself, Husband and daughter. I've been frequenting the place more often as of lately. Anyway, tonight I got home. Unloaded the car, daughter and all. Brought the food out, got her set up with her options. Finally sat down and opened my burger to find only and everything that I asked they not put on it. I don't understand. It must be opposite day.

Just Sayin'

I waited in line at the drive thru with one car in front of me and one behind me for 10 minutes. I was stuck because of the poles they have where you can't pull out. The lady in front of me was able to give half her order and then nothing.... The truck moved from behind me and I left. They were busy but come on, 10 minutes...... Ridiculous.

Renea Mccuin

Look on one occasion or more I just want that 1/2 price drink, or mainly tha crushed ice( thy really have tha best ice of all fast food restaurant, plus all taco casa??). This day I decided to buy somthg to eat, my bun was so hard tht if I threw it at a window it would of broke, my sandwich was barely warm.Thn before tha young lady got bck in tha door I asked for manager & my money bck, thy left me stand in there for more thn 30minutes.remembef I said stand in, so I just gave away money & didn't get to eat, beware thy will bait with nice drinks & prices BUT dnt get tha food your goin to be mad!!

Darla Worsham

Very Curtious,was very Helpful with making my decisions with my order by offering the different ways for meal plans..I AM VERY PROUD THIS PLACE HAS REALLY IMPROVED.Just gets Better everytime I go there..

Aaron Blanton

This is a good Sonic to go to. Never no problems. My favorite is the BLT sandwich. Plus they will sale you a Route 44 cup of ice!!

Mary James

The only time anything is good from here is it the new manager is there and usually it's better when she's by herself then I give her five stars other than that they get one

Jimmy Ross

Order from app. Checked in. Screen displayed order was on its way. 10 mins later still no order. Buzzed the counter.Guy that answered was laughing then said "order when ready". I explained I had already ordered and gave my order number then waited another 5 mins before my order was delivered.Customer service is terrible.Seems that immature teens are killing your business. This was not the 1st time I've had bad service from this location.Will drive 15 mins out of my way to other location, if wanting Sonic again.

Steven L

This Sonic is ok. I still prefer the onion rings at 4th Street.

Gregory Shepherd

Ordered a chicken fried steak sandwich. It was served in a timely manner and was delicious the front end person who took my order was friendly and helpful.

Brady Gibson

Probably the worst sonic I have ever been to. I just sat in the drive thru for 15 minutes without even being acknowledged. Don’t waste your time trying to get “fast” food

Dawn Tompkins Maldonado

Please get your act together, Sonic. Not only did you get my order wrong, but my Mom almost ate a metal twist tie that was attached to the bottom of her bun. Good thing we opened her burger upside down or we might not have seen it.

Janie Linneberger

Ordered a regular chili cheese coney, paid for it and had to get to work. When I got to where I was going I tried to cut a piece of it and the bottom of the bun was hard. Took nearly 20 minutes just to get it. Will not go back again. Gave 2 stars due to how friendly the car hop was.

Thomas Mapps

Great customer service. Very fast service and ppl friendly.

sheila Samford

We never was acknowledged at the drive through or at the window! So we just drove away

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