8225 University Ave, Lubbock
(806) 748-3997

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Dana Slaughter

I went through drive thru. Everyone was so nice. I only get 30 minutes for lunch, they had me out in less than 5 minutes ?

Tj Mint

They have professional staff. Chick Fila needs too start a class with the restaurants in Lubbock making them pay for THEIR service on how too be professional and service customers. The food is always nice and HOT and STAFF TOO.

Ronda Eade

Just went to this Chic-fil-a.... the location that I promised I would not visit again. However, I was on the side of town and tried one time...MISTAKE!! FOOD WAS NOT FRESH... soggy fries (not filled up either) and hard chicken nuggets. I will not return. Worth the extra time to go to 69th and Slide location!!

hunter gardner

We have the luxury of multiple Chick-fil-A in lubbock and this one is the best! We love the freshness just the name implies and always great service. If on university you can't go wrong

Brandt McKinzey

I think Chick-fil-A is probably in general the best and most efficient fast food restaurant. However, this location does not like doing mobile orders apparently. I regularly wait for my very small order as multiple people go through the drive-through every time I order ahead. It almost makes me wonder what the point of ordering ahead is if it’s quicker to just order it there. I’ve sat outside as long as 15 minutes before. I’ve gone inside only for them to tell me it’s almost ready, only for them to bring it out 10 minutes later without my sauces. I honestly wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t for every other location setting such a high standard for Chick-fil-A. Their sister stores have created an unrealistic expectation that this location simply cannot live up to.


Picked up a catering order and everything was exactly what I asked for. Plus they let me borrow an insulated bag to keep our food warm! Thank you!!

Samantha Moctezuma

I was craving their chicken noodle soup and finally got it today a bowl at that, it was hot and fresh but once I opened the bowl up it had a very funny smell to it. It tasted just as it smelled. Took one bite and couldn’t finish it. So disappointed because I’ve been wanting it. Smelled as if it was old or they used expired chicken broth.

Midlife Kris

You know what to expect at Chick-fil-A and this location delivers a great experience as expected. Try the Polynesian sauce! :)

V W.

You have to go to Chik-Fil-A. It's the best. (#6 restraunt) Make sure to go ahead and by a 4 ct nugget for your under 4 yr old kid and the 6 for over. It's the best.

dorothy becker

Service was slow when ordering and still didn't get it right. I went up and confronted them because it wasn't what I ordered so meanwhile my fries are getting cold.I was told they gave someone else's order. So she gave my correct sandwich and I go to my seat to eat my cold fries. Sad she didn't replace the entire order.I didn't get to enjoy my meal with my mother. Just upsetting that I had to keep getting up to get my complete order corrected.

Miranda Flores

Disappointed in Chick fil a tonight. They got my order incorrect twice at the drive thru and were rude to me when I corrected them to fix their mistake. They never once apologized to me. Then they didn't give me any sauces that I ordered in my bag, so I had to turn the car around and go inside. When I walked in the manager just looked at me and ignored me until a different employee came to help me. Not even one apology from anyone. I will not be visiting this specific location again.

Joe John Escobedo

This is not right you are cheating the people out of their shakes smaller size same price is not right I will never come to this place again

Pamela Hardin

Ordered a deluxe chicken sandwich with American cheese. Got home it was a spicy chicken with other cheese and the fries were cold, the coke was a diet coke. Nothing was right. I called the manager and they brought the right order but the fries were over done and to hard to eat, the sandwich was cold and the delivery driver was rude. Will not go back to that one ever again. They are very incompetent.

Kara Johnson

Please open the Kids Playground!! It’s been closed well beyond the rest of Texas’ reopening and it makes no sense nor does it “follow the science.” It sends the message that your staff just doesn’t want to deal with having small kids inside because they’ve gotten used to it. We have not been back since y’all closed it because we have small kids and that’s a huge part of the appeal. Therefore Taco Villa gets our business week after week since their playground has been open for 6+ months. And I guess we will continue to support Taco Villa instead of CFA as long as y’all basically aren’t welcoming young families. Very surprised at CFA dropping the ball with this.

Judy Combs

For an entree of 4 chicken strips they were giving out 1 dripping sauce, but try to sell a bottle of sauce for 2.50. So I 3 entrees and they only want to give a sauce per entree. No that wasn't kool.

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