Coho Nightclub

2202 Buddy Holly Ave, Lubbock
(214) 244-4121

Recent Reviews

David Barnes

always lit one of the dopest environments in the city

Mckenzie Mcangus

Great place to have a great time! Highly recommend

Peyton B.

the drinks are good ! And the staff is overall nice especially this dude with curly hair(sorry I didn't catch his name, rlly nice tho) however, the guy controlling the bar line was EXTREMELY rude. He continued to CONSTANTLY flash a bright flash light in everyone's eyes screaming "BACK UP" "PUT YOUR MASK ON" and he himself didn't have his mask on. There is absolutely NO reason for someone to be screaming at people and shining a flashlight in peoples eyes unless something is seriously wrong and the crowd is uncontrollable- which it wasn't and there was nothing wrong. He could've done it the way another man had that came up to us he said "hey guys can we move the line this way" and everyone said yes and immediately moved. The guy with the flashlight is going to get himself in trouble acting the way he did. Absolutely unacceptable and not appreciated whatsoever.

Alexa J.

Rude Staff and a trashy place. There approach to dealing with covid is to yell at the customers. Horrible experience and would not recommend this place.

Michael Gordon

Great rental party property!!!!

Braeli Payne

CoHo is the worst club to ever spend your time at. I was in the crowd trying to get in and the bouncer shoved me and my friend back trying to push the crowd back. We got shoved back and fell on our backs as more people were trampling over us. Honestly the bouncers should be fired for this behavior. The fact that they are entitled enough to think they are allowed to push people back is outrageous. I could’ve been killed as people were falling all over me. It’s disgusting and I do not recommend.

Hayden Shinn

Waited 45 minutes at the bar for someone to get my drink order and when I got them, they were extremely underpoured and the bartenders were all very slow and incompetent. The bartenders were still trying to unpack boxes of liquor at 11:30 when the bar was packed.

Jennifer Grissett

Friends go all the time say its the bomb

Fred Gutierrez

Great Tejano Club, now renamed, Lucky RoadHouse, great bar specials all night long.

Alondra Santoyo

We went to coho foam, it was better tha doing original but it wasn't fun, the atmosphere sucks

Matthew Jimenez

The security guards weye complete jerks. Nobody was there and the drinks were severely overpriced

Lyrical GDevine

This place is the epitome of drunken college filth. Floor is covered with spilled alcohol. Everyone is acting like something theyre not. Even the so called bouncers or ticket people are full of themselves. I didnt want to step foot inside. I saw the raunchy ill mannered displeasing comfort it provided. Sorry but clubs in cali arent this tragic. Try OHM or level. Even kongs. Better crowd.

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