Chip's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

5872 TX-121 #105, Plano
(214) 297-2323

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Sasha J.

I recently went here last Saturday and the experience was not great at all. The line was really long and they messed up my order. I had already waited over 45 minutes to get my food. Then, I still had not received my milkshake. The workers were not empathetic or anything. I will not be returning.

Joey M.

The tables were dirty, the food was cold and average at best. I would not go back as there are too many good places to eat in the Plano and Frisco area.

Ronnie H.

By no means am I a burger snob but let's say I would make my own burgers with ground up bologna at home then eat one from McDonald's. With that being said, this place was average. While they do have a nice selection and the fries are great (yes they have sweet potato fries) be prepared that 4 burgers, 3 fries and 3 drinks will set you back $50. Honestly? Save a few bucks and go to Carl's Jr and get their thick angus six dollar burger as their patties have more flavor and sweet tea tastes like sweet tea as Chip was being stingy with their sugar. Would I come back? Yes. Great open air atmosphere and the burgers aren't the best but by no means are they terrible.

831zapata ..

Good service. Good burgers and Philly cheese steaks! Down side was the fries. They were cold and not too well seasoned.

stickhurler11 Bobby

5 stars for the well run bar on Friday, August 14 2020 in the evening. The two young men behind the taps kept the place flowing. The burgers are yum and so are the tots. Highly recommend

Christopher Hughes

Good burger and garlic fries! Fair prices, especially considering the area.

Pasia Dickson

I’ll start by saying that the food is absolutely DELISH here! Very nice portion sizes, reasonably priced & the overall atmosphere is on point. Nice, spacious covered patio and many tables/booths inside to choose from. It’s located on the Boardwalk at Granite Park so very nice location to have dinner with friends, date night, or even dinner with the kiddos. Only complaint was the service from the dining room staff could have been better. A lot of their attitudes came off as annoyance to mere requests like cleaning off a table. Besides that, great restaurant!

Jax Wagner

I can five star review all locations because the food is so good. Recently made my buddy an addict as well. Love this place. Love the workers.

Marcus R.

Must tried are the fried pickles and the 1/3 pound burger! So easy to customize and make the beer burger you will enjoy. Pickup experience was so easy and convenient. Sweet potato fries are also delicious!

Caroline A.

Went to the boardwalk to take pictures and eat. My friend and I got the western burger with fries (that was special of the day or week.) My friend fries was cold and not freshly made so she was really turned off by her food. We had to ask somebody to remake the sweet potato fries and they came out piping hot. Kinda disappointed that it didn't come out like that the first time. Also we ordered a shake and we had to wait extra long, even after our food arrived, and had to remind them before we actually got it. Side note: they need bigger straws for the milkshake, it's hard using small straws on a cookies and cream milkshake. Other then that my food was good.

Saif K

Price is reasonable, test is old fashion and yummy, place is wonderful- try is no regret

Olivia B.

Dined-in about 2 weeks ago, the burgers were moist and juicy. Fries were delicious along with the fried pickles. The philly steak was about a 3.5/5, stick to the burgers. Very friendly staff, tables are 6ft apart, very clean and staff is constantly wiping everything down.

Emily M.

Me and a friend were craving a good hamburger dripping in toppings and we were not disappointed. The staff was super friendly and helpful having never been here before.Everyone was wearing masks and they were inforcing social distancing and other protective measures.The patio was refreshing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Our food was delivered quickly and was piping hot. Everything was delicious and exactly what we were looking for.10/10 will be back!

Dana Young Bailey

Manager discriminates against customers with medical exemption for not wearing a mask. He insist on seeing a medical exemption card of which he is not supposed to ask for. Even though he took the orders of two others who were not wearing masks and asked no questions, he refused service to the medical exemption customer.

Jo T.

Was refused service for not wearing a mask. I asked if they allowed the exemptions to the state mandate and was told I had to present an exemption card (they don't exist) if I wanted to be served. The man refusing to take my order had his mask hanging on one ear, was behind plexiglass, and 6 feet away from me. He said I had to wear a mask or present medical proof from my doctor that I couldn't wear one.My daughter offered to order and pay while wearing her mask while I went to sit down (tables are mask free zones) and that was denied as well. I decided to sit with my friends that had already ordered/paid without a meal or drink of my own and take my daughter's out for food later.My friends discovered I had been denied service and tried to talk to the manager and he refused to take my order or make any accomodations for my & my children's order.All 8 of us got up and left. 4 had ordered and paid and had gotten their food, which they didn't get to enjoy nor did they get a refund for. We enjoyed dinner at another establishment nearby without being harrassed. Management should review the actual mandate from the Governor with staff and make accomodations for customers with exemptions. We personally won't be back but hopefully this doesn't happen to anyone else. I was told the Cobb salad was really good. It's a shame I'll never get to personally find out.

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Chip's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

5872 TX-121 #105, Plano, TX 75024
(214) 297-2323