Jorg's Cafe Vienna

1037 E 15th St, Plano
(972) 509-5966

Recent Reviews

December Browne

You don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t been here yet. The crisp, clean beer is perfectly smooth as if they make it in the back. The schnitzel along with the spätzle has never been disappointing. My boyfriend absolutely loved it and would recommend to others. Love it and love them!

Nicole Richardson

This delightful, small restaurant in downtown Plano is a personal favorite of all the restaurants in Plano. Lots of German beer on tap (the Warsteiner Dunkel is my #1). Jorg’s is famous for its schnitzel, and I really like the basic pork schnitzel, but the variations various sauces, such as the paprika cream sauce, are definintely worth trying. The schnitzel sandwich is amazing, and the goulash is really tasty. As far as appetizers, the wurst sampler and the warm pretzel bread are outstanding.

Jane Wang

The best pork schnitzel I have ever had. We also ordered two bratwursts and a bread pudding. Yummy! Don't forget its house beer!

Emily Miller Talbott

Amazing hospitality, food, and Beers that are out of this world! Support them during this quarantine by ordering ahead for takeout. You won’t regret it!

Chrissy O.

I've heard so many people say this place has great food if you don't mind waiting a little. I'm never in a hurry when it comes to food. That's pretty much what time was made for, imo. I got my food To-go because of COVID, and got a chance to talk with Jorg. He was good people. I'd come back just to support what he represented, but that brat on a pretzel bun.... Whoa. Why have I waited so long to check this place out?! Don't make the same mistake I made. Try Jorg's Cafe Vienna!

Rebekah Cunningham

We love Jorg’s! The food is awesome and the people are wonderful. An overall amazing experience.

Doug Hardwick

The food is good, the people were very friendly and the atmosphere was authentic.

Justin H

My career has me traveling constantly, and every city I visit I am looking for schnitzel and sausage as good as the ones at Jorgs. This is the best you can get from Hollywood to Vienna. You come in for the food but the bier and schnapps keep you in your seat. The atmosphere and the right company you're in for an experience. It's more than just good food - it's a good time.

Marc Lilly

First time for my family and I to visit this Restaurant. It was absolutely excellent! My waiter, Gazi, (not sure of the spelling) was perfect. The food was delicious. The desserts were just a dream. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve lived in Plano for a number of years and never tried this place. Will definitely have to come back and try more of their dishes.

Laura Chapoy

Great eatery in DT Plano. Schnitzel and Bratwurst of chicken, pork, or veal. Salads as well. All very Good flavor! Will be back again.

Krista Volberding

Small cozy place that has been around forever. Great atmosphere and service. Food is fantastic, Omas Schnitzel is the best! Love coming to this little place ❤️

Cheryl Boehler

Went here for a lunch break and was really impressed! I didn't even know this place existed. Their menu had many interesting options, there were cool beer selections, the decor was really unique, and I loved how the music tied it all together. I really loved it, and plan to bring my husband back. The staff was also super sweet.

Federico Damiani

We were given a table but for good 30 minutes nobody was coming to take the order. Fortunately we waved at one of the staff who was not serving our table and this lady really did make it right. Apparently there had been a miscommunication somewhere but we are glad we stayed and ordered our food. The food in general is really good. Starters, entrees, desserts all looked delicious when they were served around us. We had schnitzel and bratz burger. They were both delicious. The draft beer is also really good. We prefer this to Bavarian Grill. We'll be back.

Brian G.

Good food, lively atmosphere, friendly service, accordion background music & conversation in German at the bar. A great place to enjoy something different for lunch

Adam R

Great south Austrian food, good beer, tall mugs and Das Boot, & friendly/quick service. I enjoyed a tall beer, perfect pretzels and brat burger that I will be coming back for again. Everyone that entered and left seemed in high spirits and enjoyed great food and ambiance. Jorg's is definitely 1 of the best parts of downtown Plano. Please enjoy it to your heart's content

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