Mesero - Legacy West

7501 Windrose Ave D180, Plano
(972) 788-8158

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Dusty M.

When you come to have nice cocktails at the bar and you spend $80 on drinks to keep having views in your face like this. Terrible. Could they seriously have not done this somewhere else? It's dirty; it's inconsiderate; and it's not professional; and it ruined our night there.

Victoria R.

We tried this restaurant on a hunch. We needed a new restaurant to take family out to eat before leaving town. I had low expectations to be honest but I'm extremely impressed. The golf course view is amazing and the staff was very friendly and patient. I had the enchiladas with cheese sauce and I WAS SOOOO IMPRESSED. MY MOUTH WATERS JUST THINKING OF IT!!! HAHA I highly recommend this beautiful restaurant. The food and drinks do not disappoint.

Mondi T.

Terrible stale disgusting food. Rude waiter and Hair on my napkin didn't say anything then hair in my plate when they bought the food! Kids chicken tenderloin was dry and seemed like it was recooked! Only thing good was chip and hot sauce! Don't go there! So many other restaurants to pick from at legacy west! Worse dining experience!

Hooshang G.

This restaurant should not be at Legacy West. Surrounded by restaurants with great service and Carr, Mesero was opposite. Dined on a Sunday brunch and food served were cold and not desirable. Due to attitudes with our waiter, we were hesitant to return any dishes back, but everything we ordered lacked taste. Do not order off the kids menu! It really was bad.

Dami A.

Social distancing was not great. The food was too salty but the drinks were fantastic

Jen D.

Usually great food and margaritas but it appears you are operating at 100% occupancy, in violation of the state health laws to prevent the spread of covid-19. That means I will not visit again. Please read these and comply to protect our community. neighbor restaurants are doing their part with physical distancing between tables and following the 50% state guidelines and 6 feet distance when unmasked. This is a time for greater-good mentality, not every man for himself mentality.

Ashley R.

Let me just start out by saying this was my first time in and probably my last. This was, in my opinion, an unfortunate profiling situation and something should be done about it. We watched our server treat her other tables like family and when it came down to us and how we were treated, it was very cold and hostile, like she was rushing us through everything and didn't like having to explain some of the menu options because she had places to be! We were polite from the start, however; our server just never warmed up. After our unfinished food was snatched from our table without warning or having even asked us if we were finished, We finally decided we needed to speak with Adrian (a manager) about the service. I could tell he was listening, however; I couldnt tell from his less than concerned reaction to what we were saying that he was actually going to do anything about it. So here I am, making sure that someone from upper, UPPER, management hears about the situation. Everyone at the table decided not to tip due to lack of and hostile service. Our server noticed we didn't leave a tip, reprinted the tip receipts we tossed out and stood there over my shoulder and waited for us to rewrite a tip on the new receipt. This made me feel extremely uncomfortable and I really don't appreciate it. Furthermore, It was packed, every table was filled and servers crowded around our table where my child was sitting in a booster seat to scream happy birthday at another table (which, really scared her but that's not the point) - I think management should rethink these types of routines to fit the current pandemic. We understand going out right now is at our own risk, however; different safety practices should be in place to make customers feel more at ease while dining at your restaurant. Certainly all the staff in the restaurant, crowding around myself and my child made me feel very uneasy. Hope this gets worked out! Drinks were great!

Rahul M

Amazing place. Love their drinks and food is exceptional. The cheese board is very nice and so are the pastas. The outdoor seating and bar seating is my favorite here.

Brandon Kirkham

Great location. Good service. Good drinks. Little clunky with their Covid temp plexiglass.

Alexandra Covington

My husband and I love going here! Definitely one of our favorite places. It’s located in such a beautiful area and we never have to wait for a table.Great food for a great price. Staff is amazing, always so friendly and kind!

Joseph Uribe

The food was amazing! The patio was such a great view of legacy and the drinks were delicious! We had a great server and definitely recommend!

Sam G.

I witnessed last night a server being extremely racists, offensive and intimidating to the hosts. It was unsettling to watch. I'm amazed by the lack of management awareness. Very disappointing.

Stephanie Carter

Our waitress was awesome- she was very friendly and took great care of us and our shrimp enchiladas were really good!

Michelle Tucker Noebel

Great atmosphere, cocktails and food!

Glen Seaman

The food is awesome here and it's not your normal Tex/Mex, a nice variation on everything, and make sure you explore the cocktail list

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