Outback Steakhouse

1509 N Central Expy, Plano
(972) 516-4100

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teri o.

Had a lovely filet delivered (if you want medium rare, order rare, it will be medius rare when it gets to you) with a new side dish of creamed spinach. The spinach had a funky taste so I only ate about a quarter of it and it came back up 20 mins later. No steak, no salad, just spinach. Called the next day to tell a manager it was tainted but she couldn't have cared less and insisted there was nothing wrong with the spinach, and that it was the first night they served it. Too bad as I'm sure I'm not the only one who got sick that night.

Caroline C.

First let's clarify the stars. For customer service, this location gets 5 stars. Our waitress/bartender, Shadira, was very attentive but not annoyingly so. The rest of the staff was accommodating as well. Very pleasant People and each in-tune to good customer service. We spoke with at least three others including a manager on duty. Now to the food. We ordered the 12 Oz ribeye and 16 Oz prime rib. The ribeye was perfect with fresh veggies and a Caesar salad. The salad had a strong garlic taste but I like that so I rather enjoyed it immensely. The ribeye was the Outback style ribeye and when served was over the top too salty. They do say it is a bold and aggressive seasoning. However, the staff was very accommodating in replacing that style with the regular prime rib which has a normal amount of seasoning. Back to Shadira- she let the manager know to stop by and check on us. When she asked how everything was, our answer was not sure. That is good service. They offered to replace rather than us asking. Really good crew. Enjoyed this experience. I have eaten at many Outback's and this is one of the better ones. Thank you Plano Outback and I apologize if I did not spell Shadira correctly.

Ali Bowker

Have visited twice since dine-in was brought back after the Covid shutdown and both times were great. Food was delicious, servers were wonderful and totally on top of everything (refills, hot bread, very polite, and great service). The manager stopped by the table at both visits and made sure everything was going well and the food cooked how we asked. We went to celebrate my mother's 70th birthday and it was a great family dinner out. Thanks to our server, Cameron.

Gene Dixon

Food was good service not so good

Afungus Amungus

Just ate at this Outback and our waiter, Sam, was extraordinary!!! We hardly experience any decent customer service ANYWHERE, and Sam proved to us that great service still exists!!!! Thanks Sam!!

Josh A.

My husband and I went in for dinner last weekend, and it was fantastic. Our server, Ben, was incredibly attentive, friendly, and efficient. My husband and I noticed that a table near us didn't leave any sort of tip for Ben. Both of us have been in the industry for years, so we know how bad it stings when you don't get tipped on a hefty tab. We took it upon ourselves to make sure that Ben was well taken care of for the excellent job. Every time we visit this location the food is spot on, and the service is even better! We will most definitely be back! -Brittney

John Cooper

Our Server was Amazing ‼️ She continually refreshed our table and provided entree recommendations. Eventhough she was gorgeous, she was extremely down to earth. ????

Marty Nickel

It's hard reviewing chain restaurants, everything is the same but the people. I'm glad that Outback had come to Plano since they serve a good steak at a reasonable price. Our waiter, Sam, was best-of-breed. He was fun, helpful, there when we needed him and disappeared when we didn't.

John Z.

This rating is made for the reason that Outback provided outstanding curbside delivery - prompt and so courteous; at home the packaging was found to be superb; and. finally, our appetizers only meal of blooming onions and 2 orders of wood-fired shrimp were quite good. Well done.

Mike O'Connor

What a wonderful lunch. Polite and prompt service. Warm and welcoming interior. Great tasting food. I’ll be back!


Since the dining room is now open here, I thought I'd treat myself for lunch as I haven't been eating out for a while. I was not sure what to expect but I was quickly seated and my waiter was with me very fast. Everyone was wearing all the PPE for customer safety and I felt I was safe throughout the experience. The food was very good and came out quite fast. Service was also great and this is a great place to dine out.

Judy Hoyle

Awesome food and COVID spacing. Great waitress!

Anton Cheremukhin

This place has great quality steaks and we used to come here quite often. Yesterday I came to pick-up food, and the quality of service was unacceptable. There is a time scheduled for pickup, but I had to knock on the take-out door for 5 minutes before somebody showed up. The person asked me to come inside although there was no need for that, the person was not wearing a mask or gloves, and basically no indication of any safety measures or precautions, as if the epidemic is over. I do not feel safe ordering from this place. I got the impression that people at this place do not care about their customers.


The food was delectable. The filet mignon was tasty and the sweet potato was perfectly seasoned, and the broccoli was fresh and tender. Of course, we started out with a tasty brown bread, yum, with really creamy butter....

Pamela White

Disturbance is always excellent very on time and delicious beautiful paper

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