Sichuanese Cuisine

315, 2001 Coit Rd, Plano
(972) 758-0808

Recent Reviews

Kevin C.

They totally screwed up the to go order. Mismarked the vegetarian meal that actually had beef in it. The beef was overcooked and dry. Not a place to eat.

Gabriel W.

I have been coming here since forever and I love their food. Now when I want to eat here, I just call ahead and it's so convenient. They have a wide variety of dishes here and if you aren't into spicy; so many things can suit you. Whenever I order, I always order 2 spicy and 2 not spicy dishes for me and my family. Their spicy items here aren't even too spicy either so everyone can enjoy it. The servers here are always so nice too. They are very fluent in English, Chinese, and many other languages so it's easy to order here. When you come here I would recommend bringing cash because they offer a pretty good discount with cash.

Audrey P.

I was introduced to this spot a couple of years ago, and I love it. They have delicious options for everyone's tastes. My godson picked Chinese for dinner one night, so we ran over here to pick up some food. We loved the orange chicken and sweet and sour chicken. I enjoyed my pork belly with my mountain of rice too!

Richard Long

The absolute best and most authentic chinese food I have ever eaten here in Texas. The flavor of the boiled fish soup (F5) which I had reminded me of my childhood when I lived in Singapore. I will always be back. Excellent all the way around.

Patrick Rodgers

I absolutely love the P2 Chong-Qin Spicy chicken! I highly recommend it and advise that anyone who is interested in it, do not be intimidated by the amount of peppers! It's delicious and makes me drive from Fort Worth to Dallas (can't find anything remotely close to it here locally) at least monthly to get my fix!

Samuel Robinson

I visited here just today and it was the most delicious asian food I have ever had. The portions are very generous and it is easy for many to make a second meal out of their leftovers.I got the twice-cooked pork -- I highly recommend this dish and this restaurant. Good service, great food!

Emma Hedrick

The restaurant decor doesn't dictate the taste of the food. I will admit not every dish is something I like, but some recommended dishes include: twice-cooked pork, tea smoked duck, the garlic eggplant, boiled fish, and the chongqing chicken.This place isn't your average "Chinese" food, take-out places. It's not a Panda Express and it's not an American-palate catered "Chinese" restaurant. Don't order Orange Chicken or whatever like that here.This place is the type of restaurant you should go to with a decent group size (like 6 or more) and order a bunch of different dishes to share around the table.

Chantal B.

I called if they accept dine-in customers. The lady who answered the phone literally said, "I have too many to-go orders, I cannot take care of you".She said in a very mean tone. Telling me not to come in. I'll never eat here.

Thuy P.

Ordered dinner from here for the first time tonight and had a variety of dishes - ordered:-Chong Qin Crispy Spicy Chicken-Onion Pancake - my kids loved this one. It was thin and crispy and not too greasy - would definitely order 2 portions next time-Squid stir-fried with salted pepper - I ordered the mild version, but it was a little too spicy for my kids, but I liked it a lot - super flavorful and lots of that traditional Sichuan peppercorn spice-Hot Spicy Beef with Cumin - great flavor and a we got a huge portion - definitely enough leftovers for another meal tomorrow-Steam Juicy Bun - these were a hit with my kids and hubby - very juicy and great flavor-Zhong Style Dumpling & Sichuanese Ravioli - very similar to eachother, but one had spicy sauce and the other had peanuts. Great prices and portions - will definitely order from here again

Danielle A.

We love trying new Asian take out places. We saw the good reviews for this one so we ordered online and I went to find where it was. It's in an Asian shopping center on Coit, near Sweet Hut and Kung Fu Tea. The ordering process online WAS tricky because it's a weird format, but the prices were great so it was worth the confusion. To practice social distancing, they have tables blocking off the seating area and you just grab your food from the table in the front. I drove home quickly to devour my new meal. The mu shu chicken was different than any place I had it from before, in a good way but at first I was skeptical. It's less incorporated and more dry veggies, but it was delicious. I felt like it was healthier and more legit than the typical one I get. The pancakes also looked like fine paper instead of like tortillas and I absolutely was taken back by how pretty they were. The crab rangoons were sweeter than the usual, but weren't as greasy as ones we're used to. I would have eaten a dozen more. Speaking of a dozen, the fried dumplings are 12 for $3.95, but they're bite sized. So cute. I was disappointed that it didn't come with the spicy sauce advertised on the menu. it didn't come with any sauce, and they were pretty dry without it. The absolute highlight of the meal was the fried rice. It didn't have veggies in it like most places. It was just rice and egg and oil and I would eat that and nothing else for the rest of my life. You can get a massive to go container of it for $2. Do it. We'll definitely be getting food from here again.

Stacy S.

Very good food. I had the orange didn't say it was fried, so I thought it would be like a stir fry with sauce. But I tell ya....make sure to eat it with the meat from the orange takes the flavor to another level! Hubby had the Beef and Broccoli..that's as good too. Glad we tried it...wish they were on our side of town!

Tony S.

Been going here for year, it's amazing! Staff are great and attentive. Favorite is the dry green beans and sesame chicken!

Isaac Kirkland

Good food! Love their Sesame chicken, dumplings, and rangoons. Done in or carry out is never a disappointment.

Aaron Reagan

They offer an awesome range of delicious food. I like eating here. Staff members are always kind, pricing is reasonable and the place is always well organised.

Eric Mattison

This place is obviously one of the tastiest restaurants in the area. Anytime I come there I am incredibly satisfied. They manage their high standard service and the highest level of food they serve. You definitely will enjoy this this restaurant. Warmly recommended.

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