Urban Rio Cantina & Grill

1000 14th St #100, Plano
(972) 422-4466

Recent Reviews

Galvin Gabriel

I had the quesadillas for the first time, and I loved them! The food overall is really good and the customer service is very good!

Enda Corbin

I really like the food here, it's seasoned perfectly, the portions are large and the customer service is amazing!

Zhixiu Hou

Good vibe Mexican restaurant. Food and service is good

Tre'Daviun Benton

Very clean and friendly....and great service

Tyler Trimble

Killer food!!!! Great service!!! I'd give you 10 stars if i could lol we will definitely be coming back.

Donovan Hinkle

Mexican Mule was good and the food was great. The combination of black beans with the queso and guacamole was brilliant

Kelcie Fox

This has become my favorite restaurant. The tamale pie is FANTASTIC. The service has always been great and the atmosphere is very enjoyable. Enrique was our server this past time and did a fantastic job. Highly recommend!

Allen W.

Management appears to condone waitstaff starting arguments with customers after they spent the entire meal providing bad service. That is what I can gather due to the fact I have not been contacted about this after three attempts to speak to someone.Kyle waited on my family and friends on a Saturday morning on the upstairs patio. Everytime he came to the table, he addressed me as "brother man". He told my friend a glass of iced team was being brewed and it would be ready in 2 minutes. 15 minutes later, my friend got his tea. My friend's food was ordered incorrectly and had to be sent back to the kitchen to be remade. I was not feeling well and didn't touch my food; not once was I asked if everything was ok? Was there something wrong? Nothing.Finally, we were ready to leave, and Kyle could not be found. I went inside and asked for the check. He asked how everything was and I told him we did not enjoy his service. He got verbally defensive and wanted to know what he did that was wrong. He believed he provided excellent service. I listed everything that happened, and he still insisted he provided excellent service. He said to me "You got out there and ask anyone else in your party. They will tell you I provided excellent service." I took him up on his offer just to end this. We went back to the table and my friend retold the iced team and the food issues, and followed that with "otherwise, the service was just ok at best."I have never had a waiter start an argument with me in the middle of his restaurant. People were staring at both he and I. It was embarrassing to have him raise his voice to me and then accuse me of starting the argument because I told him the service was bad.And then for management not to contact me? I left my contact details that day, called the restaurant a few days later and no one was available to talk to an upset customer, and reached out via email last week. Still no word. Oh well...

Carmen F.

This was so great! I love the atmosphere and the food is fabulous. The have a great patio area and you do sit 6 feet apart. Staff is amazing and very helpful!

Candace T.

The server here was nice however, the food and the cocktails ordered were below lackluster. I was seated with my party at a sticky (seemingly unclean) table that I cleaned myself. The chips brought were stale, they had no crunch or crispness and they were rubbery. When mentioning this to the server she took a chip, bit it, slid the bowl back, and said I made these 3 hours ago try again. ‍Then the drinks were delivered; red sangria. It was terrible. It tasted like ice had melted in a wine cooler. There was no fixing it. I ws looking forward to dining here, hopefully Sunday ws just an off day.

Allison St. Claire

Three levels of goodness. The atmosphere is perfect for having a conversation over dinner. They use sound deadening surfaces, so it's never a noisy restaurant. Love their margaritas, and they serve my favorite Mexican dish - Carnitas - in portions large enough for two meals. The menu has something for everyone and the food is fantastic! The wait staff is friendly and helpful. The manager is delightful. If you have a special request from the kitchen, he’ll make it happen. It's the best-kept secret in downtown Plano. I don't know why I'm telling you all this. It will probably cause lines to form to be seated. Nevermind.

Keith Steno

After our wedding plans had been cancelled due to COVID, we decided to Reserve the Tequila Room at Urban Rio two hours from 4-6 to make sure it was before the busy dinner hour and reduced the number of people to just our children and 80 yr old parents, for a total of 11 people, including the Officiant (a Family Member) and our photographer. We reserved the room months ago and emailed back and forth with Kali, who although we we understand COVID changed the game, the changes she arbitrarily made to the terms and conditions of the contract had nothing to do with COVID. We provided an exact schedule down to the minute, including that we wanted the food not to be served until 30 minutes AFTER we arrived, so that the food would be warm and fresh and so that we could have our unorthodox ceremony that COVID had already forced us to cancel more than once, but as soon as we began the ceremony and while it was being videoed, the doors swing open right behind me, the officiant and my new bride and in comes the waitstaff with trays of water glasses....we literally had to stop and move the out of the way, while exchanging vows. As we worked through that and while the staff frantically attempted to get the room ready and were finally able to complete the very brief ceremony, we were given no instructions on the process, so we all took our seats anticipating that the food would soon arrive. But after interrupting the ceremony, there was no waitstaff to be found. The room was also being used as storage for dishes, warming plates, racks of salt and pepper shakers, etc.....so it took us a few minutes to notice that in some of those piles of pans and warmers, was our buffet style fajitas that had been there the entire time...the same food that Kali assured us wouldn't be served until 30 minutes AFTER we arrived. I spent $2,000. to rent a an bright red R8 for the sole purpose of driving off with "Just Married" plastered on the back window, so please don't think this is me crying about cost vs service, I would have given them $10k to do what they claimed they could. There wasn't enough food for everyone to enjoy a first serving of fajitas, enough so that a couple of people pretended they weren't hungry and opted not to eat anything but chips and salsa. Much of our meal was already eaten before we were provided drinks, the room was extremely hot with no A/C or fans...we were all decked out in Tommy Bahama....NOT bulky wedding dresses...so just a little A/C is all we needed. A grumpy, short bald guy rushed in and out a few times, didn't say a word to anyone....kind of looked like a manger who was too good to help his waitress. After all was said and done, while everyone was sitting with empty glasses, we discovered that the waitress was helping our room that had been reserved for months and still serving tables in the regular dining room. We thanked and had empathy for her situation, but she clearly had no support form management or any other staff.....so we Thanked an tipped our waitress and suggest that you spend your money with another establishment who would appreciate your business and not treat you like an inconvenience.

Mr M.

First time here... chips, good. beans, great, salsa, good.... My chimichurri Torta. INSANE!

Sohail M.

Excellent food. Amazing service. The Strawberry Tres Leches cake is amazing. Best Guacamole made at table side. We had had and Sirscha Shrimp Tacos and Chopped Salad. It was divine.

Cassandra D.

My boyfriend and I went here last night at around 10 pm for dinner. The food was very fresh. I got the veggie quesadillas and he got the el pastor enchilada. His food was a little cold, but still very yummy. Our server was very attentive and kept our water glasses full the entire time. I would highly recommend!

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