ZaLat Pizza Downtown Plano

1032 E 15th St, Plano
(972) 422-9001

Recent Reviews

Oscar R.

Love this place! We have ordered here twice and love it! Even the leftover pizza is still so delicious! Our new go to place for pizza!!

J P.

This is nowhere close to being the best place for pizza in the DFW area. Good Lord people. It's pretty much a basic pizza place, nothing special - didn't impress much. I did learn that red peppers on pizza suck! I liked the thin crust but nothing to write home about. Come on Yelpers! You can do better then this!

Alex H.

This is by far the best pizza place in DFW. They have always had great service, but Brittany goes above and beyond. She is the reason I continue to go, even during Covid.

Kaylee D.

Best pizza place in Plano!! Cool atmosphere as well as a very friendly staff make this our number one place to go to when in the area. Brittany is always very quick, friendly and personable! Her and the quality of food and amazing staff in general make this one of the best restaurants/bars in Plano!

Erin F.

Ordered pizza from ZaLat last night and the bartender Brittany took great care of me while I waited! I live in the area and they're pizza has always been consistent along with her service. Even with covid everything has maintained delicious and well kept.

joseph bartels

The margarita pizza is pretty tasty (and super photogenic too). Their salads are a joke though (like every pizza place I guess). But I was hoping for a more authentic pizza - hence the 4 stars. It is closer to a fast food taste though. Don't get me wrong - it's delicious and I could find myself coming here again but it's just not amazing.Also the staff is nice.

Jake F.

Pizza was fresh, delicious and there were so many options! I wish I had more time to try several of the other options, but I was not able to get one pizza. The staff was friendly and professional, location is great for picking up a pizza after doing some bar hopping. Overall I really recommend this place for pizza and I can't wait to go back.

Sofia H.

Their elote pizza is really good! Def recommend! I tried their margharita pizza too and loved it!

Glenda Edmonds

CJ is awesome! Very attentive and personable. The pizza is rly good as well and they are practicing social distancing. Glad there is still a place we can count on in downtown Plano. Must visit.

Jasmine O.

Thank you! Love this pizza and the service is amazing. Great location in dowrown plano. Good for pizza and drinks.

Chris Rich

Seriously good pizza, no, make that great pizza. Moved to Plano recently and have tried other pizza joints and none compare. I had the Zealot Pizza for my first try and will definitely be back to try the other ingenious creations. Must try the secret sauce they serve with the pizza. They call it Siriranch, but I have renamed it "Crack" sauce. I had to get extra. Order the largest pizza and take home the extra. Then carefully follow the reheat instruction on the box. It was the best pizza ever this morning for a left over I've ever had. Again, ingenious process to reheat, and it works perfectly. BTW, great service too from the wonderful bartender Kaylee (sp?). You now have a new Pizza Zealot!!!

Emily McMullin

Pizza was good, very late with pickup. Definitely arrive late if you order online.

Mercedes Boutchyard

I have enjoyed the Pineapple Pizza that lights up your mouth with pure heat. Both visits was just picking up but I cant wait for the day when they open for guests. CJ was super nice and friendly.

Brian Loveless

what a rip off came in to eat and they have coke machine and was given can coke worst 23 dollars i spent

bennie jones

I guess there thing is no sauce. Based off the reviews I guess ppl enjoy their pizza without any sauce on it, but its a fat no thanks for me! A large one topping for 19.99?? Whhyyyyy????

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ZaLat Pizza Downtown Plano

1032 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074
(972) 422-9001