Burger Warehouse

1839 Troup Hwy, Tyler

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Chuck Yaunk

Decent size burger and tasty. Fries were fresh & hot.

Danielle M.

Burger was flavorful and delicious! Patty was slightly crispy and bacon was crispy too-just the way I like it. Fries were perfection-crispy exterior soft interior. And the soft drinks were awesome. Like definitely carbonated and flavorful. I have having a great meal and my soft drink is flat. So that's why I mention this. Staff was friendly as well.

Paula Williamson Breedlove

Just went here for the 1st time last week. The burgers and milkshakes were yummy! The staff was helpful and friendly. However, I can’t find a listed phone number for the store, or store hours. Am I missing this? I’ve gone once when they were closed, at a time I thought they would have been open. It’s hard to consider coming back when I won’t know for sure if they will be open until I drive there.

Esther Pennington

Perfect burger, perfect fries, perfect customer service! Good old fashioned burger with a deliciously seasoned meat patty and piping hot tasty fries! Soft 60's/70's music is a plus . The place has an industrial vibe and good seating arrangements. I see the staff cleaning the tables as soon as customers leave but the tables are a bit "sticky ". Maybe a stronger cleaner.Keep up the great work!!

Mari W.

Wanted a good burger. Had never tried this place but had great reviews. Absolutely LOVED the southwest burger. Fries, eh, they're ok but the burger was delicious! Will def go back for more!

Peter N.

Large juicy burgers with excellent Maillard reaction to the meat patty. The ingredients are very fresh. The in house made chipotle ketchup with fries were delicious. The prices are fair and you get a lot for the money.

Alison Marie

We tried this business for the first time yesterday. I’m glad we did! We were greeted very quickly and pleasantly on entering, by the front counter staff. She was very kind to explain the different burger choices. We were very surprised by our meal. The meat was very well seasoned, juicy and cooked well. The fries were cooked well done, at our request. Our food arrived quickly, served on a small cookie sheet, which added to the fun atmosphere. The meal was very filling. They also offer interesting ice cream flavors as well as shakes. We will definitely be returning again soon!

Philip Collins

The burger was really good, I feel as if the fries could have been better rather than the type from the grocery store. The employees were good and the restaurant was very clean. Not a big fan of the hours of operation either, have tried to dine here multiple times and finally had an opportunity while they were open.

Wendy Brown

I give Burger Warehouse 5 stars because they are the best burger and fries in town. My problem is there is no phone number to call to make sure they are open and right now they are closed more than open. I wish they would stay open.

Judy English

This place is a hidden gem. The burgers are wonderful and the French fries are the best. They stayed crispy on the outside through the meal.

Sharmin Van Horn

Excellent food @ a reasonable price. Service & staff were awesome! Burgers were huge!

Jorge C.

Why the grumpy service? What did I do wrong, Gail? You took my order not even looking at me, and 16 minutes later when my order was ready, you slammed the tray on my table looking away... the burger was great and the fries crispy and crunchy but I can't say I enjoyed my lunch. If this job is not to your liking, customers are not to blame...

Candace Butler

Great burgers, ice cream and customer service. The food is definitely worth the price. They do not have a phone because they are old school so get there early. I will be back.

Matthew Riley

If you order a double meat, double cheese burger, you better be hungry because it is VERY filling. The food is fresh, the fries are spectacular and I end up so full I haven’t even had one of their shakes yet. They do look good though. Definitely a fantastic place to eat!

Kenneth Wayne

When they opened, had to try them out. Yes, they pricey but well worth the price. Highly recommend them!

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