Domino's Pizza

5111 Troup Hwy, Tyler
(903) 939-3131

Recent Reviews

Keegan Cunningham

Stood there for 20 minutes unhelped while my order was ready for pickup.

Nicole Barb

I don't know but for some reason the food didn't taste to good. I ordered 2 pizzas and wings and dessert and none was pleasing but that's just my opinion. Maybe my taste buds are off!!! I don't know......

Ryan Swaffar

It’s late at night just got done with a 14 Hour Dr. one of the few places open for me. Got my usual, the Italian sandwich and some Parmesan bites. Got here quick nice and hot fresh tasty. ✌?

Raechel Williamson

Picture will be saved in my phone but definitely not ordering from here anymore. I'm on the lasttttt piece of pizza and there is a dang hair cooked into my pizza like I'm disgusteddddddd!!

Robert Schmoker

Quick and easy ordering. Fast delivery and service at a great price.

C C Callahan

They say no mask no entry ! That's fine !! BUT !!! They're making pizzas with no gloves on !! I witnessed a guy in there throwing & flipping & dropping something on the floor, pick it up & put it back without washing it off !!! No mask no entry! No sanitary practice, no more business from me !!!

Tina Spain

Good pizza and good service. I will be back.

Bernadette Buchanan

This Domino's location was speedy, skillful and attentive. The staff there was very helpful when I was asking questions about my orders and potential options.

Jessica Aparicio

Love The app very convinient

Review Check

Pick up orders are great. But the delivery service is unacceptable. Slow service, and I track my pizza. Seems they leave it on the heat lamp for 10-20 minutes. If you want pizza from here. Pick it up don't get it delivered.

Brisa G

They tried to scam my mother, they tried to sell her a large pepperoni pizza for 14$ (simple order right), went to a different location and they sold it to her for 9$ (which it usually cost that much). We always go to this location so this was out of character don't know who's idea it was to try to scam my mother but good luck to you y'all.

Zack Kun

It was fast for the food to get to my car, I used the app, and they were very nice

Donald Stalnaker

Got my pizza and left. Got home and couldn't eat the pizza it was way undercooked. Service was not good at all. I will not be back to this location

Owen Stanfill

This store is dope. Best dominos around.

Candee Fast

Fresh cooked , hand made , perfect flavors and any corner around. More meat , and sauce , but not over the top . There right on top of it ... Curb side , pick up and delivery. Online or by phone. With a free pizza insentive .! Awesomeness !

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