Ming's Cafe Inc

5707 S Broadway Ave, Tyler
(903) 939-0133

Recent Reviews

Charlene Rencarge

Regretfully I should of came years ago! Just finally made it to this place. Best Chinese food in town so far!! Good customer service, food tasty, and good serving portions.. Highly recommending this place. If I could I would give it 8 stars.

Amanda Saxman (Mandie)

Excellent! Service was superb and the food was fantastic. Portions are mighty generous I have enough food in my container for probably 3 days worth. Well worth the money spent. 10$ for a whole container of pad thai low mein. Amazing quality. Pat yourselves on the back.

Bill Thayer

Is 9.35. Been in the five through since a little after 9. Finally to the window. No one in funny of me. Just woke up from my nap and see 4 purple working the cash register. No one had acknowledged me. I opened the review 9.36 I'm letty you know how the good is layer.God is great. Big portions, joy and fresh. Not worth the wait but worth trying out At least once.

Travis Hatfield

Got a to-go order for the first time, and I can assure you that I will be back. I ordered a General Tso's with extra peanuts and the Jalapeno won-tons and everything was fantastic. I was super impressed that they actually listened and gave me tons of peanuts and it was a large size serving. I'll definitely be back and recommend that you check it out.

Heath Bickerstaff

Mings! I love this place. The food is always excellent. Ive never been there for dinner so I can't comment on that but the Lunch is GREAT! I get the 2 entree plate with Bourbon Chicken, Sesame Chicken and fried rice along with two egg rolls.Hits the spot every time! Keep up the good work!

Carl McKnight

Mings is possibly the best Chinese Food Restaurant in East Texas. Their beef and broccoli is the best I have ever had. Kung Pao Chicken is also very good. Yes, the drive through is very long but worth the wait.


Very disappointed! Was craving Mings...drove to Tyler from Bullard a little before 9. Waited in drive thru almost 20 minutes .....with NO CARS IN FRONT OF ME...finally left after being told "I'll be with you in a moment" and that moment never came. Tried to call to place my order and a recording came on saying mailbox full!! Myself and the truck behind me left. Really disappointed!!

Justin McClanahan

Good service, friendly staff, and clean environment. The only knock, after COVID and restrictions loosened, the owner raised the price on all menu items and has yet to put out new to go menus. The only thing that is up to date and accurate is the old school menu board inside restaurant.

Katrina Carrizalez

One of our family favorites! My daughter and I come here about once a week and love the food. It is reasonably priced, always fresh and sooo yummy. The staff here are friendly, helpful and make the experience amazing. Absolutely recommend!

Lorraine P.

We used to love going to Mings pre pandemic. They've raised their prices. They intend to keep using "to go" boxes and cheap plastic cutlery. Chips were stale. They CHARGED US FOR HOT MUSTARD AND SWEET AND SOUR And it's warm and humid in there, at 76 degrees. Only one person dining in, yet we had trouble finding a clean table. I finally wiped it myself. Meanwhile 3 young men just chartering away behind the counter. For what we paid, I'd rather spend a bit more and eat at our favorite buffet, Yami.

Grady Turner

My last visit showed me that success has gone to their heads. The staff had young people that cared nothing about hygiene. Watch the young wipe his nose and prepare orders was shameful. I confronted him about it ...he got attitude but did go wash ...I guess ...I didn't follow him to verify. Completely messed up my order. I called it in

Curtis French

This food is great! I'd rather go here over a buffet any day. Food is fresh and the staff is nice.

Dan Thayer

Somewhere between fast food and sit down. Food was good and staff were friendly. Price was a bit high on some items, but would eat there again.

Ashley Ramirez

If I could give this place more stars I would!!! The guy that works the drive thru is absolutely FABULOUS!!! ☺ The drive thru is always packed but it's worth the wait cause the food is always on point ?

Conrad Madulid

Love this hole in wall place if you want to call it as such. Food is good and affordable. Even if you call ahead, be prepared for a long line when you get there.

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