3901 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg
(540) 412-1626

Recent Reviews

Tamela Dickerson

As always food was great! Always order the funnel cake fries! They are always delicious, and as always they are gone before I get home ?

Amber Gallahan

I like the new non beef items. My husband has a red meat allergy and I always feel bad for him because places don't put much effort into chicken options. Checkers does and they're good.

Robert Frame

Great selection and prompt service. Definitely a spot to visit if you're looking for a quick bite to eat that's out of the norm.I Love the Bee that sits on the Sunflower.

Theodore Taylor Jr (Teddy)

Checkers is a good selection for good fast food. Checkers is always a "must visit" whenever I'm in Fredericksburg. Good selections, great prices! ?

O Johnson

I love the chili dogs and my wife enjoys the BBQ wings. I don't care much for the fries because they have a sweet taste. Polite workers and quick service.

Candace Jenkins

Staff always friendly here. Food always fresh. Miss Rally's but this place still just as good!

Christine Miller-Austin

Went to this location and was turned away because we had cash and they didn’t have change?? Who doesn’t have change during lunch rush??

Annamaria Yacoub

my boyfriend said it’s good he said their burgers are so flavorful highly recommend great place

Bruce Levy

Talk about POOR customer service! I regularly PURCHASE coupons to use here from AARP. Never had a problem before. Today I placed my order, presented my coupon, waited as the cashier called over a manager/supervisor and after at least 5 minutes the cashier opened the window and said the coupon was INVALID even though it showed the date as being valid! At this point, instead of providing good customer service, the manager, who was still standing there, instead of just giving me the free cheese burger, repeated it was invalid! I ended up canceling my entire order, so they lost this sale and all future business from me AND THEY KEPT the coupon!!!I contacted Checkers customer service, as the company requested below, and they e-mailed me a coupon for "free fries" which is worth a lot less than what a cheeseburger was worth (and again, I PAID for the coupon from AARP) so I will still NOT being going back to Checkers!

Joan Ziegler

The employees here are rude and nasty at this location. No matter the time of day. The first I picked up from her I went to the order window. I was greeted with a scalding employee that I have to go to the p/u and not the Oder window. The next time I came to p/u I waited 10 minutes to even be noticed. Of course employees would walk by the window see me and walk off. The same thing happened. No acknowledgement. Not 1 employee would come to the window to see what it was I needed. 10 minutes go by I started knocking on the window. Finally, I guess it was a manager opened the window and asked what!? And very nasty proceeded to tell me to go to the other window not knowing what I wanted. I told her I was picking up. Told me it doesn’t matter.No matter the window the customer is standing at the customer should be acknowledged. Poor customerI do deliveries because I enjoy customer service. And because my husband is in the service over seas making sure we have the freedoms we have and the safety.

Marci Neylon

The only chicken my autistic, non-verbal stepson will eat!! I love that you can order a meal without a drink and have separate prices to reflect that!!

Severin Lourenco

Since my wife and I were visiting our daughter in Fredericksburg, at Mary Washington College, on our way home, we had a very tasty lunch at Checkers. Great burgers and tasty fries. Too bad none close to NOVA.

Zoritta Wood

The crew were super friendly and so kind to go out of their way to see to our comfort and hunger. Thank you checkers in Fredericksburg at 3901 Plank rd! You all are amazing!!

Ky Miller

The food is always good, sometimes the order is wrong but it’s not the end of the world. The only issue is that it says the drive-thru is open until 3 am; However, times I’ve gone well before then, every light was off and it was clear nobody was there (or at least appeared that way). Maybe I just went at a weird time but if that isn’t the case I recommend the hours get updated.

Doug Johnson

Pretty fine meal I had here. Burger was similar to what you'd get at Wendy's (which I enjoy).Wife enjoyed here chicken sandwich and funnel cake fries!

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