Edo's Squid

411 N Harrison St, Richmond
(804) 864-5488

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Jeff Hyman

This is what I would expect a small Italian restaurant in the heart of Tuscany to be like - loud and energetic. The food was amazing and the service on point. You definitely need to squeeze yourself in!

Albert Phan

Food: 3 stars. Decent pastas.Value: 5 stars. Huge portion size, each plate of pasta can easily feed 2.Separately on a COVID safety note, it was packed inside, diners elbow to elbow. It was a bit concerning given the high case rate in the county and the Delta variant. Staff also had no masks on. Looking back, we should have turned around. I understand there are no dining restrictions in Richmond, but being this densely packed is a bit scary during this point in the pandemic. Cautious diners beware.

Nicole N.

I've heard so many good things about Edo's Squid and I was super excited to finally try it out! I had a good experience overall but it kinda fell short of my expectations. For appetizers, the roasted red peppers with fresh mozzarella was pretty good! The peppers were tender, flavorful, and paired well with the mozzarella and basil. I got the squid genovese, which is a pasta made with pine nuts, basil, and onions. The squid flavors were strong and aromatic. The squid pieces itself was delicious/tender, but I would have preferred the spaghetti itself to be more al dente. For some reason, I was under the impression that the pasta would be in a thicker sauce, but it was more soup-like with a watery sauce? It probably contributed to my pasta texture. My friend said that his Karl pasta (with garlic, olive oil, mushrooms) was alright. The mushrooms and garlic smelled super yummy but again, there wasn't much sauce and seasoning except for the mushrooms. I did appreciate their big portions though! The ambiance was very nice. The restaurant is tucked in a little upstairs attic-like space with tight seating and great Italian vibes. I liked the bricked walls, wine bottles, and candles everywhere. I know Edo's Squid is always super popular and the wait times are long but I didn't feel like the food was as satisfying enough to offset the long wait times. They do take reservations but they encourage you to call when its not during peak dinner hours. Given what other's have told me about this place, I do want to come back to give it another chance and try some other things on the menu.

Ashlee Sawyer

Absolutely delicious IF you can get them to answer the phone, which has seemed nearly impossible for the past few months. Sadly, these days, I've had to settle for food from other places every 2 out of 3 times or so.

Alisha P.

I lived in richmond for 5 years and never went to this place until I moved away and a friend highly recommended it! I was very skeptical given i'm a vegetarian and very picky about my pasta but this place was AMAZING. we had the Karl and the burrata de parmagio in spaghetti and both were uniquely different but phenomenal. It was a tight squeeze in the restaurant but that's just how great it was! Portions are huge and the pasta came steaming hot! Will definitely be adding this to my rotation of restaurants in Richmond

Grace Caldwell

Best food on East Coast - dont get how this place doesnt have 5 stars, everything about it perfect in everyway - love love love

Robin G.

Oh my what a delight. Seafood is amazing. My dinner companion and I both had two appetizers and wine which was enough but I enjoyed checking out all the food being delivered to the other tables. Great restaurant

Sandy S

We had a reservation for 8. The place was packed as usual, and we were seated around 8:20. We all got the spaghetti with various toppings. Serving sizes are generous, and the food is excellent. This time we decided to forgo dessert, but it has been excellent in the past! Definitely a longer dinner but that's what we were looking for. Already looking forward to next time!

Lourdes Broome

My friend and I were in Richmond to see "Hamilton" at the nearby Altria Theater, and had dinner at Edo's. Our appetizer (crostini with beans and arugula) was delicious, and our pasta entrees were superb. The portions were huge; the locals were all taking home doggie bags. Alas, we were not locals and could not do the same. I might have given this place five stars except for our server, who expressed some verbal annoyance when my friend asked him a question about a specific red wine he was telling us was available. The actual service, thankfully, was fine.

Christine Wright

Food and service were both excellent.

sean Fields

There is nothing like fresh pasta and simple ingredients! Even the fried oysters were light and simple but perfect. The seating is close and no mask policy so it was weird. Going there made me realize that i missed it.

Tony Mackin

Walked in and immediately walked out. I don't care how good the food is. The location is awful. You have to walk up the narrow, beaten staircase just to huddle up with strangers while you're waiting to be seated. Never again.

Jesús Infante

Oh God, service and food divine we all have a great time , Bunny our waitres,very nice , respectful , great and Beautiful Lady she's an Angel

Brendan D.

Far and away my favorite Italian spot in Richmond. This is my family's go-to place for dinner, it is ALWAYS so good. We always leave super satisfied. Even after the extended break for Covid, the food and experience remains the excellent. The perfect place for family style Italian and good wine.

Andrea Emery

Simply the best food in RVA!

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