Live Crawfish & Seafood Restaurant Richmond, VA

9020 W Broad St, Richmond
(804) 269-4109

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LB Williams

This is the only place in town that I can go and be satisfied with seafood. I always get the house mild garlic sauce.The only thing is the price keep changing and that’s understandable bc of the economy.

NyAsia Shaw

The food was okay. The new Orleans sauce was flavorless and watery. I was expecting it to be in a bag not a aluminum pan with water sauce poured on top. The price of the seafood wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t come back. Our waiter was on his phone the entire time too.

Tammy Clark Brown

The food was delicious I will be visiting this place again in the future ,my family and I was celebrating my sister Birthday we visited on the 4th of July….

Marshall Nesgoda

Fist time in a long time I have had a Louisiana style boil in Richmond. Dang it was good, I suggest the New Orleans style seasoning for the boil. If you know mud bugs then you know there is no comparison between live and frozen. I asked and they pick them up at the Richmond Airport direct from Louisiana and cook them fresh for you. I also had to try the raw oysters and they are local from the Chesapeake Bay and were delicious! The potatoes and corn on the cob were very good in the boil as well. The crab legs were not overcooked and awesome! The shrimp were large and cooked perfectly too! What a great experience!!!

Ivory Battle

They made a try for my niece pet ? lol they were awesome. Wish they go vegetarian options

Przemyslaw P.

This was a great New Orleans boil dinner! The service was excellent from the minute we walked in. Our server was very attentive and always made sure we had everything we needed. We order the combo with 3lbs of seafood, corn, sausage, and potatoes. We ordered the New Orleans style spicy, which had great flavor. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is that I wish it was more spicy and a little less salty. For the highest spice level available, I was expecting at least a little more kick. I also thought it was just slightly too salty, and I'm usually a huge fan of salty food. If they could add beers on tap, that would also be a huge plus. Overall great experience, delicious seafood, fantastic service, and I will definitely be back for more.

Natasha U.

So we did end up going to Live Crawfish & Seafood Restaurant - Richmond, VA for dinner last night and they didn't disappoint! First time here and we really enjoyed the food. We dined in. Service was prompt and friendly! We got their $44.99 seafood boil special but swapped out the crawfish for lobster tail and added an extra sausage. We got the New Orleans spice mixed in with all the other dressings (butter, garlic, Cajun) and it was just the right spice level for me. Recommended!

Creative Sushi

Have eaten at this place twice, once takeout and once dining in. Both experiences were absolutely fantastic and this is now probably my favorite seafood boil resturant! Service was great, and nice atmosphere albeit a little small. Food is fantastic, and I like that they put the food in these aluminum baskets rather than a bag like many other similar locations, as it helps keep your hands a little bit cleaner. Personally, I believe this place is better than it's similar neighbor, crustacean boil and grill...

Andrea Haglund Ross

Had a great experience here. They were so responsive on messenger, took my order easily over the phone and had everything prepared. When my husband picked it up they had him pull up and they loaded for us. The seafood tasted great. Large all around. We just moved from Texas and the crawfish was done correctly and tasted great with no rubbery or straight tails. We will definitely be doing this again soon and so glad to have found a place that does it well

Paige Johnson-Selvek

Excellent service and the crawfish was on point!

Sarafina Drakeford

The manager/owner Nathan had great customer service he went out his way to make sure We were happy, thank for a pleasant experience the food was delicious.

Belinda Goodman

Went for Mother's Day for the first time. Dinner was delicious fresh a d well seasoned I actually tried the crawfish for the first time I will definitely go again.

Cathy Sarmento

Just the right amount of spice. Fresh sweet and tasty. We also got lobster with our order, but devoured it before the pic. We still have leftovers to enjoy tonight

Ana Hodge

I definitely prefer this place for take out because their dine-in service is severely lacking. They forgot napkins, forks, and we had to repeatedly ask for condiments. Overall, the seafood is good and the price is good for the amount you get but get it to go.

Kd Brown

Delicious food and opened for lunch! Outstanding customer service as well. Thanks guys

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Live Crawfish & Seafood Restaurant Richmond, VA

9020 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23294
(804) 269-4109