Taco Bell in Richmond

Taco Bell - 5811 W Broad St

Rating: 3.8 - 126 Reviews


5811 W Broad St, Richmond VA 23230
(804) 285-4656

Taco Bell

5 stars compared to other fast food restaurants, it's still a Taco Bell. Unusually friendly staff. They have digital ordering in-store, staff expect you to use that, and it works well. Drive thru is a bit tight.

Taco Bell - 6720 Midlothian Turnpike

Rating: 3.6 - 101 Reviews


6720 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond VA 23225
(804) 745-3301

Taco Bell

Long line but amazed at how fast they served everyone need more friendly working associates

Taco Bell - 1208 Azalea Ave

Rating: 3.5 - 100 Reviews


1208 Azalea Ave, Richmond VA 23227
(804) 553-3177

Taco Bell

Super busy Friday and Saturday nights but they are really nice. Food is always good but get cold condiments on the side (sour cream, guac, diced tomatoes) if you have more than a five min ride back home. Food is hot and will ruin your cold items rather quickly.

Taco Bell - 4388 S Laburnum Ave

Rating: 3.2 - 88 Reviews


4388 S Laburnum Ave, Richmond VA 23231
(804) 222-7776

Taco Bell

Just got out of the drive thru for tonight. The franchise is as good as it gets at this location. Maybe I’m a jaded New Yorker but the staff on duty was so polite and patient and they made the food quickly despite the long drive thru line! Give them a raise Taco Bell!!

Taco Bell - 10230 Midlothian Turnpike

Rating: 3.2 - 113 Reviews


10230 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond VA 23235
(804) 330-2407

Taco Bell

Great food, professional service, though a little slow through their drive-thru. I always get what I've asked for and they are always courteous.

Taco Bell - 7210 W Broad St

Rating: 3.2 - 112 Reviews


7210 W Broad St, Richmond VA 23230
(804) 755-7458

Taco Bell

Best Taco Bell in Richmond. Not constantly closed during open hours like the other Broad street one. Delasha is the best, give the woman a raise!

Taco Bell - 9420 W Broad St

Rating: 3.1 - 98 Reviews


9420 W Broad St, Richmond VA 23294
(804) 273-1301

Taco Bell

Went thru the drive thru so that was a good experience. Nothing to negatively compare it too. Overall the staff was professional in their own right

Taco Bell - 8991 Staples Mill Rd

Rating: 3 - 40 Reviews


8991 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond VA 23228
(804) 562-7055

Taco Bell

It's a good quick fast food taco. Or burrito. Or anything that supposed to be mexican. My son thinks it's the best thing ever?

Taco Bell - 11240 Patterson Ave # 11250

Rating: 2.7 - 34 Reviews


11240 Patterson Ave # 11250, Richmond VA 23238
(804) 655-2846

Taco Bell

I love ❤Taco Bell there food is good and I can eat there every other weekend. And even my granddaughters like Taco ? Bell ?.

Taco Bell - 8340 Brook Rd

Rating: 2.4 - 80 Reviews


8340 Brook Rd, Richmond VA 23227
(804) 261-1166

Taco Bell

The food was hot, fresh and friendly service. I prefer Mexican restaurants but it was what I needed following a night of intoxication.

Taco Bell - 4504 Jefferson Davis Hwy

Rating: 2.1 - 79 Reviews


4504 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Richmond VA 23234
(804) 275-8354

Taco Bell
They perosn that was putting the food in the bag we ask her to put the food on two separted bags it seem like they had a attitude and they had put so much sour cream at the botrom of the taco shell. It was nasry. It made me sick to ny stomach. I threw up. I will never go there agian. The people there are rude and disrespectful...read more

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