Rigoletto Italian Bakery & Café

2181 Upton Dr #414, Virginia Beach
(757) 427-3999

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Derek Springer

We came her because it was on DDD. Now the cannoli's and the lobster tail we order were fantastic. The big problem was are waitress had a HUGE attitude. Any questions we had or anytime we wanted something. Either rolled her eyes or gave us attitude. We felt rushed and therefore did order as many pastries as we originally wanted to. The rest of the people in are party also got attitude. So the food was great. However because of this one waitress. We will never be going back.

Lily Ayres

Where I get my birthday cake from every year and where I got my cake for my graduation! Also the place my mom and I love a dinner out alone! Delicious food and the friendliest staff always. The friend ravioli and meatballs are ??

Greyson Netter

Absolutely Amazing Italian food. This is a legit Italian place. The florentina panini is what I get every time I go here and it is absolutely fantastic. There cakes and desserts are also crazily delicious. All in all, this is a amazing place!

Tina Shaul

Friendly staff, delicious food, good portion sizes, just a cute little place

Marybeth Nix

The stuffed meatball is amazing!! Literally as big as my fist.


I've never met an Italian restaurant that could not make caprese salad until today. Tomatoes cut in half, cheese haphazardly cut in weird shapes, I think I may have had 1 basil leaf if I put all of the tinly shreds together like a puzzle. Pasta sauce was nothing short of disgusting (Domino's pizza quality). I paid extra for grilled chicken which I regret. Chicken was dry and tasted like it was nuked in the Microwave. If you'd like to pay $50.00 for a $12.00 meal you could get in the Mall - have at it. I'll never eat here again. I wouldn't send my worst enemy here. Also, when I called the restaurant to inform them of their quality issues, the nice girl who answered proceeded to try to blame the grubhub driver of stealing the basil from my caprese salad - epic!

Mike Brennan

Delicious cuisine and a home cooked atmosphere! The wide variety of desserts after the meal were stunningly good. We even took additional treats home in a box. If you enjoy genuine Italian food and pastries, you will not leave disappointed.


We found this bakery in 2020. Although it's been around for over a dozen years and we've been to Virginia beach many times we somehow missed out on this great place. My wife and I made our second visit to the bakery this year and it was just as delicious as our first visit...you cannot say that about a lot of places. The bakery is south of the main beach area anf sits in a strip mall but it is a nice, intimate place, very relaxing. We have only had desserts on both visits. On certain days they do not serve dinner and just the bakery is availabe and I believe they are closed on Monday. Be sure to call before you make the trip. We each had a piece of cheesecake. She had the red velvet and I had the limoncello rasberry cheesecake. I had soda and she had water and it was about 16.00 including tip. The cheesecake slices were 4.95 each but they are large, rich and filling. They also have dozens of varieties of fresh baked cookies, breads and desserts. We always pick out cookies for the beach stay. Highly recommend you try it.

Sylvie C.

Long story short --don't waste your time and money here. I picked this particular place to have some cuppa and brunch with a friend because of the availability of different cakes and bakery selections. We're both from Tokyo and sorely miss having good tea and desert cakes. Due to both of us being new to this area, we've decided to give this place a try after reading mostly positive reviews online. After our visit, I think this cafe establishment is overhyped given the quality of food and service. My friend and I visited on a Friday to enjoy brunch and cuppa. It should have been a clear sign to us that we saw dozens of big families, couples, and everyone going to Eddys Cafe two doors down instead of Rigoletto. I thought the server we had was curt, rushed, and unfriendly. I'm not sure why when there's only 3 tables occupied with two other servers tending to each of the other tables. Once seated, our curt server slapped all the menus onto our table before hurriedly leaving. This place offers water but apparently has no lemon or lime available. I took a look at the menu and wasn't sure what to make of it. Frankly, neither my friend or I found anything we wanted to order. Knowing that there's no lemon or limes available, we definitely didn't want calamari or anything that should have lemons. We both came starving so we would have glad to order other appetizers but they didn't really have anything else. I saw from previous Yelp reviews about the bread sampler so that was going to be a no. The menu has a Brunch section but it really should be labeled as Sandwiches. It mainly consists of sandwiches and 3-4 brunch food items. There wasn't really any other items to pick out of lunch specials, or full size entrees that looked appealing to me. It's sorta bizarre knowing I have a hound dog like state of mind -- I am constantly thinking of food and what my next meal is going to be. You'd think that someone who got up at 4am, walked two beagles for 3 miles, and arrived at 12pm on empty stomach for brunch would be starved enough to order and eat anything, or no? Anyhow, our server came to ask what to order three times by then so I settled with getting La Famiglia --basically a meatball sandwich with a bag of greasy chips. Yes, meatballs made of mystery meat and very stale flavorless bread. That's right. At Rigoletto, that's considered brunch food! My friend ordered their stuffed meatballs with salad. Neither tasted very good at all and not because we're really picky eaters. We also got some cakes before leaving. That was the very reason why we chose to come here after all. Her tiramisu and my Italian cream cake were both not only underwhelming but tasted nasty. It was incredibly soggy and it had the aroma of moldy condensate of the display fridge and its rubber gaskets. Totally yucky and definitely not worth it. We were going to get cakes to take home for later enjoyment but after eating the ones at the restaurant, decided against it. Did I tell you I offered some of the cakes and leftover sandwich to my pooches when I got home but neither really wanted any? My dogs are usually willing to eat just about anything edible or not. To me that says something and hence, I Rigolet-to tell you it's better to go elsewhere.

Quintin P.

This is a great Italian restaurant, casual dining. There pastry chef is second to none. Exceptional customer service. We come here often for their bake goods and espresso. Their Italian food is phenomenal. Try their meatball, they are known for it. Thanks Pam for always serving us so well! See you next time


This little bakery/café took me back to my childhood. Authentic Italian cuisine, prepared fresh. The food was flavorful and the portions were good. We also indulged in Italian cookies and cakes from the bakery. Everything was just like my Grandmother used to make in her Italian kitchen. The service was excellent, and the people were super friendly. We will be back!

Melanie B.

The bakery is straight up the best Italian bakery we've ever been to outside of being in Italy! The macarons are beyond words! Super friendly staff too! Can't wait to go back!

Matthew Sargent

We got catered food for my wife's birthday. It was hot and ready on time and delicious. We got the meatballs, spaghetti and chicken marsala with pasta. It kept perfectly in the warm oven until serving time. A great stress free way the have a party!

John Ochenduski

Nice variety of cakes, cookies, and assorted pastries. We specifically went for the bakery. The dining was closed for Tuesday. Bakery only on Tuesday. If you are in the neighborhood then check it out.

james ibarra

I would like to say this place has amazing food. It's good. I would give this place a try.

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