Broiler Bay Hamburgers

10636 Main St, Bellevue
(425) 646-3474

Recent Reviews

Brad Burford

Reliable old-school burger joint. Been coming here for 15 years-that's after driving by for 5 years wondering how it might be! Onion rings unlike anywhere else, in a good way. Fries crispy outside, tender inside. Dipping sauces available @ condiment bar. Combos available. Fruit shakes are a hit with my daughter. Ask for 50/50 fries and rings-almost like a full order of each anywhere else! Tip your server!

Tabitha M.

Seriously amazing burgers and fries. Highlyyyy recommend. Also the staff was super nice :)


Didn't even know there were places like this in Bellevue anymore. Great burgers, decent fries and well priced. Will defintely come back. Burger was too good to leave anything for the photo

Elliot Wong

Amazing burger and milkshake, affordable prices (burger and shake both around $5), and very old, rustic, barn style theme

Vlad Lefelman

Best burger and fries you will find in Bellevue!! One of the few great spots left in DT, have been coming here for 15+ years :)

Andy K.

It's a hole in the wall type of place. The burger was really good. I would pick this place over any franchises.

Michael Haynes

What a burger! We decided to eat in with take out and went for a burger. Broiler Bay it was. The outside (or inside for that matter) doesn't look a lot, but the place is great. One plain burger with cheese and an egg, one bacon and cheese burger with avocado and an egg, one bacon and cheese burger with an onion ring and one cheese burger with an onion ring plus four fries without salt. And all of this cooked to perfection. I would go here for a burger any time. Service is great too and there is plenty of parking.

Elle Goodrich

The burger was good but nothing to write home about (especially considering the place is a bit dirty). Definitely worth trying.

Jax Sumbatoff

Best little hole in the wall find ever. My trip to Seattle was going south when I broke my heel . The saving grace was finding this place. Everything we had from there was amazing ? ? ❤. So good ate there 2 nights in a row. The best burger fries onion rings shakes mozzarella sticks . Philly was bomb too . Thanks guys for great food that takes me back.

Elisabeth O.

It may not look like much, but this place was outstanding. Good quality buns, juicy 1/4 lb. patties with (in my case) bacon, lettuce and avocado. I also got a side of french fries, onion rings and a vanilla shake. All were delicious and their side portions are GREAT for the price you pay! Most burgers are between $6 and $8 and they will definitely you up. They also have a wide variety of sauces: fry sauce, tartar and ketchup are pictured below. Can't believe this place has been just 10 minutes from me all these years and I'm just now discovering it. Would recommend to anyone who loves a good burger with some fries/onion rings and a tasty milkshake!!

X M.

Best burger place ever great price and the sauce is the best I like to put it on my burger good size love it

Anand Suresh

Food was okay but nothing really special - you kind of just get it because its filling. Seating and decor are kind of wack. Got a root beer shake but couldn't taste the root beer at all in it. Mozarella sticks + marinara sauce with it were good though. Overall, I think there are so many better places for food in the area for a similar or cheaper price, but its not bad if you're craving a classic burger.

Nathan Christian

Broiler Bay is a classic, no frills, genuine burger joint. The burgers have that char broiled flavor. Onion rings were a generous portion and fried to perfection. Bun was toasted nice. Service was fast and friendly. Seating is outdoors, mostly covered by an awning and the building structure. If you haven't been to Broiler Bay, check it out. There aren't many of these hole in the wall burger joints left in "modern" Bellevue.

Damir P.

This place is a complete hole in the wall and I mean that in the best way! Great burgers! Even better, the half and half side option! Half fries half onion rings and they actually have fry sauce (most burger places have never even heard of it let alone offer it!) Delicious! I have been coming here for about 4 years now and have had a consistently good experience and never left hungry. Considering the pricing of the restaurants around it, Broiler Bay is more than fairly priced. If you want a good burger in the Bellevue area give this place a shot, you wont regret it.

Dee C.

Great historic hole in the wall burger joint that I highly recommend to anyone reading this review and is craving a great burger. This place offers a lot of other goodies you would find at other burger places and some you don't which is even better! Milkshake flavors are pretty interesting with some you don't see everyday and they're delicious! I was recommended by an email from Yelp and I'm so thankful, this place brings back so many childhood memories of a burger spot that I grew up eating. I got the "Hawaiian Burger" and added bacon which i highly recommend! It compliments the flavor of the pineapple and gives it a nice crunchy texture. My girlfriend ordered the "Big Bay" and it lives by the name! It's basically a Big Mac on steroids! Flavorful juicy thick patties with 3 bun action going, shall I say more? We also ordered fries and a shake. Fries were fresh and hot but I wish they were a bit crunchier but I'm pretty sure you can request it since it was my first time I just played it safe and enjoyed the process. The MILKSHAKE is awesomely delicious! We tried the pineapple shake and it had chunks of pineapple and the milkshake was thick and creamy just perfect. Can't wait to try other items on the menu and also shake flavors! Highly recommend to everyone who is craving a good old fashioned burger with no processed crud on it and real deal sides and shakes!

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