10606 Northup Way, Bellevue
(425) 827-9566

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Cameron Rogers

Great burger and onion rigs and service was very good

Vidya Sagar Ronanki (Visa)

It's disappointing that they didn't have a spicy chicken sandwich in this day and age. The Chicken sandwich they do have is of great quality but very bland. I feel there menu needs to add a killer spicy chicken sandwich .The service was great.The fries are tasty,Milkshakes were really good.

Allen Tierney

I was staying at the La Quinta next door and wanted a quick meal. Walked right over, placed my order inside, and got my meal in minutes. The burger was GREAT, as were the fries. Definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for a great, basic American burger.

Ella H

i’ve been to another location, but this seems older and may be the original. it was very consistent with the other location in that the food was delicious and it came out quickly even though it was absolutely packed during lunch hour. a great place for a quick and affordable bite to eat.

Mason Aramian

Burgermaster is delicious and has been around since the 50s. The burgers, fish, and milkshakes are the best things on the menu, but everything is worth a try. The only reason I'd give it less than 5 stars is the pricing. Its not terrible or anything fancy, but the area certainly bleeds into the pricing and is a bit much for the food provided. Never the less, this is a great local place, and a slice of history that has been transported to the 21st century... if you wanna see where your mom or grandma used to hang out and eat... check it out!

Curtis Webster

Very good burger and fries. We're visiting Seattle from out of town and have struggled to find convenient beating options. We've been 4 times in the past two weeks and have ordered the burger and fries combos every time. I have been tempted to try their shakes and their onion rings but have thus far stuck with the order we enjoyed so much on our first visit. The 50s style drive up dining is very convenient. (Note: we did have to wait for a space for a few minutes on one visit. I guess we're not the only Burgermaster fans in the area.

Jack M.

What can one say other than Burgermaster is an icon on the Eastside? It's always fun to bring out-of-towners here for an in-car dining experience and tell the the apocryphal story of Bill Gates building a walkway in back, so he could get there from Microsoft's early Seattle-area office. Burgermaster is vintage but it feels real, not like a fake vintage-y Sonic. Having parked in every location over the years, they all have their own characteristic. Avoid the peripheral spots because you're not really part of the action. Avoid the back side on the west, near the building, because it's near the bathrooms. The thing called a "Burgermaster" is not a burger but a combo. Prices are expensive but you can always buy a burger only and be just as happy. The veggie burger is really good and just might change your view of veggie burgers. I have never loved the lights-on-for-service concept because you end up having lights blasted in your face from cars on the other side. The only thing to say: Bring back the trays. We lose the in-car diner experience by having bags dropped in our laps. Go around dusk on a summer evening and soak in the whole experience.

Donni Frye Arntson

Always a great place to eat in your car.

Richard P.

This is a popular and busy place during peek times joke is it humanly possible to find a car stall spot? Almost Maybe, joke :-)! Thus I opted for overflow parking and the Beautiful patio Garden adjunct which is quite nice in its own way also because the fries here are better in my opinion then the national competitor made hot and fresh to order instead etc...I'm going to give this place six stars on the fries and four stars on the quite legit burgers and other items excetera Pro tip especially suggested if one plans on eating the fries quickly is to tare the bag and dump them inside its ultimately a trade off in terms of heat loss however a lot more spashus and comfortable accessible! I have been doing that most of my whole life at these kinda places Maybe worth a try! Also obviously putting salt into the ketchup and tarter is more inherant guaranteed direct than generalized some falling off the fries in bag or container etc... This place is worth stopping at just for the 6 star of its style interpritation fries alone quick snacks etc......

Nicole G.

A fun, retro experience and a good late-night option on the Eastside. My hot take, Burgermaster beats Dick's. This fast food spot has options for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and gluten-free folks. It's one of the few local places that's open past 9pm on the Eastside, too. Recommended: CHEESEBURGER combo. The PEANUT BUTTER SHAKE is bomb (order a cup of water with it, though). Get BOOM BOOM SAUCE with the FRIES - it's kinda spicy and more interesting than ketchup. Skip: CHICKEN SANDWICH is fine, but there's so many others items to try on their extensive menu!

Randy “Bigbenboys” Daniels

Burger Master is like a favorite pair of gloves....it fits perfectly. From the minute you drive up. You feel like your transporting back to the golden age of drive ups. The atmosphere is delightful. Tons of food choice's and they all are delicious. I recommend getting a milkshake. Wonderful old time flavors. The staff all so friendly and helpful. A good time had by all..

C B.

Every single time I've been waited on by Lisa J has been wonderful. I love the food of course but Lisa is incredible. You don't find a lot of servers with her kind and cheerful attitude. Love her and burgermaster. Thanks guys!

Uday Mittal

I enjoyed the concept of dining in your car, which is different from a take out as there's service offered at your car.The food seemed just okay, nothing mind blowing. Just standard plain burgers.

Paije B.

First time going here and it was super yummy! Had a chicken sandwich that was super moist and delicious and husband had a hamburger and it was done perfectly! Will defiantly be returning!

Kamrin P.

what a fun place! the concept is simple and family oriented. you just pull up and they take your order at the car + give you your food there. there's also an adorable little patio tucked away at the top if you'd like to sit and eat there instead. service was friendly and & quick. food was delicious & portion was pretty large, but man the strawberry shake they have is soooooo delicious. you get fresh chunks of strawberries in it & it's not too sweet. definitely recommend trying that one! a great go to spot for casual dining with family and friends.

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