Eddie's 1989 Pan Asian

7821 Aurora Ave N, Seattle
(206) 706-4569

Recent Reviews

Rachel L.

I used to be neighbors to this place in 2018-2019 and ate in once, ordered out twice. Price is great but the food was lukewarm every time.

Andrea Knight

Don't be fooled by the run down exterior of this small restaurant, this is some of the best Chinese food in all the East Bay. Came here the other day and ordered the Eddie's 1989 Pan Asian dumplings, mixed vegetables plate, and beef with black bean sauce. I would recommend any of those to anyone without hesitation. The flavors were popping off all the dishes. I will be coming here again to try their other dishes. The wait can get pretty long but they also have take out readily available too.

Lauren M.

This place is disgusting. I have no idea why their score is this high. The chef is super confused, they'll throw in one random slice of undercooked potato in an otherwise potato free dish or a single garbanzo bean. They top everything with a random ass orange slice. I ordered the pineapple fried rice and they just dumped canned pineapple on top of it. They cooked their salmon fine but coated it in so much butter it tasted like bad Fair Food. I mean there's buttery and then there's Paula Dean. All the food here is very Midwest in the worst possible way.

Katie Niemer

Eddie’s Pan Asian Restaurant is a delicious Thai restaurant on Aurora, just a few blocks north of Green Lake. Portion sizes are large and filled with large chunks of fresh veggies and meats. The food is not too spicy, but spice can be added to any dish, and tastes fresh and wonderful. Service is fast and the wait staff is friendly and knowledgeable. This will definitely be our go-to Thai from now on.

Kumar A.

The food was really good and fresh. It was rightly spiced and flavorful. Tried red curry. Will definitely come back.

Gigi T.

This is a great, inexpensive resto with a wide variety of dishes. My husband had the crispy chicken with steamed veg. It was cooked perfectly and just the right amount of sauce. I had the mixed seafood that had salmon, shrimp, tender calamari, and a jumbo scallop. The dessert was a super light orange cheesecake with chocolate sauce. Can't wait to go back and try some of the other dishes! Bonus that it's walking distance from our house!

Miguel Kitch

Excellent food, service and atmosphere!

david ludden

Spicy not hot. Eddie is a fantastic cook, who puts his own spin on Thai dishes (he IS Thai). Prices are totally fair. He does take out, delivery, & i once had a party there with 20 of my good friends. The service is also excellent.

Steven Cathey

The combination of flavors paired within the sweet & sour chicken, complimented the overall dish very well.

alyssa karalekas

Amazing food, atmosphere and service in an unassuming location. Chef Eddie elevates every meal he prepares with his delicious flavor combinations and artistic plating.

William Ben Rose

Some of the best food in Seattle....hands down. Fresh and delicious. A must place for Asian and Thai cuisine. The seafood mix is the bomb....

Alyssa K.

Gorgeous food, cozy atmosphere, charming service. It is an unassuming location with elegant Thai food masterfully prepared at an affordable price. Don't miss it.

Karen Davis

Wish I took pics of our dinner! Food was excellent! We will definitely come back! We already have my next meal planned here! Thank you Eddie for all that yummyg

Fred Roberts

Tasty and relatively inexpensive. Aurora sucks, but this place seems to hang on. I grab the lunch special when I'm near.

Sarah S.

Really good. Inexpensive and the delivery fee is 1.00! Who can beat that! I don't know what else to write so blah blah yada yada thumbs up.

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