Terry's Office Tavern

3410 N Proctor St, Tacoma
(253) 752-6262

Recent Reviews

kevin kok

Best bar for chill vibes. Great wings too.

Sabrina Enders

Rad divey bar. I'm excited to go back!

Heat Her

Best cocktail in town. Good bar food too. Taco salad awesome add olives n sour team!! Yum

Kathleen Forte

This is a real neighborhood bar; the kind all neighborhoods used to have. The experienced staff is friendly without ever implying they want a long term relationship. There's a nice selection of beers and liquors but no blender, but then, it's not a fruity cocktail kind of place. The bar food is good. The fries in particular are great. It's very clean currently, with fans keeping air moving. The pool table is in good repair.

Mike R.

Best hand cut fries in Tacoma. $5.00 for a huge plate. Very divey neighborhood vibe. Solid bar. Cheap drinks.

Philip Lockwood

First visit was with my mother & we had beer with pizza. My mom knew some guy and he paid the bill. Yes Mr Terry was working the bar. Went back 20 years later with Elaine with neighborhood friends and had a fantastic beef dip. P

Thomas Barrett IV

A great local spot to grab a drink and watch a game or shoot the breeze with other patrons. The staff is friendly and attentive, and with an outdoor seating area and service window it's even easier to stay safe and enjoy the summer weather!

Matison Lund

Fun place! Staff is excellent.

Mark Winter

Great service, awesome food!!

Ronald E.

Its a typical dive bar with poor selections of beers on tap servers who spend way to much time yakking with regulars and a weak menu. Nothing to brag about!!

Roland Wallace

Used to be something of a regular at this place and anytime I find myself in Tacoma I try to make it by Terry's. Good food and nice people.

Daniel Stillmaker

This places fried chicken and joes it off the chain. Salted perfectly, crispy to just the right level, delicious! The joes at quartered potatoes and I'm about it. Beer was decent, wait staff was attentive and friendly. Not too crowded. A great experience.

Eily S.

omg, super disappointed..... we have always gotten the Works pizza here and we ordered it for carry out a few weeks ago... it was the size of a medium-sized paper plate! and like $28 after tax! ok so, yes, it's good, lots of fresh toppings and buttery crunchy crust as per usual, but, i don't know if they're tightening their belts because of Covid but this was ridiculous. way too costly for this size of pizza. i mean, it is still "pizza" after all... (?) just saying...

Dave Part one

Casual neighborhood Bar.Reasonable drink prices. Good food. Broasted Chicken with Jojos is always a win. And taco Thursdays are good too.

Michael Tomkins (The Mikes)

Very friendly, nice crowd. A good place to stop.

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