2626 E Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver
(360) 694-1750

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Estelle I.

Christine's definitely benefits from being the only local spot in an underserved neighborhood, judging from the revolting "crispy chicken breast salad" I had there. A very thin layer of iceberg lettuce sprinkled with straight-from-Sysco's-freezer tiny fried chicken cubes, overgenerous heaps of canned black olives, an indifferent salad dressing and a heap of bacon bits. No tomato. Wish I'd taken a photo to post here. The waitress was desperate for attention with loud repeated ingratiating eruptions like "JUST FOR YOU!" which I guess counts as good service to some. Have had okay pancakes there, would definitely recommend sticking to breakfast ONLY.

Robert Wilkinson

Go hungry. Good food and a lot for the price. Great home cookin.

Jess R.

This is my go-to breakfast place. And not just in a, this is my average breakfast place that I enjoy. No, this is an, 'I actually get giddy when I know I'm getting breakfast from here,' go-to breakfast place. Give it a try! I highly recommend an omelette with hash browns and add a side of bacon!

JChris Sanchez

Great little breakfast and lunch cafe... wonderful service and simple menu of classics... expect a short wait for a table but well worth it!!

Cheryl Garcia

We arrived put our name on the list to wait. She said about 15 minutes and that there are two tables in front of us. We waited 1/2 hour. Two other groups of people showed up after us and they were seated first. I said ''hey, what about us. We have been waiting along time. We are supposed to be seated by the wait list. He said sorry. We left after being treated like that.

Mark Lee

Great place to eat and great food. I will never feel like you didn't enough food. Servings are huge and great price for the amount of food you get.

Liz Harger

Christine's is so cute inside and out. The service was quick, and the server was very friendly. Most of all the food was fantastic. I will be going back.

Mrs. B.

Our 1st time here and we are forever costumers. The portions are HUGE and the prices are so fair the staff is amazing and so caring our coffee cup never ran out and even tho they were extremely busy they made it seems like they had their business together - we order the Christine home potatoes and wow they were amazing and our sweet cream blueberry pancake was so good. We are so looking forward to come back !

Paul Leonard

Great food good service. Best ambiance bye far that any place within 20 miles

Mary Curtis

Usually very crowded seating, but great food, great service, and great prices for unusually large portions.

eric mcafee

Now that i can finally get out and check out breakfast options in my new city, i have to say how much I'm enjoying finding gems like Christine's. I got a generous plate of potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers covered in a delicious gravy. I have to say that the coffee cups are absurdly small, but it was never empty! I'll be going back to Christine's to check out some of the other options.

Eljon Angel

The food and service are amazing. We had the Ruben and chicken fried steak. They looked and tasted like they're made from scratch. Highly recommend!

Lilith Adler

The food was great! Very big servings. Such a cute location! My bf and I had a nice walk around the neighborhood before we went in and we loved it. Staff was very nice!

AnnaMaria Bryant

The food was great! Very big servings. Such a cute location! My bf and I had a nice walk around the neighborhood before we went in and we loved it. Staff was very nice!


This place has great food, the servers are very nice and agreeable. They even make their own cinnamon rolls at the place. I highly recommend this place if your ever looking for lunch or breakfast

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