2420 Columbia House Blvd #100, Vancouver
(360) 718-2246

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Autumn S.

This place was just ok I got the Pangoa (sp?) bowl and it was a LOT of rice. I think it would have been better in a smaller bowl with less rice so there was a more balance of the ingredients. Also the chicken was shredded and really dry. I ended up throwing half the bowl of rice away. It wasn't awful but not a great one if you have other options.

Thiago Millones

Overpriced. I paid 13 dollars for a small burrito that was mostly rice and a tiny bit of dry flavorless chicken. I don't usually leave bad reviews but this one felt necessary.

Kha-Mei Bartolome

Absolute waste of money. $15 for two of tiniest smoothies. 100% regret the drive to try this place out.

Feddie Young

This use to be one of my favorite places to get a quick bite. I’ve mostly been using door dash and my dressing is missing from the order 90% of the time. Today I went in person to get a bowl for takeout, when I got home I realized it was not the bowl I ordered. Luckily it tastes good.

Kathy Stephens

Three people working and I didn't feel like any knew what they were doing or cared. I wouldn't bother going back.

leslie veenstra

Fast, delicious and healthy food. The bowl was enough for my lunch and dinner! Take away only at this point.


Had some good experiences in the past. Today found a day dot sticker mixed into the rice that was in my burrito. Appetite lost, wont be back to this location for a long while.

Thomas “Thomas” Downes

I dont like the food

Thomas Downes

I dont like the food

Alex B.

I really try to never leave bad reviews but man. It sucks after a long day to come in and have the person serving food be rude AND have there be multiple pieces of chicken in your tofu bowl.

Michelle Hamblin

Great Food..yes...but they never answer phone at Grand Central location.Online ordering a waste of time after 20 minutes of struggling to place then said "online ordering not available!Ah!!Salmon Creek is always easy to order....

Vinny S.

Spot doesn't honor the coupon they advertise on Yelp. Avoid. Take your business elsewhere

Tanner Tester

I used to work here. I was fired for telling the manager I saw another supervisor stealing cash from the register when counting till. When I brought it up, an "investigation" was begun. Manager removed my supervisor level register abilities (which I had while being denied a raise and promotion), so I began looking for a better job. When my manager found out I was looking, she fired me for "theft". The very theft I had reported to her weeks prior.

Alexander Hubert

Ya dudes I keep going because the FOOD is GOOD but it gets botched every other time. I’ve seen this in business before. It’s not the employee’s fault, this is OWNER NEGLIGENCE.

Ruv Arit

Very good looking place I'd say.

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