Ice Cream Renaissance

1925 Main St, Vancouver
(360) 694-3892

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Peter Henrichs

Yummy Indecisions when you don’t know what you want

Natalie DeWitt

The style of ice cream is more of an ice milk consistency. I had they honey vanilla. I didn't really taste any honey notes, and the mouth feel of the ice cream was watery/icy then a small amount of butterfat. I prefer thicker custards with some density, so this wasn't for me, but if you would like some homemade ice cream for a local shop, check it out!

Jamie L.

This rating is based solely on the brownie sunday that I've had on two separate occasions this summer, because I am a boring creature of habit. It was really good, because a warm brownie with honey vanilla ice cream will always be really good, but it's not the best I've ever had. The shop is cute, the staff is hip and friendly, and the seasonal ice cream list is definitely intriguing.

Nolan Rumble

Really great spot for some inventive ice-cream flavors and perfect for hot summer weather! Staff are really friendly and helpful. Just need to figure out a way to handle to-go orders so that people don’t stand on top of one another and crowd the small space indoors!

Katie Q.

This place is our new go to ice cream spot !! We were craving ice cream and this was the closest and boy are we glad we found it. Not only was it delicious but in a cute part of downtown. It d seating a good vibe with fun shops close by we could walk and window shop while finishing our ice cream!

Kimberly M.

I actually really enjoyed going inside and I was please with the dairy free options. Aa a lactose intolerant person I don't go into ice cream shops with any expectations. I tried the banana split with coconut cream base and it was so good, I actually felt like I was eating ice cream. The only reason I felt uncomfortable was bc there were so many people in the shop itself and very little seating.

Regina I.

So this place is really tasty, The girl behind the counter was sweet and friendly with lots of suggestions. The ice cream is phenomenal I cannot deny and when you order a large it's enough for two or three people honestly unless you're hungry as a Hogg with a large dessert type appetite. The banana bossa nova is the bomb!

Hunter Carey

Went with my gf. Got vegan/dairy-free ice cream. Was AMAZE BALLS. def worth the wait. There was a bunch of cute kids out front drawing with chalk.A very safe environment.

Sara V.

OK absolutely love this place! So many flavors and my boyfriend and I keep going back almost every weekend. I'm so happy we found it

Raman Paliakov

Took as at closing and had amazing ice cream. We ended up helping with taking the chairs in. Recommend it to everyone because the employees are awesome. Keep it up and be an example.

Rachel Grant

First time here and I will come back Everytime I want ice cream!! Holy cow it's amazing!! If you haven't tried this place it is a must. And of your coming through town please make this one of the have to stop at places!! Thanks guys for making this mamas night after leaving a DV relationship a great night for us.

Carl Maybee

Hand made ice cream! All natural! Can taste the freshness!

Kim Eastwood

Great little place. We order a chocolate, banana shake, and hot fudge sundae. A bit pricey, but super good. Staff was very friendly, and helpful.

Amy Green

Really cute shop. Super amazing ice cream. Been coming off and on for years. If your in Downtown Vancouver be sure to stop in for a treat.

Amy Green

This place is friendly and delicious. A staple in Vancouver.

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