Loowit Brewing Company

507 Columbia St, Vancouver
(360) 566-2323

Recent Reviews

Michael Vanover

Beer is good. I have tried various food items — all good. Service = good. Giant mouse running around the restaurant = not so good. I can’t bring myself to return here again.

Garrett Foster

Great service. Interesting burger. Unique selection of delicious beer. Also, right across the park from Anytime Fitness… Crushed abs, and obliques… Had a flight, and a burger. Excellent combination.

Michael Jolly

Loved the atmosphere, the customer service. Loved the interaction with the customers. The Stout was amazing. Definitely going back.. top notch

Brian Coleman

this spot is so perfect, it perfectly incompases the downtown Vancouvers booming bar and restaurant trend. out of all the new spots popping up this is at the top of my list when picking a evening destination. and the Sunday trivia night is a blast! always a great turnout.

Daniel Gonzalez

Great spot for great beer

Ana Jordache

Delicious food, and great beer! My husband and I come here any chance we are in the area :)

chris sly

Great beer & staff. Pinball and tasty small food menu.

Elaine Boyer

A little hard to park because it is downtown across from a hotel. Great hazy IPA's and their lager is my favorite of the local canned beers

James Briggs

great place, friendly staff.

Hailey Gaylor

Menu is a turn off. “Rabbit food”? It’s 2021 have better food options for those who enjoy veggies.

Jeffrey Oliver

The beer was a good selection. Cool location. The only issue I had is the bun was larger than the patty of meat. For me this is a faux pas.

Eric Siko

Great service, interesting beer , good good … outdoor space with adjoining bbq place … sounds like a good night

Jay Bogenreif

Awesome burger! But…I was disappointed in price and selection. The menu photos online showed some great sandwiches (that were the reason for my visit) for $10ea. and included a side item. It was unfortunate to see that the menu had been extensively pared down to a la carte burgers only (+$1 for a veggie patty or chicken). Add another $4 for a side item, and my bill was pushing $20. I’ve paid less for a burger and a side in a hotel restaurant, or at a ballgame. And then the bartender asked if I wanted a beer. No, dude, you’ve cleaned me out. At these prices I wouldn’t recommend the food as it wasn’t *that* good. My side was over-salted and slightly burned, and while the burger was good the bun was soggy on the bottom.

Laura Rogers

This place has one of my favorite burgers anywhere in Portland or Vancouver. It’s worth the trip across the river, and then some! Everything here is dialed in, from the service to the vibe of the place, to the amazing mind-bogglingly good food! Don’t hesitate for a second. This is where you want to go!

Billy Brewer

What a fantastic brewery. Not only are the burgers amazing with the perfect amount of sloppiness and deliciousness, but the beers stood out strong. I'm not a big dark beer guy, usually stay in the lighter category, but this place made me branch out, and every beer I tried, light or dark, was amazing! Can't go wrong with this place, I tried to find the downside, just couldn't find it. Oh and the restrooms are something special as well if you're a nerd like me.

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