Miner's Drive-In Restaurant

2415 S 1st St, Yakima
(509) 457-8194

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Expensive: It was about $30 for two McDonald’s-quality cheeseburgers, fries, and a small drink. The burgers and fries were tasty, but not worth the high price tag. That evening, we at at a great Vietnamese restaurant in Portland. For about the same price, we were at high-quality food and were promptly served. Over dinner, we marveled at how bad Miner’s was for the exact same money.Promptness & Service: It took 30 minutes to get our order. When we noticed that a party that came in after us got their food, we went to the counter to make sure our order didn’t get lost. The lady at the counter had trouble figuring out where our order went, but then she said “It just depends what cook your order goes to” and “your order is up next.” A few minutes later, my wife went to inquire and the lady at the counter was flat-out rude to her.Another thing the lady said was “we are running at about 40 minutes right now.” We were in a hurry, which is why we chose fast food, and would have appreciated to have been told that right away. Also, it did not look busy when we came in. My wife walked right up to the counter and ordered. We had no idea they’d be running 30 to 40 minutes to make 2 cheeseburgers. I could have done it faster at home warming up my grill, cooking them, and then letting the meat rest.I have read some good reviews about the place. It seems that among locals there is some nostalgia for the very outdated restaurant, but that was our last time stopping there on our way through Yakima. It’s just not worth the high price, long wait, and rude staff.

Luz Flores

The food tasted really good but big amount of food. If you can’t eat a lot this is not the place for you but if you can eat and love good food this is the place to be at.

Dave Danekas

We had heard great things about Miner's and couldn't drive by without giving them a try. On arrival we could tell this is the go-to place for burgers! Cars were lined up in the drive thru and inside the counter was 10 people deep. But the wait was short. What better choice than the Big Miner Burger. Loved it! It's truly BIG, with great flavor and a balanced amount of tomato, lettuce, and onion. Also got a large fry and a shake. The fries could seriously be shared with four people. The shake was smooth and enjoyable. This is a drive-in that prides itself on it's long history, friendly efficient staff, and tasty food. I'd definitely stop by again, next time we're swinging through town.

Jessica Donovan

I was very excited to try Miner's today, for the first time, while me and my husband where in town. I have always heard great things, therefore, my expectations were high. Let's just say, this place disappointed me to the MAX. Let's start with the guy at the window. He seemed so irritated to be at his job or just at life in general. He was short when asked some simple questions and definitely made a poor impression. Next came the total. $60.00 for 2 hamburgers, a grilled cheese, 2 sides and 2 small shakes. They had no kids menu so I had to order a huge grilled cheese sandwich for my 2 year old that cost around $15.00. Being that my expectations were high, I thought the food might be worth it. After waiting 20 min for our food, we started our hour long drive home, excited to start eating. We soon realized our onion rings never made it in the bag, even though we were charged, and they didn't put the bacon on both of our burgers, like we ordered them. The only positive about it was the milkshakes and the size of the food and it didn't even taste that great. I was hugely disappointed and will probably never return to this place. I would rather spend $60 on almost anything else. Don't waste your time or money here

John T. Oliver

If you like burgers the size of your hand and sundaes that tip over due to the size...this is your place. Mega big servings! Great food. I had the bacon burger, fries, scallops, Pepsi, and a strawberry sundae...because when your rolling through you need to taste as much as possible...of course I didn't finish it...just wanted to experience as much of this tasty place as possible!


Very popular burger spot! I went on a Saturday and there was a crazy line of people waiting to order inside, we then went through the drive through and waited 45 min for food. The burgers are good, but a pretty low value for the quality. 2 men and a 5 yo with burgers, chicken strips, onion rings and drinks was over $70. It's still a cute kitchy stop, but I wouldn't wait on a busy day.

K P (KP)

I wish I wasn't driving and had a baseball game to play.. I would of showed pics... Wife hands me my BBQ chicken sandwich I ordered.. The 1st thing, it weighed my hand down... Tha BBQ chicken burger was monstrous. I ordered curly fries which was good also... Great portion well above what I paid for. Definitely a family place to eat and leave extremely full. There is a wait time, but who wouldn't wait for good food? They don't make it till you order it. Great food definitely going back if I have another trip to Yakima ..

Jennifer Pierini

Horrible service, awful managers

Raymond Navarro Jr.

Wow, What happened to Minors? It has changed a lot. The staff are rude, disrespectful and provide horrible customer service. They made me wait 30 minutes for a milk shake?! 4 people left the drive up because they had us waiting for a long time. I had to go into the store to ask for my shake and saw 4 staff standing around having a good time. I also saw one staff arguing and disrespecting a senior citizen. Last time I go to minors!

Isaiah Gefre

Horrible service & attitude! Wait time was 30 min for 3 shakes with almost no one in the restaurant. When I asked her about the wait time, the manager just rolled her eyes and was very rude. Went there twice this week and both times horrible customer service! Hopefully, the owner will see this as I have talked to multiple people who have complained about the attitudes of the manager and workers there. #Dissapointed

Adrian Almanza

I love Miners. This place has amazing burgers, the best milkshakes, and the best fries. It's pretty spendy, but worth every penny. I rated them a 4 because their service has been slow. They are currently short staff, which seems to be happening everywhere. I highly recommend this place and would definitely eat here again.


Seriously, the Miner Berger is giant and GOOD - consider spliting it! The frys and great and the portion is in keeping with the berger. We had lunch and didn't't need dinner!

Toni Barlow

A friend suggested Miner's, so we drove from Olympia just to eat here. Great road trip, and the weather was warm and sunny. There's a nostalgic feel to this place. Nothing fancy but nice. There's also a drive-through for easy pickup. They do not offer any type of combo or value meal. All burgers, fries, and drinks are Ala carte. All burgers are dressed with mayo, onions, and lettuce. I was asked if I wanted tomatoes, so I guess they are extra, too. One order of fries was plenty for the two of us to share. We sat outside because it was nice, and we had our pup, Chè. Our meal was brought out to us, which was nice. In my opinion, the burger was uneventful but large. Nothing special. The fries were very good and crisp. We ordered a burger each, split an order of fries, and a large drink. Our bill totaled over 35.00. Pricey, in my opinion. The inside is quite large and worth checking out. View my photos to see what I mean.


I rarely do reviews, but this needed done. 71$ for food with no drinks or fries with is insane. Waited an hour to get the food, I get places get busy and it happens, but several people had the same issue. While others who came in 25 min after us got their food before us. I assume the woman I talked with was one of the managers but I don't know, she was extremely rude. Their lack of information to people on how they want customers to do is amazing too. They told me after the fact that needed to go the rear counter. 3 other family's had to follow me back there being in the same position. Won't be going back and won't recommend to anyone.

John Hester

Burgers are huge. All portions are very large. You can't leave hungry.

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Miner's Drive-In Restaurant

2415 S 1st St, Yakima, WA 98903
(509) 457-8194