Miner's Drive-In Restaurant

2415 S 1st St, Yakima
(509) 457-8194

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Jason Payne

The food here is always very good! Long wait line, but they cook everything to order and is great.

Shanzy Cantrell

Not impressed. Not sure what the hype is about. Yes, my hamburger was massive, but it was unnecessarily massive. Quality was okay I guess. Fries are okay. It was fairly clean for how busy it was. Hard pass.

Shawn Gilmore

great food. sometimes a long wait because so many people eat it

Steph Austin

As a Texan, I take notice of a busy, local place. This did not disappoint! Monster burgers, big enough to split! Red ripe tomatoes and cheese are $extra$ but yummy. Side order is enough for two or more. A glutton would have orders a shake. Great death row last meal for the win.

Meg Mano

We ate at Miner’s on Saturday night and it was superb. The meat and bun were fresh and delectable! My friend lost her partial(which she later found in the car!) and one of the workers, Al, allowed us to search the garbage for the missing teeth. The customer service was exemplary to us and it’s the only place in Washington to get great service and hamburgers. Good show!!!❤️


The shake I had tasted great. It was chocolate and marshmallow, and it didn't taste like it was just vanilla with Hershey's syrup. The minor burger was huge, but it was satisfying. The fries were really crunchy, which was great.

Jacob B.

A well-known spot around for 70 years. Best burger in Yakima you have to wait a little bit because everything is cooked fresh so if you're in a hurry this might not be the place for you but if you have a few minutes to spend it is well worth the wait and well worth the money. They also have a great milkshakes and other items.

Francisca Fuentes

Service was bad had to wait half hour for club sandwich & then they gave me the wrong one! Then she tells me there under staff on a Friday!! This place makes a lot of money & there under staff! Smh

Chris B.

I was traveling from Bend up 97 when I remembered that someone I know highly recommended this place. They were right! I arrived at 1:30 on a Thursday to a modest line. I ordered the basics. Miners burger with added cheese and tomato (extra charge) and a small fries. I chose the curly fries, but you can also opt for traditional or tots. When they called my number after a short wait, I was handed a paper bag that must have weighed 3 lbs. And yeah, the burger is huge. Reminds me of the Earthquake burger at the Puyallup Fair. But don't think it's just style and no substance. Man was it good. They give you a lot of napkins...you will need them. And the small fries! Crazy amount. It would be like 6 or 7 large fries from McDonalds, only taste good. Not kidding, they are great, and they give you a choice of sauce when you order....ketchup, fry sauce and tartar. I got fry sauce and let me tell you, they don't skimp. I couldn't finish the fries, not even close. Great service, a park-like outdoor picnic area, awesome food and did I mention the huge menu? Everything from steak sandwiches, taco salads, to fish and chips. This is a fun spot and runs like a well-oiled machine.

Franky F.

Well, I would probably give it 3 1/2 stars.... burger was big.... but had way to much sauce on it, it got super soggy before I was done. I don't see the value in paying $35 for two bacon burgers and fries, for an okay meal.

Aurora W.

The big miner burger was delicious, I added cheese to mine, and peanut butter fudge Oreo shake addicting, only downside is it always seems to take an inordinately long time for the food to be ready. Flavor was 5/5, speed of service 3/5.

Jessica Duhon

great food. so amazing. awesome

Heather W.

Absolutely disappointed. Long line. Longer wait for sub par food. I lost an hour of my life I can't get back. Half of the customers were not wearing masks. Great. Staff was RUDE & looked confused. The fries I waited so long for were cold. Back on the road still hungry, angry & will not ever come back. Your better off eating at a gas station. YUCK!

Patricia Webster

My friends and I stopped for an amazing lunch on our way to Spokane. One of my friends used to live in Yakima and told us it is the finest place to wait for a fresh cooked meal in the country. Delicious!


Food wasn't as good as I remember. The guy taking our order in the drive up line was pretty patient with us, this was the first time I ordered in the drive up. I'd still drive four hours to get a burger here, but I'm really hoping for better next time.

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Miner's Drive-In Restaurant

2415 S 1st St, Yakima, WA 98903
(509) 457-8194