Hagemeister Park

325 N Washington St, Green Bay
(920) 884-9909

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We were in GB and near this restaurant and it looked great with a nice menu so we decided to stop. We sat outside hear the water - a wonderful view. The waitress (dark hair and fake long...eyelashes) came to the table asked if we wanted anything to drink and we asked for water as it was warm and we were sitting in the sun. She returned and took our order (chicken wrap and BLT). The food came before she ever returned to see if we needed more water or anything else to drink. The food was fine and she came back and we asked for some mayo for the sandwiches which we brought to us quickly. There we sat.....about half way through the meal, I asked for a box knowing I was not going to finish and some more water. She left took the bill for the adjoining table and was gone literally 10+ minutes. She gave the table their change and then asked us how things were - reminded her about the box and water and her response was "oh - the bill took long" - we just said give us our bill and box and she walked away. She returned with the box and bill - no I'm sorry, need anything, thanks for coming, etc. We recognize the food industry is challenging; however, there were a sufficient number of servers. Won't return nor recommend to others. Unfortunate as it has a great view and outdoor space.

Greg W

We arrived near opening time on August 9, with a party of 7 people. There was only 1 party already seated when we were shown to our table on the patio. We saw 5 wait staff members standing around despite the fact that tables were wet from a rain earlier in the day, and the usual condiment and napkin caddies were not yet out. Why open at 4 if you aren't ready to accept customers at that time? You don't even have to have all the tables ready, so that wait staff has something to do while waiting for customers to fill in. But at least have some ready. So, the first part of our experience was waiting: for a table to be cleaned, for paper menus to be located because the QR codes to access on-line menus were not working, and then for a waiter to come back after a too-long pause to take our order. Then, the waiting continued, because it took 45 minutes to get our food. In some ways, the delay was hard to understand, because the patio was maybe 1/3 full, and there was only 1 party seated inside the restaurant. They still were not very busy. But in other ways, the delay made sense, because the steaks that two people ordered to be prepared medium came out charred on the outside, and completely overcooked in the middle - far beyond well-done. So we had been waiting while they were burning the steaks on the grill for 10-15 minutes too long. The people who had the steaks that were ruined did not want to complain, thinking it would make a scene. They were finally talked into showing their steaks to the waiter. The waiter apologized, saying that they were having difficulties in the kitchen, and that she would talk to her manager. As a result of that discussion, 20% was taken off the bill for those two steaks. 20 percent! And not off the entire bill; just off the the two steaks. The steaks were 0% edible, but the restaurant figured they still deserved 80% of the cost. Again wanting to avoid a scene, we just paid the bill and left. Restaurants are going through tough times. But that does not absolve them of the responsibility of providing what they are charging for, or if they can't deliver on what they promise, then making things right. In this case, these were $30 steak entrees, and so they should have adjusted the bill so that all that was being paid for was the sides - the steaks were that bad. And this is especially galling, because restaurants are pleading with people to return, post-pandemic, and when you do, this is how this particular restaurant treats you, with contempt, and the expectation that you should pay full price for an inferior product. All in all, only 1 person in our party said their meal was good. Keep in mind, this was our experience: we all know that meal and service quality can vary day to day, or even party to party. Maybe the issue was having steaks at what is primarily a burger, and appetizer venue.

Jessica Stamos

I’m not a person that prefers to complain, but I won’t order food here again. While I had a fabulous waitress, my steak was ordered as medium rare and came well done. The second fire was still well done, as well, which is disappointing — especially given the price and the fact that both steaks were inedible (for me). No discount was provided either. Drinks and a kind waitress were the only redeeming factor.


We were walking around downtown and decided to check out Hagemeister. It was. a Saturday and pretty busy, but we still got an outside table looking out into the river. Primo! Crystal was our waitress...very pleasant. We split the Brussel sprouts and an elk burger. Both were yummy. A very relaxing place even tho it looked like a bike race had just finished.

Molly Henderson

Friendly and helpful service and hearty food. Hard to find something vegan or even vegetarian, as even the side salad has cheese, but the sweet potato fries are good. Portions are big! Split with a friend if you can. ?

C. Ernest

What a great choice for dinner on the boardwalk near the Fox River. They have a wonderful patio area overlooking the river with live music on the weekends and fire pits for after dark. At first we chose to sit outside but then realized the sun was going to be too hot and there weren't umbrellas for shade. They were very accommodating moving us inside. We went specifically for the Friday fish fry. The perch was excellent! Lightly battered and fried, I really enjoyed it. The cod was good, as well. I wish we could have tried the seafood chowder but alas, it was not available... hopefully it would be another time as it looked delicious! The beer was very good with a large selection of local craft brewers.

Thierry Simondet

Decent menu and good choices of beer. Spacious outdoor dining space by the water. Friendly staff. Music in the evening. Had the sirloin and scallops. Meat was done right but the scallops were just a bit underdone. One more minute on the pan. Good seasoning.

Sandra T.

We are here for the "Green Bay Restaurant Week" one of many participating restaurants. We were actually across the river and could see and hear the entertainment, so we thought we would go check it out. We went inside to eat and sat at their large bar. Hannah, our bartender, was great. She showed us all the different menu items, beers and explained the "Restaurant Week" event. We had the three course, starting with the firecracker shrimp, cranberry nut salad and cheesecake. All were very good and the salad was very refreshing delicious! For sure a great place with a beautiful view and atmosphere.

Youssef A.

We were three persons We had strawberry margaritas : slush and lasted 1/2 hour. Great . We sat outside and Emily was singing (she said she is staff toi). Friday night: her singing will not win her a Grammy, but she sure entertained me and I clapped at times. I had Elk burger: 5/5 and as described . My first companion ribeye; she found it charred about average: 3/5 My second companion: steak and scallops , meat was well done despite my friend asking it to be medium. Thy did new one for her and she liked it. The server was very nice and attitude free. Staff were young but very efficient, even though dine seemed like just being there (may be new staff!,) Nice outside seating and large inside seating: We came walking so I have no idea about parking. I am giving ratings based on our average. I will definitely come back here if I get another occasion. NB: I was the only masked human eating and drinking with "some" difficulty.

Team Ultimate Exposure William & Bug

So went went down to this place last night and it is a beautiful restaurant and has an amazing back patio that over looks the river going through. There is a outside bar that you go up to to get drinks the bar staff it’s self was not impressive they seemed to want to talk more to each other then get drinks to people. But we finally got a waitress and Shannon was amazing. We had the bruschetta and it was very good then split the pork Mac burger. This thing was great. Hand a patty on it with pulled pork and Mac and cheese. It is a must try. Will definitely go back while in town

Debra Ryko

Great atmosphere, pleasant wait staff. Fun place to dine, looking forward to visiting again. Beautiful view of Fox River. Indoor and outside patio. Big variety!

Pablo Baez

Awesome, bar and restaurant on the Riverwalk. Good food, great service, dj music, large bar, outside seating and lots of screens.

Daniel Fernández

Nice place to eat, drink, share and then take a walk along the river... I ate the carbonara, it was delicious

Mark V

Enjoyed sitting outside for a great lunch on my grandson's birthday. Our server Crystal M did an outstanding job. Our food was great too. Would recommend for a nice dining experience.


COVID 19 restrictions allowed for outside seating on the Fox River front. Very relaxing and pleasant location. Very good food and nice selection of craft beers.

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